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Bonus CineFiles: Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie, What’s Your Number: Ex-Tended Edition and Cop in Drag!

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Most weeks, I review more DVDs than the Indy can fit into print. You can look for extra write-ups here, on the IndyBlog.

Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie (R) (Video On Demand)

Officially, this isn’t a DVD release. But let’s not get hooked on semantics, OK? The first film from Tim and Eric, Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie, is getting a pre-theatrical release on most major video-on-demand outlets. This is the future of cinema, right here. But I suppose that’s only apropos because Tim and Eric are the future of comedy: twisted avant-garde sensibilities mingling with the most base scatological dick jokes, yet somehow coming off incredibly smart, as fans of their Awesome Show, Great Job series already know. The movie finds them having to pay back a billion dollars to a studio after the disastrous release of their first film. Their solution? Revitalize a run-down mall in the middle of nowhere. Featuring guest-appearances from Will Ferrell, Zach Galifianakis and John C. Reilly, among others, Billion Dollar Movie is so funny my face actually cramped from laughing so much. I was in so much pain. Great job!

What’s Your Number: Ex-Tended Edition (NR) (Blu-Ray)
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

I am trying to figure Anna Faris out. She obviously has comedic chops that set her apart from most actresses, but seems to be spending so much of her career just trying to be like every other interchangeable rom-com queen out there, in a desperate bid for mainstream acceptance. Her latest attempt at becoming America’s sweetheart is the mildly cute What’s Your Number? Anna is Ally, a quirky everywoman who’s convinced that because she’s slept with 20 men, she might miss out on meeting Mr. Right. As she searches for her true love among her exes, her hunky next-door (and often naked) neighbor Chris Evans joins in to help her out. Gee, you don’t think they’ll fall in love, do you? (Spoiler alert: They do.) Like I said, Number is a cute enough movie and there are laughs, but all you’re really doing is encouraging Faris to not achieve her full potential. That’s on your shoulders, man.

Cop in Drag (NR)
Mya Communications

Cuban-American legend Tomas Milian has starred in some of the greatest films to come out of Italy: Boccaccio ’70, Four of the Apocalypse, and La Luna, just to name a few. His 1984 sex-caper Delitto al Blue Gay, or, for this American DVD release, Cop in Drag, is not one of them. What it is, however, in an extremely un-politically correct near-parody of Al Pacino’s Cruising. And that’s not good. Milian is Inspector Nico Giraldi, who, in order to get away from his loud baby and even louder wife, takes a job undercover in the Italian gay cabaret scene, where he's to solve a murder. Filled with mean-spirited gay jokes and idiot-spirited fart jokes, little of this movie is watchable to anyone other than the most jaded of Euro-trash cinephiles. (As you could probably guess, I am a member; it’s a very lonely club.) Still, kudos to Mya Communications for releasing the most obscure of European B-grade cinema!

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