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Photo review: Radiohead at Broomfield's 1st Bank Center

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Hmm ... I'm gonna have to go ahead and disagree with the lovely Westboro Baptist Church folks once again, and say that I don't find Radiohead to be "freak monkeys with mediocre tunes."

In fact, after taking in last night's show at the 1st Bank Center, I'm once again convinced that they're the greatest fucking thing since the advent of fire.

Radiohead at Broomfields 1st Bank Center, March 13, 2012

But that's just me, a longtime fan, thrilled to catch them since it was August, 2003, when I last saw them perform at Red Rocks.

Even though it was over a year ago that The King of Limbs was released, with the remix album TKOL RMX 1234567 following in September 2011, this was the first chance to see the new material live for folks in our area.

If you're intent on catching them on the current tour, here's your list of the remaining announced U.S. dates, plus the international stops if you care for major fanboy points and have the money.

As for last night's performance, the truly nerdy and loyal might want to see this for the full set list.

I was there with my own ticket and not taking notes (though I obviously arranged a photo pass for this blog), and the Indy did not land an interview with the band ahead of the show. (After all, we're talking about a band that doesn't need the press to sell out shows literally in a matter of minutes.)

I will not bludgeon your patience here with my own fanboy roundup of the evening — 'and then they played "Karma Police" and I was like, oh, my god ... and "Everything in its Right Place" and I was like, spwee!' ... oh and did see it when Thom Yorke did that little goofy waggle dance? Classic! — other than to say it was a thoroughly fulfilling concert, running just over two hours, which included a double encore.

The set design, or artistic design, or light show, or whatever the hell you call the whole production element, was also superb. A dozen large, square screens, suspended from above the stage, rotated into various positions and beamed close-up images of the band members, while two enormous light panels behind the stage projected a wide variety of mostly linear patterns. Tasteful and not too overblown, and probably not a far cry from some of the other high-budget light shows at concerts you've attended. Summation: bright and pretty. (I was only allowed to shoot the first three songs — a standard practice — so I have no photos of this to show you.)

I'll also say that the 1st Bank Center is a great venue to catch a favorite act, with a 6,500-person capacity, as opposed to the Pepsi Center's 20,000. Radiohead could effortlessly sell out the Pepsi Center back-to-back nights, so to catch them in such an intimate-for-them venue was a real treat. (I heard another fan say it's the smallest venue of the tour, but that's unconfirmed.)

But enough blathering ... you came here to see a slideshow of photos, no?

So without further ado: HERE's everyone but bass player Colin Greenwood, who stood so far back on the stage, practically hiding behind one of the drum sets, that I was unable to nab a usable image.

Or, you can view that slideshow by simply clicking on the image above.

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