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Bill Nye says Colorado fires worsened by global warming

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It's old-hat by now: Some kind of weather event happens, one side says "Proof!" and the other side goes "Nuh uh!" And then something else happens, and the two switch sides. But one person you can almost always depend on is Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Bill says that most scientists agree that global warming is a thing, and the other few need to pull their heads out of their respective asses.

Here's a conversation with CNN — where the host actually describes Nye as the "kooky guy who doesn’t know what he’s talking about" — from a few days ago:


I can read graphs; and there’s a couple things you can’t really dispute: 16 of the last 17 years have been the hottest years on record — that’s just how it is. Now, I appreciate that we wanna show two sides of the story — and this is a tradition in journalism that goes back quite a ways, I guess — but the two sides aren’t equal here. You have tens of thousands of scientists who are very concerned, and you have a few people who are in the business of equating, or drawing attention to, the idea that uncertainty is the same as doubt. ...

And by the way, everybody: we have record high temperatures; we have enormous fires in Colorado; we had tornadoes in Michigan and Brooklyn; we had a 30-degree temperature drop in Maryland and Virginia this weekend, in a half hour. ...

It is because of the heat, ultimately. Just two years ago it was wet in Colorado, and there was a lot of growth in forests. And then you can say, ‘Well, if you’re responsible you should have cleared that growth’ — it’s a difficult thing. So then two years later, when it’s especially dry and the forest floor gets especially dry, and then there’s a lightning strike, the fire is that much more intense than it would have been.

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