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Sen. Grantham: Can't trust those mosques

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Sen. Kevin Grantham
  • Sen. Kevin Grantham

Gotta confess, I completely forgot about the Western Conservative Summit, which was billed this year as "three big days of real hope and change." This annual Ayn Rand/Jesus Christ love-fest is hosted by the Centennial Institute of Colorado Christian College. It took place the last weekend in June.

This year was more special than the previous two years, thanks to a visit and lecture by Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician who has gained international notoriety for saying some really loathsome things about Islam.

Lucky for us, a brave reporter from The Colorado Statesman visited the conference and wrote about it.

“I do not have a problem with Muslims,” Wilders said during his address. “There are many moderate Muslims. I always make a distinction between the people and the ideology. There are indeed many moderate Muslims. But believe me, there is no such thing as a moderate Islam — there is only one Islam, and that is a dangerous, totalitarian ideology that is intolerant, that is violent, that should not be tolerated by us but that should be contained.”

Wilders warned against opening the door to Sharia law — based on traditional Islamic principles — in Western courtrooms but added that it was already too late to keep Islam and its influences out of the country entirely.

“Your country is facing a stealth jihad, an Islamic attempt to introduce Sharia law bit by bit by bit,” he said.

That's actually pretty tame for Wilders, who went on to implore his fellow conservatives to "forbid the construction of new mosques. There is enough Islam in the West already.”

This idea, apparently, resonated with one Colorado legislator.

State Sen. Kevin Grantham, R-Cañon City, said it’s worth paying attention to Wilders and the alarms he was raising.

“It’s warranted in this country,” Grantham told The Colorado Statesman minutes after Wilders finished his speech. “We already see the beginnings of that movement here in a smaller fashion, but it’s the same thing as it was in Europe just within the last couple decades, and we see where Europe’s at right now. ..."

That emphasis is mine, because I've heard this statement before from conservatives, but you know what never follows? An example as to how anyone they know "here" has been affected by a shadowy sharia creep. Sen. Grantham, please, I would love one example of how someone in Cañon City has been negatively impacted by the encroachment of Islam into our society.

Back to the Statesman.

Grantham said he agreed with the distinction Wilders made between the Islamic religion and its adherents.

“If we look at the philosophical underpinnings of what is called Islam, (it’s) very fair how he treats that. Now, there’s some Muslims, obviously, like Mr. Wilders said, that we would call moderate. But the philosophical underpinnings of that system, of that culture of Islam — those are very serious problems and they are antithetical to the American way.”

Regarding Wilders’ suggestion that Western governments ban construction of new mosques, Grantham said it was worth considering.

“You know, we’d have to hear more on that, because, as he said, mosques are not churches like we would think of churches,” Grantham said. “They think of mosques more as a foothold into a society, as a foothold into a community, more in the cultural and in the nationalistic sense. Our churches — we don’t feel that way, they’re places of worship, and mosques are simply not that, and we need to take that into account when approving construction of those.”

In a country that supposedly respects the freedom of worship, one of our Republican state senators says that it's worth considering banning the construction of mosques because they "are not churches."

Go, read the rest of the article. It's great for a laugh or something.

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