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Far and wide: a taste of the scope of sexual fetish

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  • Bryan Oller
  • Mistress C lounges on the leather with a small battery of implements.

This week we brought you word from inside Colorado Springs' fetish community — a (mostly) fun bunch of kinksters who are just looking for a thrill. Those kicks come in all shapes and sizes, however, so here's a small primer we did not have the space to run with the main piece, written by our main contact, Mistress Carla, and edited for content and clarity.

Bondage, the “B” in BDSM, can range from vanilla to extreme. The bottom end would be hands tied to the headboard with a silk scarf; the top would be suspensions, wherein the person is tied in a complex harness, and hung from the ceiling by a hook or pulleys. Shibari is a style of rope bondage that originated in Japan, featuring fancy knots and complex, artistic patterns.

Foot fetishes are very common, and include just massaging the feet. A slightly more extreme version would be sucking and licking feet and toes, shoes or boots. Even further is trampling, where someone walks on you either with bare feet or in high heels.

• One of the more vanilla fetishes is wax play, where hot wax is dribbled on somebody. Usually specially formulated candles that melt at low temperatures are used; using higher-temperature candles can be very intense. Often wax is combined with massage or other types of “sensation play.”

Impact, or percussion, play is where the person is struck in some way to cause pain. Subcategories are defined by what is used for the striking: a bare hand, a flogger, a paddle, a crop, a cane, a whip, etc.

Genital torture includes such things as nipple clamps, chastity devices and genital piercings. There are also various types of genital bondage: these would be considered moderate to extreme.
• There are many role-play fetishes often involving costumes — both negligees and uniforms, or historical dress. Often dress-up is accompanied by matching play: someone wearing a police uniform might slap some handcuffs on you. The more extreme costume players include sissymaids — men who dress up in frilly French-maid uniforms, and clean your house — and ABDLs (adult-baby diaper lovers).
Electrical play consists of the use of various devices to stimulate somebody with electricity. It can be very dangerous and should not be attempted by anyone who does not know what they are doing.

• Some fetishes are considered “edge” play — either because they are dangerous, or because they violate widely accepted taboos. Fire-play is one of the former; simulated abduction one of the latter, especially if done in public. The most intense forms of edge play are extremely rare, and are not permitted in most public dungeons, play spaces or parties.

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