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James Dobson is freaking the f**k out

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Dread Lord Dobson.

James Dobson's getting up there in years, so understandably he's starting to look to his legacy of civil action, to see what all those decades have wrought. Talking in his most recent newsletter, Dobson realizes: not much.

"I'm sure many of you are discouraged in the aftermath of the National Elections, especially in view of the moral and spiritual issues that took such a beating on November 6th," he writes. "Nearly everything I have stood for these past 35 years went down to defeat."

Now, as Daily Kos notes, that's a rough place to be. Nothing worse than seeing a lifetime of social repression go to waste. But who to blame?

"There is no acknowledgement that in re-electing this President, the country provided a sound repudiation of Dobson's brand of extremism," Steveningen writes. "It wasn't any of the factions he cited in his newsletter that brought about his defeat. It was the electorate, who, among other things, has grown weary of the distortions and ugly tactics employed by social conservatism."

Maybe it was the electorate; maybe it was Mitt Romney's fault for not hatin' more on "the military and its gay agenda." Maybe it was the fact that all Democrats want to slip all zygotes back into the womb so they can be all aborted again.

Or is that not what he said? Ah, right: Dobson says the Democratic Party officially thinks "abortion should be legalized through nine months of pregnancy." See? That's better. A lie bad enough to make Baby Jesus weep, but better.

Moving on: "Do you remember the courageous position taken by Chick-fil-A in defense of traditional marriage?" Dobson asks, and I answer: Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Most fun is Dobson's middle finger to people like the new head of Focus on the Family, Jim Daly, who spoke with the Indy a few years ago about a more "respectful" Focus. (Of course, Daly still keeps some pretty gross company.)

"Unfortunately, what we are hearing from some of our Christian colleagues is that believers must become 'softer and gentler' in response to sin and evil, and to compromise our basic beliefs," writes Dobson. "It is never right to do what is wrong, and we will stand our ground in the defense of biblical principles. If that firmness in response to evil means hostile books, articles and Internet blogs will be written about us, then that is the price of carrying the banner for Christ.

"Our goal must continue to be winning souls for Him," he writes, adding — like somebody who says a phrase like "Internet blogs" would add — "Everything else is wood, hay and stubble."

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