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10 best Colorado Springs rants and raves

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The "rants and raves" section of Craigslist is about as diverse a swath of local humanity as you're going to get, short of an hour spent chatting up folks at the DMV. Here's 10 things we think you'd be remiss to miss, posted in the last week or so, that deal with age-old questions: desirability, the future of humanity and, of course, sex. (These may not be appropriate for sensitive eyeballs/workplaces.)

Dear Biotch on W Bijou (Not freaking TEXAS)

Soooooo....How's that whole Passive Aggressive thingy going for you? Bet you wished you hadnt started the noise game before you saw my stereo....keep screwing with me and I'll drag the other half of my stereo up from storage and knock everything off your freaking walls.

pathetic W4M ads

Confined to cubicle hell, I use CL for mindless time-waisting, more or less. And its a good thing Ive put no credence or faith, in god forbid, actually meeting and dating someone who either posted a W4M ad or responded to one Ive placed. At one time, CL was aces for meeting and having sex with some cool women. I had great luck in Las Vegas, L.A., Denver, and even Colorado Springs. That was years ago. ... And please, save the tall tales for Penthouse Forum. God knows we have enough liars on CL already.

Shallow Central (Colorado)

All of these ads saying "send pic" but you don't have the decency to post one yourself?? Are you so shallow that you lack the confidence to post your own pic worried of rejection, but yet you sift through emails and judge people based solely on their pics??


Has anyone had one? What's the best way to get rid of it? Are there good ones? I may have one but don't want to see a doctor. Can they kill you?

And, guess again

A.I.G. tanks and the too big to fail get the bail, then buy A.I.G. to cover their trail. (pennys on the dollar). They (Goldman Sacs) shred docs till the coast is clear, all the while putting it in the tax payers rear. Now are on the tube bragging about how are all paid up, and putting out billions in loss from the storm.

"Bring on tommorrow" Like tommorrow will ever come. Nothing like credit default swaps and the (non) federal reserve. I used to wish my head would just stay burried in the sand, but as every dollar turns to dust in my hands, as these uber rich freak bastards laugh in my face, I won't retreat in disgrace.

Good day sir/madam

New Gun Range (Enlightened)

The new Cheyenne Mountain Shooting Complex which is open to the public, opens Jan. 23. and is long overdue. For all the anti-gun ownership crowd, here is a wonderful opportunity.... You can rent a variety of guns, shoot targets and experience why gun owners enjoy gun ownership in a controlled environment. The range is now on your own doorstep, so there is no excuse not to try it out, you never know you might change your mind about guns.

so frustrating!!!!

you say you have trouble getting it up cause the antidepressants....find a new pill!!!sonething! anything! I am HOT I am horny! I will never cheat but damn sometimes I almost want to I need some attention :( even if it doesn't do shit for you, you could atleast finger me once in a while. Is this gonna be forever?!

Fort Cartoon (academy blvd)

You piece of shit,wet behind the ears,pansy ass army fuck. So why do you get to drive with your head up your ass? Did you really need to drive from the right hand turn lane and go straight twice? And when you unbuckled your seatbelt and acted as if you were going to confront me...what then? You little could of met my Ruger. For me right now the only good soldier is a deployed one.

Rave! Freddy's Steakburger (GOG)

This place has great food at competitive prices with some of the hottest girls at a fast food joint I have ever seen. Especially the blonde girl that took my order tonight.all I can say is wow! It was an all around great experience.

Dont look here. (springs)

What are you doing on CL??? Go get a job, do something off of your ass. (if you worked today, my apologies)

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