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Nastygrams try to smear Utilities employees

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April 2 city election Citizens for Sound Government

Just when you thought the April 2 city election would play out without further nastiness, Citizens for a Sound Government starts issuing more slime through robocalls in District 6 and mailers in District 4. The apparent goal: to paint the Colorado Springs Utilities Employee Advocacy Group political action committee as a scurrilous enterprise.

Here's one mailer on behalf of Deborah Hendrix in District 4:


The website is here.

We've written about this group before. It's the group that called Brandy Williams, candidate in District 3, the "queen of indecision" and also got nasty with Ed Bircham in District 6 and Joe Barrera in District 1.

All the questions raised by this group, which we've listed below, could also be asked of the Colorado Springs Police Protective Association PAC. In fact, the PPA's PAC has given $18,000 in this election, compared to the CSU employee group's $320.

The CSU EAG has given $50 to Don Knight in District 1, Jim Bensberg in District 3, Dennis Moore in District 4, Bernie Herpin in District 5 and Andres Pico in District 6. It gave $70 to Joel Miller in District 2.

The PPA has endorsed Tim Leigh in D1, Angela Dougan (whose husband is a police officer) in D2, Keith King in D3, Deborah Hendrix in D4, Jill Gaebler in D5 and David Moore in D6. So try substituting PPA for CSU EAG as you read these questions:

Why does CSU EAG have a slate of candidates?

What did The CSU Six promise in return for CSU EAG's campaign help?

Why is CSU EAG soliciting "anonymous" contributions on behalf of The CSU Six?

What are CSU EAG and The CSU Six hiding from Coloradans?

Are taxpayer dollars or ratepayer dollars being used to finance The CSU Six?

Hendrix's spokesman, Daniel Cole, says via e-mail, "We've run a positive campaign. We respect CSU employees and don't have anything to do with the group producing these mailers."

Notice that Cole doesn't criticize Citizens for Sound Government's message or tactics.

Andres Pico has plenty to say about it. Here's the e-mail message we received from him:

One of my opponents for City Council is running phone calls attacking the endorsement by the Utilities Employee Advisory Group Political Action Committee of my run for Council as if that is some sort of sinister, back room deal. This is based on an attack by a shadowy, unaccountable 527.
Let me get this straight, the opponent with thousands of dollars from the back room dealing developers calls the endorsement by an employee PAC sinister and improper?
The Police Protective Association endorsed their "slate" of candidates and they are running ads in support of those who, if elected, will determine their budget, compensation, etc. It should be noted they've given more to each of their candidates than the CSU EAG has donated combined. Why aren't they under the 527 scrutiny?
The Home Builders Association likewise not only gave more to each of their candidates than the CSU EAG gave combined. HBA endorsed and contributed before most of the candidates had even filed. Why aren't they under scrutiny?

How many ways can one describe cynical, blatant hypocrisy?

Don't be fooled by this idiotic, hypocritical, dishonest nonsense. I was hand-picked to fly for the President of the United States based on my demonstrated performance and personal integrity. I cannot be bought, certainly not for a few pieces of silver.
I will represent your interests on City Council, not the special interests of the back room dealers who want to close the Drake plant and move the Sky Sox out of District 6.

Micah Will, campaign manager for David Moore, District 6, said he wasn't familiar with the calls so he couldn't comment on them.

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