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#Waldoflood on its way from #waldocanyonfire

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Colorado Springs and El Paso County will be using Twitter to keep people informed in case of flash floods from the Waldo Canyon Fire burn area, city spokeswoman Kim Melchor and county flak Joel Quevillon say in a message to media today.

To help the media help them, the city and county have devised some canned tweets. Here's their idea:

As flood season begins, Pikes Peak area partners, including the City of Colorado Springs and El Paso County, are uniting to launch an emergency preparedness campaign with a special “Flood Awareness” component the week of April 8 — 13.

“Emergency Preparedness Starts with You,” a public awareness campaign, will address how residents can best respond to incidents such as flood, wildfire, storms and acts of terror. The campaign empowers area residents to know their personal risk for potential disasters, to make a plan, and to communicate it to their family so they can make the best decisions during an emergency.

Part of our public awareness campaign is to reach people through social media. Attached is a list of Tweets that the City, County, and several of our partner organizations will be Tweeting over the next couple weeks. We are asking you to join us in this social media campaign by scheduling the Tweets on your organization's Twitter feed.

The instructions are included in the attachment. If you have any questions you're welcome to contact us. Thank you, in advance, for your help in creating awareness and a call to action in our community about this very real threat.

Here are the Emergency Preparedness Flash Flood Social Media Campaign tweets/posts the city and county are going to be using and instructions:

• Please use the current Primary Hashtag in all Tweets (#waldoflood)
• If space is available please also use the Secondary Hashtag (#waldocanyonfire)
• Third option if space available is #EmergencyPreparedness
• Remember to make sure your Tweets are short enough to be “ReTweeted” in full. Do this by making sure the 142 character limit would include the original Tweet and the “RT” marking it as a “ReTweet” and space and your user name. (RT @epcpio )
• Edit any of these messages to meet the needs of your Twitter followers. Or use them to create your own messages.
• We are suggesting 4 to 5 Tweets a day April 7-13. And 2-3 per day the remainder of the month. Then set a schedule for the remainder of the spring and summer.

Replace the word “LINK” with any of the following URLS or use your own.

#EmergencyPreparedness Starts With You. #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire LINK
Have you made your flash flood plans? Home? Work? School? #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire LINK
The #waldocanyonfire burn scar increases our threat for flash flooding. Are you prepared? #waldoflood LINK
Don’t drive or walk through flooded streets or low lying areas #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire LINK
Have your created your #EmergencyPreparedness Kit? #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire LINK
Do you know your kids’ school’s flash flood plan? #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire LINK
Does your work place have a flash flood plan? #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire LINK
If the Flash Flood Warning Siren goes off in Manitou Springs, seek higher ground. #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire LINK
#EmergencyPreparedness Starts with You: Know Your Risks, Make Your Plan. Improve Your Outcome. #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire LINK
Flash flooding is FAST. You must have a plan before it happens. #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire LINK
Communities that were saved from the #waldocanyonfire are now at risk of flash flood. #waldoflood LINK
The flood risk is very real — not a matter of “if,” but “when.” #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire LINK
The #waldocanyonfire flood risk is very real - Get Flood Insurance now. #waldoflood LINK
#waldocanyonfire damaged the soil, 60% of the burn scar is hydrophobic and repels water. #waldoflood LINK
Is your Home in a flash flood zone? Check the Map #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire

Is your Church home in a flash flood zone? Check the Map LINK #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire

Is your Business in a flash flood zone? Check the Map LINK #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire
Is your School in a flash flood zone? Check the Map #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire
Good customer service = an emergency plan that includes your customers #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire LINK
Where’s your family’s designated meeting place in case of disaster? #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire LINK
Make your emergency response plan and share it with your family. #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire LINK
Make copies of important documents and keep in emergency kit. Originals in safe deposit box. #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire LINK
What’s in your 72-hour #EmergencyPreparedness kit? #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire LINK
A flood watch means potential for flooding. NOAA #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire LINK
Flood advisory means minor flooding expected. NOAA #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire LINK
Flood warning- damaging or threatening flooding expected. NOAA #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire LINK
6 inch deep water can stall your car, a foot can float it; putting you at severe risk. #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire LINK
If you live in a low-lying area prone to flash floods, know your safest route to higher ground. #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire LINK
If flooding occurs, get to higher ground. Avoid areas subject to flooding. #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire LINK
Avoid flooded areas, especially if the water is flowing fast. Don’t try to cross flowing streams. #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire LINK
Everyone’s emergency plan is unique. Make yours now to address special needs. #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire LINK
Fail to plan? Plan to fail. Make your emergency preparedness plan today! #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire LINK
After you make your emergency plan, offer to help your neighbor make theirs. #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire LINK
Businesses are great influencers! Help our community prepare for any emergency. #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire LINK
Stay Informed: Watch the Weather. Flash Flooding is a real threat. #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire LINK
Stay Informed Sign Up for E911 Alerts #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire
Stay Informed: use a NOAA Weather Radio #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire LINK
Business Owners: What’s your flash flood plan for your customers? #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire LINK
Flash Flood: Will you Shelter-In-Place or Relocate? Make Your Plan #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire LINK
Half of people who die in flash floods are caught in vehicles. #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire LINK
Don’t let the drought fool you! A little bit of rain can cause a lot of damage. Know your flood risk. #waldoflood #waldocanyonfire LINK

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