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Shortest candidacy in history?

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On Tuesday, political circles were abuzz with Steve Laffey, a former mayor in Rhode Island who moved to Colorado three years ago, announcing that he was running for governor on the Republican ticket.

Tom Tancredo governor
  • Tancredo with Rep. Doug Lamborn, who endorsed him for governor in 2010.

Today, Laffey backed out calling another newly announced candidate, Tom Tancredo, a "good and honorable man" who has "a great background for the job."

So what planet did Laffey move here from?

Tancredo, a former Republican U.S. representative, said during his 2008 presidential run that, "If it is up to me, we are going to explain that an attack on this homeland of that nature would be followed by an attack on the holy sites in Mecca and Medina. Because that’s the only thing I can think of that might deter somebody from doing what they otherwise might do." He later dropped out and endorsed Mitt Romney.

What he said amid debate of an immigration bill:

We're not just talking about the number of jobs that we may be losing or the number of kids that are in our schools and impacting our school system or the number of people that are abusing our hospital system and taking advantage of the welfare system in this country. We're not just talking about that. We're talking about something that goes to the very heart of this nation: whether or not we will actually survive as a nation.And here's what I mean by that. What we're doing here in this immigration battle is testing our willingness to actually hold together as a nation or split apart into a lot of balkanized pieces.We are testing our willingness to actually hold on to something called the English language, something that is the glue that is supposed to hold us together as a nation. We are becoming a bilingual nation. And that is not good. And that is the fearful part of this. The ramifications are much, much more significant than any that we've been discussing so far. And so, yes, I have said dramatic things. And, yes, I am willing to do whatever is necessary to try to stop this piece of legislation. And that includes go after any Republican that votes for it, because the Republicans can stop this.

According to the Huffington Post:

An April poll by Public Policy Polling however may foreshadow an uphill race for Tancredo.

The poll shows [Gov. John] Hickenlooper with a 53 percent approval rating, though his disapproval rating has also spiked in recent months to 44 percent. Still, the PPP poll claims to have tested Hickenlooper's numbers against "every major GOP figure in the state," including Tom Tancredo, and concluded that "Not a single one of the Republicans we tested has a positive statewide favorability rating."

And now, the letter from Laffey:

From the desk of Steve Laffey
Press Release, May 24th, 2013

After Tom’s entrance into the Governor’s race yesterday, I consulted with my wife and close friends. After discussion and prayer I have decided to withdraw from the 2014 Governor’s race in Colorado.

I have been in two contentious primaries, against people with whom I disagreed immensely and were leading us in the wrong direction. When I entered this race there was no one else who had the capability to bring the case for Limited Government, Freedom and Jobs to the people of Colorado. In this case, Tom and I agree on much, plus he is a good and honorable man, has a great background for the job, and will work towards producing more freedom for the people of Colorado.

That would leave us with a divisive primary, arguing over mostly non-issues, splitting the fundraising in Colorado so that little is left for the general election (given Colorado’s restrictive campaign laws), and dividing the Republican Party—- ending with, for different reasons, the same disastrous results in 2014. Tom stepped in in 2010 on strong principled reasons; this will give a Republican the best chance to win in November.

This decision is best for Colorado.

Yours in Freedom,

Steve Laffey

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