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UPDATE: Koch brothers infiltrate Senate District 11

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Sean Paige with AFP's Colorado chapter got back this morning and had plenty to say. Besides distributing door hangers, AFP has been working phone banks against Morse for two weeks.

Declining to say how much AFP is spending on its anti-Morse campaign, Paige says, "We're willing to invest some significant money in it.

"We see the situation as a good opportunity to broaden the discussion and inform constituents of his entire record. We routinely do public education on these sorts of things. John Morse has a long history in the Legislature and a voting record that in our view is very liberal and out of sync with his constituents."

AFP, he notes, isn't the only one pumping money into the election or trying to influence it. "Clearly the outside money flowing in on the Morse side has national implications." He didn't elaborate.

But he did note that the New York Times recently editorialized in favor of Morse. "I think the fact that the New York Times weighed in on it says there are outside influences that want to be involved."

Paige also says he worked the phone banks himself and was struck by how many voters "don't like this guy," because they find him "arrogant and out of touch."

——————————ORIGINAL POST: THURSDAY, JULY 25, 6:29 P.M.——————————————

The Koch brothers, the biggest funder of Americans for Prosperity, are hard at work in Senate District 11 in Colorado Springs, trying to unseat State Senate president Democrat John Morse.

There's not be an actual sighting of the Koch brothers, themselves, but their minions are running from door to door leaving behind door-hanger campaign materials likening Morse to another dastardly fellow, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The fliers look like this:

Koch brothers, American For Prosperity

Koch brothers, American For Prosperity




They really get down on Morse, blaming him for making sure all Americans get a fair shot at health care, for supporting adequate funding for public education and for seeing to it that our highways are in good enough repair that our vehicles don't require a front-end realignment every other week. What an ogre! What a jerk!

We asked Morse about this campaign tactic, and he said this in a statement:

The Tea Party points out that I passed legislation that brought in billions of dollars of economic development to Colorado. I am proud of the work I have done to expand the availability of healthcare for the citizens of my district and all of Colorado. If that is a rubber stamp for failure, then I am guilty as charged.

And El Paso County Democratic Party executive Christy Le Lait said this: "This is propaganda at it's most cynical. The Koch brothers are spending untold sums of money to mislead Colorado Springs voters."

We've tried to reach Sean Paige, who works for the Koch boys, but haven't heard back. If and when we do, we'll circle back. Keep watching.

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