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Sheriff Maketa rips into Obama, 'progressive liberals'

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  • Sheriff Maketa giving a speech a couple of years ago.

El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa
has gone on yet another tear on his Facebook page, making it clear that he's squarely in the camp of the tea party Republicans who have brought the government to a screeching halt. 

His diatribe, pasted below, has all the earmarks of a tea partier, such as:

Vehement opposition to Obamacare? Check.

Hatred, or at least extreme dislike, of President Obama? Check.

Talk of sedition? (Shutting down the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Justice and Department of Human Services) Check.

Here's Maketa's Facebook post, unedited, in full:

So our Federal Government is shutting down? This isn't the first time for this kind of talk. In reality it appears to be an annual event. So like in past years, I researched to see how this will affect the President, and it appears it will not affect him or his salary. How about Congress? As expected, no!

They will claim, it affects NASA, and the FAA. NASA will most likely not directly affect most Americans but the shut down threats of the FAA will create travel concerns. Take it a step further and you will see where polls take over. Our Government claims the shut down or delay of payments by the Social Security System, Medicare, Veterans benefits and those services that directly affect hard working Americans in their everyday business.

This is a glaring example of President Obama's failure as a leader. It really is the by-product of his divisiveness and leaderlesship. Like our own Governor, he fails to unite and fails perform his job as a leader. Just ask Hick about how well his team has managed the Department of Corrections and parolees. That's another story.

This shut down supposedly will have a minimal impact on our military, national security or public safety because those items poll way too high to touch at this time. Congress will not shut down because they do not want to be negatively impacted by their own incompetence. Even though it is their job to set budgets and priorities they will only allow those services that dramatically "hit" certain groups of Americans who may sway support to be impacted. The threatened shut down is a political joke performed by those trying to be top puppet master.

This is just another bluff by a government body that can not reach a 20% public approval rating. I actually pondered if a shut down isn't a good thing. So far the work of the President and his Congress has led to nothing but more divisiveness, debt and distrust.

I personally like that they are trying to delay Obama Care since it isn't even clearly understood nor funded as of this date. The delay of Obama Care it will actually save our County taxpayers somewhere around $200k in 2014 or more with new Obama "control" taxes.

I can not even imagine what this money grabbing socialist movement will do to the corporate world, their employees and their corporate strategies. Clearly more people will rely on government handouts and entitlements, because the business climate will suffer. Citizens will obviously pay the higher cost of consumer goods. That's the problem, our own Government forgets it is the citizens that ultimately pay for these programs.

Government likes to pretend the money falls from the sky and just appears. It will be the consumer that will pay and pay dearly. Those costs will be passed on to us the tax payers with every purchase we make from filling our cars with gas to buying tires and even a head of lettuce. We or actually our children will pay for this unfunded communist program.

The self titled progressive libs believe business and big business is the enemy, however, it really is the backbone of prosperity and freedom. Competition is what made this Nation great. Obama Care and Obama need to go. He and his congress should be furlowed indefinitely for failing to perform their basic duties.

Keep in mind, the progressive liberals measure their success on the growth in volume of those citizens that rely on government handouts to meet their survival needs. If people rely on Government handouts, then government own them. It's is all about control, its about entitlement and it is about control over people.

I say shut down those agencies that abused individual's constitutional rights. Begin with the IRS, then DOJ, throw DHS into the mix. Maybe cancel tax payer brides to foreign countries that are hostile toward our nation. Shut down Congress and send them on an unpaid leave. We certainly could not be any worse off and actually the threat would be somewhat minimized.

Don't buy into the games our Federal Government is playing and remember this at election time. It's time "we the people" start taking back our country and giving our children a chance at the same opportunities the generation preserved for us.

This is a ploy to increase spending and history tells us that congress is making closed door, smoke filled room deals. Souls are being bought and principals sold. The end result will be business as usual to increase debt, bigger government, pockets lined and some securing votes for their election that will be based based on a record of zero accomplishments.

Don't panic, history tells us this was as predictable as the tress in Colorado changing with the season. Oh and when tax season comes around in April, tell the Government's IRS you don't have a balanced budget and you will have to shut down so their payment may be delayed indefinitely. Just a thought.

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