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Cops get new wheels

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If you see a black blur go by with flashing red and blue lights, it's a Colorado Springs police cruiser. The city is changing from the blue-and-white color scheme to black-and-white. Even then, there's a variance. The earlier models are white with black decals, while the newest ones are black with white decals.

Here's the newest version:
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Police spokeswoman Lt. Catherine Buckley says the color scheme is changing, because the black-and-white version is cheaper than the blue. There's also an availability issue. The black on white scheme doesn't seem to be standing up very well, with some of the decals peeling off. Here's what that looks like:
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But Buckley says it will take eight years to get rid of the blue-and-white cars through normal vehicle rotations, which occur every four years or 90,000 miles. Most cruisers have V-6 engines, although some have V-8s. the Dodge Chargers are rear wheel drive, so Buckley says most have chains in the trunk for ice days when read-wheel-drive vehicles are a bitch to handle.

You'll also notice that the new white-on-black cruisers have a front push on them to help remove disabled cars from the roadway, she says. Such Good Samaritan deeds have caused injury to police officers in the past, she says. 

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If you like facts and figures, here's a rundown for the CSPD's fleet information:

Here's Buckley's press release about the car switchout:

With the addition of the 2014 patrol cars, Colorado Springs Police Department will have a new paint and decal scheme. CSPD will have three different marked decal systems for patrol cars. There are 28 black Dodge Chargers with white decals, 24 cars with a white body color and black decals and 175 white body cruisers with blue decals.

Based on current replacement criteria it will take approximately 8 to 10 years until the CSPD Patrol Fleet is uniformly black and white. Due to materials and labor cost as well as time expense, CSPD will not repaint the white body cruisers to black with white decals.

This new paint and decal scheme will help the public readily identify patrol cruisers providing a highly visible profile within the community we serve.

CSDP maintains a fleet of 645 units of all types to include; 43 special equipment such as mobile generators, trailers, fork lifts, and tractors. There are 602 automotive units in inventory with 227 patrol cruisers. Patrol cruisers are replaced when they meet the criteria of 4 years in service and 90,000 miles. All other department vehicles are rotated when they are in service for 8 years and have at least 80,000 miles. Motorcycles are replaced every 5 years.

On Tuesday, June 3, 2014, from 09:00AM until 11:00AM the three different styles of patrol cruisers as well as a police motorcycle will be on display at the Police Operations Center if the media would like to examine them and photograph the different paint schemes and decal styles. 
click to enlarge screen_shot_2014-06-03_at_10.55.56_am.png
Cops also run around enforcing traffic laws on motorcycles, 18 of them, all personalized with the officer's name painted on the front wheel cover. Buckley says each motorcycle officer has his or her own because the suspension is adjusted to suit them individually. So here's what that looks like.

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