Monday, June 30, 2014

Halter: Itching for a fight

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Surprise, surprise: Irv Halter, Democratic candidate for Congressional District 5, wants to debate Republican incumbent U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn.

Halter sent out an email today congratulating Lamborn on winning the primary and asking for a series of debates. 

Lamborn, you'll remember tends to shy away from debates. But he did go head-to-head with his Republican primary opponent Bentley Rayburn recently, and may consider debating Halter as well. We'll let you know if they set a date.

Here's the letter:
click to enlarge Irv Halter
  • Irv Halter
Dear Congressman Lamborn,

Congratulations on your victory in the Republican primary. I’m sure you will agree that the general election is about all the voters in our district, and I hope you will join me in a series of meaningful and timely debates to assist them to better know our views and character.

We live in a world of 30 second sound bites that frequently pass for political discourse. This is part of the reason citizens are tuning out of the system and small minorities of voters are deciding the important issues of our time. At a time when the approval of Congress is at record lows, the people of our district deserve to hear an open debate.

Debates allow voters to see where we stand on issues, and a glimpse of our personalities and methods of dealing with tough questions. It can give them a sense of the character and competence of a candidate and increase their confidence that we are serious people who can make a positive difference for them.

I was encouraged to see that you debated your primary opponent and have stated to the Independent that you are willing to debate me.

I believe that a series of 3 debates will provide as many Coloradans as possible the opportunity to see firsthand our differing views for our district. These debates should be televised or streamed online so the voters can easily participate.

These debates must also be spread out over the course of the campaign. We need to provide voters with the opportunity to hear us out before making their decision on who will best represent them. Accordingly, I believe we should hold the first debate in August while Congress is in recess, one debate in September, and one in October.

Typically the candidate who is seeking debates is the one lagging in fundraising; however, as you know, my campaign has significantly more resources at this time. However, I believe that the voters of our district deserve to hear us debate a couple times and that the campaign should not devolve to solely a series of 30-second advertisements.

My campaign manager, Ethan Susseles, will be in touch with your campaign team to arrange details. I hope our teams can connect so we can quickly come to an agreement on a debate schedule that supports the voters right to hear us and be heard as we approach this important election.


Irv Halter

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