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Showering with sandpaper

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You can only imagine the dirt and grime buildup on your skin after a day spent working on the farm. But there are these things called shower gloves; they scrub off all gardening dirt, barn dust and goat grime that accumulates on your sun-ripened skin. I learned of them four months ago after a rave review from the woman who introduced them to me.

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For me, the idea of having something that would really clean my soap-resisting skeleton sack — after spending hours mucking goat and chicken manure out of the barn — was attractive. Since adding farming to my life’s activities, I’ve found that even after washing with sudsy, deep-cleaning soap, I’m not always as clean as I’d like to be. When I scratch my skin after showering, quite often I end up with dirt-ish-colored gunk under my fingernails. Yuck.

Shower gloves to the rescue?

I'll attempt to paint a picture of the shower-glove experience for you:

You’re standing under the cascading, warm shower water and melting into relaxation in your birthday suit — you wash your hair and rinse; everything as normal.

Now it's time to wash your body. You don your shower gloves, and your subconscious thinks you must be mistaken; you must be getting dressed or something. But the gloves feel like sandpaper, so maybe you’re a construction worker — a naked one, getting dressed in the shower.

It takes a quick mental reboot before begin scrubbing the bright blue, soapy sandpaper on your face. (Careful. Avoid the rug burns.) Your legs and arms are tougher; you have to scrub them harder, with the satisfying force you’d use to scratch a giant mosquito bite. The only saving grace to this sort of self-inflicted pain is that your scrubbed body parts end up silky smooth and squeaky clean once you rinse and dry off.

Now for the real test: You drag your fingernails down your upper arm and voila, no leftover, barn dirt, dead skin, compost grime, or scummy residue.


If you’re like me, you're still not sure if it's wise to use a sandpaper-grade scrubber in the shower — it just seems too weird. But according to my 7-year-old, weird is just a side effect of awesome, so I guess you could say these shower gloves are awesome. I’m not sure about that yet; I’ll definitely have to scrub off a few more weeks' worth of baked-on, summer farming sweat to decide if showering with gloves on is a habit I’ll be able to stick with.

I may just end up letting my kids use them to smooth the splinters off the deck.

Lindsey is a city girl turned urban farm girl. She and her family are the proud stewards of a few milking goats, a lot of working chickens, an organic garden and a budding orchard. Just around the corner is the city. But she, and her farm, are hidden by the rocks. Follow her on Twitter (@goatcheeselady) and FaceBook (The Goat Cheese Lady) or visit her website ( E-mail questions, comments, suggestions, etc., to Lindsey at:

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