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Eat more cricket

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So, are you down with entomophagy

That is, the eating of insects?

A recent Slate article calls bugs "the most efficient source of protein imaginable." This book calls it "the last great hope to save the planet."

And according to this IFLScience! post, entomophagy "is a common practice that’s been taking place for tens of thousands of years. Around 2 billion people regularly eat insects as part of their diet, and over 1,900 species are edible."
click to enlarge Three crickets in the garden. - MATTHEW SCHNIPER
  • Matthew Schniper
  • Three crickets in the garden.

That article also sites a UN Food and Agriculture Organization report that points to our garden friends as a potential source for more food security in a world with a growing population but dwindling natural resources. 

You can continue reading many articles online pointing to entomophagy's sustainable aspects, but when it comes to downing a little Jiminy Cricket in your salad, let's just agree the majority of Americans wouldn't be able to stare at antennae and legs and crunch away. 

Enter the Chapul cricket bars, which I was thrilled to find at Natural Grocers this past weekend, for $2.99 each. I bought all three flavors and much to my office mates' shared amusement, sampled them and invited others to join me. 

Two folks did, two refused with mild disgust, and one weaseled out by saying, "Dude, I've got gum in my mouth." But they couldn't steal the new spring in my step (zing!) after I tasted the Thai Bar in particular, my favorite of the three flavors. The Aztec and Chaco are awesome, too, and I can guarantee that nobody in a blind tasting would ever realize they were eating a product that gets its 8 grams of protein via cricket flour.  

You don't taste bug at all. 

Yes, they're pricier than your average soy protein bar, but all of the other ingredients are quality, and the company is clearly trying to be on the forefront of the sustainable foods movement. So I say let's support it and not be weenies about chomping bugs. Here's more on the current flavors: 

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