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What to do — and not do — after you move

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We moved into our new digs three weeks ago. It is due to that fact that I can now speak as an expert on a few things to do after you move. OK, maybe not exactly an expert, but I'll share some of my experiences on what to do (or not to do) after you move in.

1. Change the blade on your razor. I am not a huge fan of shaving my legs, but due to some unsightly hair experiences of late, I have vowed to be better about it. Typically, my super galactic razor blade — probably made by scientists at NASA that is advertised to give you a smoother shave thus less risk for cuts and nicks — gets changed approximately once every two years or so.

So, with my new commitment to not being able to braid my leg hair, I decided it was time to change it. New house, new start, new razorblade, why not? Unfortunately, when used to an old blade, you tend to get a little careless. The old blade is dull, and along with not really cutting off much of your leg hair, it has minimal risk of cutting your skin. Not so with a new blade, I was reminded. I’m now healing from no less than six shaving cuts — per leg.

2. Clean out the shower drains. The previous homeowners left the house pretty darn clean, but as do many of us, they didn't think to clean out the shower drains. And neither did I, until our shower started draining slower, slower and slower. If you've never been tasked with this cleaning job, let me paint you a picture, it will require some practice on your part first:

Step 1: Wash your hands.

Step 2: Reach one hand into your mouth and at least half way down your esophagus.

Step 3: Grasp the inside of your esophagus and pull it up and out through your mouth.
This will elicit the most hideous gag reflex, perhaps, of your life. Now you're ready to clean the shower drain. Glove up.

3. Lose the dogs. Mind you, we did not do this on purpose. They got out of the goat pen — where they have taken up residence to protect the goats from wildlife — and disappeared. After searching for hours, craigslisting, facebooking and tweeting "lost dogs" with their pictures and posting fliers throughout our new neighborhood, they made it safely home, on their own; one after 24 hours, the other after 48. (No, they aren't chipped. Yes, they will get chipped.)

4. Knock down some stuff. Mostly, the view-impeding stuff. If it's in the way and you don't like it, take 'er down, baby. I need my Pikes Peak view and, although from my kitchen window I only see the top two inches of the south side, it grounds me. There was an offending shed blocking my view — Thanks for removing it, honey.

5. Get ready for kidding season. It’s just around the corner!

Lindsey is a city girl turned urban farm girl. She and her family are the proud stewards of a few milking goats, a lot of working chickens, an organic garden and a budding orchard. Just around the corner is the city. But she, and her farm, are hidden by the rocks. Follow her on Twitter (@goatcheeselady) and FaceBook (The Goat Cheese Lady) or visit her website ( E-mail questions, comments, suggestions, etc to Lindsey at:

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