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Police shooting of Halloween murderer ruled justified

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click to enlarge A weapon like this was used to kill three people on Oct. 31, 2015. - WWW.BRAVOCOMPANYUSA.COM
  • www.bravocompanyusa.com
  • A weapon like this was used to kill three people on Oct. 31, 2015.
The District Attorney's Office has justified the Colorado Springs Police Department's shooting and killing of Noah Harpham, who took three lives with an AR-15 on the morning of Halloween 2015.
click to enlarge Noah Harpham
  • Noah Harpham
According to a report released today:
The facts and evidence from this particular investigation show that CSPD Officers Randall Scott Hallas, Edward Crofoot, Matthew Anderson and Charles Surratt acted reasonably and were justified in defending themselves and others from the continued use of deadly physical force by Noah Harpham. Officers Hallas, Crofoot, Anderson, Surrat, David and Darress performed admirably in preventing further carnage in the City of Colorado Springs. Their actions were not only justified; they were heroic. Because their actions were justified under Colorado law, no criminal charges will be pursued.
Read the whole report here:

Here's another part of the report that's worth noting:
In the days leading up to this event his family grew alarmed about Harpham’s situation. According to Elizabeth Tucker, Harpham had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Harpham’s step father told investigators that Harpham had become ‘more manic’ as of late. Harpham’s mother also informed his ex-girlfriend this was happening, stating “He (Harpham) has escalated to a new level.” Heather Kopp warned Elizabeth Tucker to “Do everything you can to avoid contact with him (Harpham).” Heather Kopp further had contact with Harpham’s psychiatrist.

Due to these concerns, his stepfather, David Kopp and his brother, Nathan Harpham, boarded separate planes on October 31, 2015, to come to Colorado Springs. They had made plans to try and have Harpham hospitalized. In a later statement from Heather Kopp, she informed law enforcement, “We wanted to get Noah to a medical treatment facility and considered if the police could assist. But we were told by both Dr. Everett and the Cedar Springs Mental Health Center that unless Noah was a threat to himself or others (which he wasn’t) the police wouldn’t be able to assist us” She further stated, he was having “…manic delusions of grandeur and (was) in need of medical help. Prior to coming out to get him hospitalized, his stepfather informed Harpham he was coming to Colorado Springs. David Kopp reported that Harpham told him he (Harpham) was euphoric. The stepfather said Harpham told him ‘it would be great and it would happen here’, and ‘it would be awesome’ and ‘it would blow your mind.’ Harpham’s stepfather arrived in Colorado Springs in the evening of October 31, 2015, several hours after the shootings. Harpham’s mother and stepfather were aware that Harpham had several guns, including the long gun.

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