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Glenn to address RNC, and more on that criminal charge

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As Darryl Glenn prepares to speak at the Republican National Convention at 7:30 p.m. Mountain Time Monday, here are a few things to ponder, including a recent boost of confidence from the daily newspaper and more info on that criminal charge that dates to his teen years.

Glenn: Will speak this evening at the RNC. - FILE PHOTO
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  • Glenn: Will speak this evening at the RNC.
On Sunday, the Gazette once again sang his praises (although the newspaper didn't endorse him in the Republican primary election), saying:
Glenn's credentials are impeccable and Coloradocentric. He is a graduate of the Air Force Academy, a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel, a lawyer and a public servant who has won landslide elections to the Colorado Springs City Council and El Paso County Board of County Commissioners.... Among staunch conservatives, Glenn has the rare quality of relating well with people up and down the political and socioeconomic spectrum. People like and respect him, whether they share his views.
It was signed the "Gazette editorial board," which includes editorial page editor Wayne Laugesen, who happens to be married to Dede Laugesen, who happened to have collected more than $3,000 for campaign consulting and expenses from Glenn early in his campaign.

There was no disclosure of this fact, just as the Gazette failed to disclose a couple of times in its editorials favoring The Broadmoor land swap that it's owned by the same guy who owns The Broadmoor, Philip Anschutz.

The payments were made to Windhover Media for campaign consulting, $2,500; reimbursement for event supplies, $588, and reimbursement for domain names, $59, according to Federal Election Commission reports. All payments were made in January 2015.

Here's a description of Windhover from its website:
Laugesen, CoSGW’s [Colorado Government Watch] executive director, is a communications consultant, digital media designer, writer and video producer. She is an entrepreneur, public speaker, and producer of popular children’s prayer-based videos. A Colorado native and longtime El Paso County resident, she has been owner of Windhover Media since 2003 and has developed a broad base of clients in politics and industry.
We've asked Mr. Laugesen for a comment and will circle back if and when we hear something.

Other members of the editorial board include Ryan McKibben, Chairman; Christian Anschutz, Vice Chairman and son of billionaire Philip Anschutz; Dan Steever, Publisher, and Pula Davis, Newsroom Operations Director.

Now, about that third-degree assault charge, which remains on his record as of this morning, from when he was 18.

The court and police records are pretty thin because the charge arose so long ago, but we've been digging around and found a few things to share since we first reported about it in our cover story about Glenn, "Shooting star," July 13, 2016.
click to enlarge Glenn as a senior at Doherty High. - COLORADO SPRINGS SCHOOL DISTRICT 11 YEARBOOK
  • Colorado Springs School District 11 yearbook
  • Glenn as a senior at Doherty High.
It was filed in late November 1983 during Glenn's senior year at Doherty High School. He turned 18 the month before. The police officer was S. Thomas. A victim isn't named in the court record, and the case appears to have been dismissed Feb. 2, 1984.

Below is a partial transcript from an interview the Independent conducted with Glenn. J. Adrian Stanley posed questions on the Indy's behalf:

Indy: There is one thing on your criminal record from when you were 18.
Glenn: I don’t have a criminal record.

Indy: It’s there, though. It’s got your birthdate on it. It’s got everything.
Glenn: Yeah.

Indy: It’s a third-degree assault charge from 1983?
Glenn: Yeah, we’re still trying to figure that out. We’re still trying to figure out what that was because when we did a CBI background, there’s nothing there. And I’ve never even been interviewed about it.

Indy. Well yeah, I wouldn’t generally. But you're a Senate candidate now, so I do have to look it up. And I was like, what did you get in a fight, what happened?
Glenn: We’re trying to figure that out, because at the same point in time, my brother was still around at that time, and we don’t know if something happened with him. 

Indy: Wait, so you do have a brother?
Glenn: He committed suicide.

Indy: Oh! I thought you were an only child.
Glenn: Well, I’m the only child with my parents.

Indy: Oh?
Glenn: But my dad had a ... yeah.

Indy: Your dad had a son. Was he younger or older?
Glenn: Older, older. But we’re trying to figure out, we’re going to do what we can to get rid of that. We don’t know if something happened with him or what. But the thing is, I was never even interviewed or anything. I’ve never even had a conversation with a police officer in that light. So we’re trying to figure out if that some kind of identity thing or what, because we’re trying...”

Indy: What was your brother’s name?
Glenn: Cedric.

Indy: Cedric?
Glenn: So we’re trying to figure out what went on with that. Because we tell people, use a little common sense. Here you are right the summer before going to the Air Force Academy, do you think the Air Force Academy would have let me go in there if there was even a question?

Indy: Well, I was curious about that. How did you do that if you, because I know that they’re pretty strict about that, right?
Glenn: Ya think? That’s what I’m saying. Obviously it doesn’t make any sense, we’re trying to figure that out, but yeah that was when he was being integrated into our lives. He had a criminal past, things like that. We’re not sure if something happened with regards to that.

Indy: How much older was he than you?
Glenn: Uh, I’d actually need to go back and look.

Indy: Was it a lot?
Glenn: Yeah, at least five or six years.

Indy: Oh, OK.
Glenn: I literally would have to look that up. But the main thing is, we're so happy to be able to put out the CBI that shows nothing there. Never been interviewed, nothing like that. So we’re trying to see if that’s what it was because it needs to come off.
It's unclear what Glenn means when he says the Colorado Bureau of Investigation shows nothing. We just ran a check on court records and found the case.

While we're on the subject, Glenn drew $50,300 in donations in the days leading up to the June 28 primary election. Money came from Texas, Washington, North Carolina, Mississippi, Virginia, Ohio, Washington, D.C. (Black America's PAC and Sarah PAC), Wyoming, Tennessee, Florida and Colorado.

He added that to the roughly $111,000 he'd raised by June 8.

Glenn faces Democrat incumbent Sen. Michael Bennet, who had raised about $11.1 million as of June 8.

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