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Update: Glenn says if you get pregnant from rape, that's "a gift from God"

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In an appearance at a campaign event, Glenn called a pregnancy from rape "a gift from God."
  • In an appearance at a campaign event, Glenn called a pregnancy from rape "a gift from God."
Colorado Public Radio reports that Darryl Glenn, Republican candidate for U. S. Senate, clarified his position on abortion in the CPR questionnaire. He said:
I am 100 percent pro-life and believe life begins at conception. Women should have access to birth control. I would, however, be willing to support legal exceptions for rape, incest, and life of the mother. While I appreciate the question, it's one-sided and a proper question should also include a discussion on support for abortions performed in the last trimester.
Before we posted our blog earlier this week — which has since made the rounds on several news outlets' websites, including Politico and Roll Call — we asked Glenn's campaign for a statement on his position on abortion and never heard back. 

Friday, the Colorado Democratic Party took aim against Glenn noting the latest poll shows him trailing incumbent Sen. Michael Bennet, a Democrat, by 18 points.

The Aurora Sentinel endorsed Bennet, noting about Glenn:
His campaign is soiled with hyper-partisan rhetoric, making clear he’s probably the last person Colorado would want to send to Washington…His vague and unremarkable policy planks, intolerance for media scrutiny, resistance to cooperation and his poor judgment about Trump’s character are each solid reasons to question his ability to govern. Together, they disqualify him completely.
In addition, the Durango Herald reported:
Colorado Muslims say comments by Republican U.S. Senate candidate Darryl Glenn and others in support of travel bans and profiling of people who practice Islam are dangerous and irresponsible.

In a Dec. 12, 2015 talk show interview – which recently garnered attention after flying under the radar early in the campaign – Glenn said he generally supports a proposal by Republican Donald Trump to prohibit all Muslims from entering the United States.
Speaking of Trump and the presidential race, The Denver Post has endorsed Hillary Clinton, saying it was an easy call.
Democrat Hillary Clinton, the first woman ever to win a major-party nomination, is without question the most qualified candidate in the race for president and an easy call to make when considering the challenges confronting the nation. Her nearly 40 years in public life have instilled in her the temperament she needs to face the many challenges that await.
Here's how The Post described her Republican opponent:
Donald Trump purports to be a conservative, and he managed to hoodwink enough primary voters to win the Republican nomination. But he is in fact a lewd, bigoted, untested blowhard whose reckless actions and thoughtless decision-making processes put him in a class never before seen on such a stage. A vote for Trump would support an unconscionable threat to core American values and national security.
So The Post joins a growing number of newspapers, including The New York Times and Houston Chronicle, in urging voters to come to their senses and defeat Trump. 

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A video of a 2015 campaign event held in Jefferson County for Darryl Glenn, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate who's trying to unseat Democrat Michael Bennet, shows Glenn calling a pregnancy resulting from rape "a gift from God." (Find the video below.)

Glenn is adamantly pro-life, and began his nomination speech at the state assembly in April at The Broadmoor World Arena by thanking his mother for life.

At the Jefferson County event, Glenn says:
If you want an abortion, don’t ask me to pay for it. That’s not something I’m gonna agree with. That’s a gift from God. There are no exceptions with that. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to pray for you.... That’s a life, regardless of how it got there, and I’m going to pray for you.
Since Glenn says there are no exceptions, does that mean he believes a woman who has, for example, been diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy, which is a significant risk factor for the mother and is almost always fatal for the fetus, has no choice but to die?

We asked the Glenn campaign for a statement about his stance on abortion, because we could not find one on his campaign website, but we haven't heard back. If and when we do, we'll update.
Bennet, campaign spokeswoman Alyssa Roberts says, "thinks women have the right to make their own health care decisions and is proud to have 100 percent ratings from both Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice."

Both organizations have endorsed Bennet.

Polls show Bennet leading Glenn by about 9 points.

Be sure to pick up the Oct. 12 issue of the Independent, which will contain our recommendation on ballot measures. On Oct. 19, the Indy will endorse candidates.

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