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The Flux Capacitor's do-it-together team

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Flux Capacitor co-founders Bryan and Sean Ostrow tend to be the most visible members of the team, but it takes more than two to make things work. We spoke to the rest of the Flux team as part of our coverage of the rebirth of this beloved DIY venue and the Pikes Peak Library District's forward-thinking plans for the Knights of Columbus Hall, which will host Flux 2.0. (The following interviews have been edited for clarity.)

click to enlarge Nick Pryor - CASEY BRADLEY GENT
  • Casey Bradley Gent
  • Nick Pryor
Nick Pryor, 30, built the original Flux Capacitor's stage and sound booth. Generally, he handles the technical stuff and occasionally works as the sound engineer. He plays guitar in both Alone and Still Valley. By day, he's a wholesale hardwood flooring distributor. He also builds custom guitar/bass speaker cabinets.

Indy: How did you get involved with Flux Capacitor?

Pryor: Through Bryan and Sean. I actually lived with both Bryan and Sean at the time we started Flux. I used to be involved in the DIY scene down in Pueblo, and I had a place down there called the Fallout Shelter. It was just my house, but we had shows there for two years.

Why do you think Flux is important?

I was a band nerd, and that was about it... I was interested in guitar. I got into bands and I actually played at a place [in Pueblo] when I was 13, and it changed my life. I loved it. I had something that didn't make me depressed. It was something that gave my life meaning. I think it’s important for cities to have these type of things because not everybody’s into football and those type of things. It’s especially important for kids to have things to do that aren’t sports or drugs... A lot of being drug free, for me, has to do with music.

What's something you hope to see or make happen at the new Flux?

I just want to see new people come and check stuff out, people that didn’t like to go out before or didn’t feel like they had friends. I want people to find friends within the Flux community. I hope it lasts, too. I hope we have the space for quite some time. It’s awesome that the people at the library are helping us out like this. It’s an amazing thing, and it goes to show that there are people who are involved with the city who do care about things like this.

click to enlarge Naboth Gonzales - CASEY BRADLEY GENT
  • Casey Bradley Gent
  • Naboth Gonzales
Naboth Gonzales, 28, mainly does grounds maintenance, usually unlocking the venue door and helping bands load in, as well as cleaning and working the door. He does not play in any bands at the moment. By day, he's a dishwasher at a local restaurant.

Indy: How did you get involved with the Flux?

Gonzalez: My friend Greg [Mullenax] was helping them out. He was having a kid and he was working a job, and he didn’t have any time for it. So I said I could do it… It’s nothing I took lightly. I wanted to be part of it. That meant I had to be there all the time, be there when bands got there. I was totally cool with that. I really enjoyed it.

Why do you think Flux is important?

It’s a place for people who don’t necessarily fit in to come out and watch bands they actually like. We all come together, and it’s not just under one person or one thing, really. We have Bryan and Sean who are the guys who get our names out and do everything, but it's a big community family. When I started, I never thought I'd be part of something like this.

What's something you hope to see or make happen at the new Flux?
I want to see more art classes. I want to see more art in general. That was one of my favorite things, when people would come in and do murals on the wall. It was always cool to see how that process went; how it started out as a sketch on a piece of paper and it became this big mural on our wall. It's cool to see the community contribute.

click to enlarge Josh Austin - CASEY BRADLEY GENT
  • Casey Bradley Gent
  • Josh Austin
Josh Austin, 27, helps with security and works the door, occasionally helping with sound. He plays bass in Autumn Creatures and guitar in both Soul Vice and Dream Hearse. By day, he's an HVAC installer.

How did you get involved with the Flux?
I’ve known Sean and Bryan, for a while now. I’ve known Sean since I was 18, 19, almost ten years now. I saw they were starting a venue, so I wanted to get involved. I just kept hanging out at the Flux until Bryan said they needed someone to be here in a full-time type deal and help pay rent.

Why do you think Flux is important to the community?
I think it’s good for any community to have different artistic outlets for people of all ages to express themselves in a place where they don't have to worry about being judge, and also to see what other communities or "scenes," for lack of a better word, experience. It plays a huge part in building a community within a town.

What's something you hope to see or make happen at the new Flux?
[I want] more people coming out to shows, more local bands being made, more people getting involved and booking their own shows — just more creativity, I guess. More art.

click to enlarge W. Cameron Barrett, left - CASEY BRADLEY GENT
  • Casey Bradley Gent
  • W. Cameron Barrett, left
W. Cameron Barrett, 27, serves as a general assistant at the Flux, working the door and helping keep things organized. He plays guitar and sings in 2 Fly 2 Die, and he plays bass and sings in Ultraviolet. By day, he's a cook.

Indy: How did you get involved with the Flux?

Barrett: I was always friends with Sean and Bryan. I knew about them when they were just playing in Blighter, and we kept in touch through going to shows. I heard they were opening a new venue and, of course, I went to go check it out. I ended up hanging out there more than anywhere else.

Why do you think Flux is important to the community?

It provides rare opportunities for artists to mingle with one another, beyond just being a venue. There were a lot of opportunities to be social with other artists. That allowed a lot more bands to form and a lot more art to get made, simply because of the environment itself. I think Flux provided a safe haven for gritty, real artists.

What's something you hope to see or make happen at the new Flux?

I’m hoping that it introduces a lot of people that might not otherwise know the DIY culture, this culture of creating your own art and creating your own scene with your friends. I like the idea of bunch of kids getting into DIY culture. It doesn't take much to contribute to a music scene.

click to enlarge Caleb Butcher - CASEY BRADLEY GENT
  • Casey Bradley Gent
  • Caleb Butcher
Caleb Butcher, 24, started as a sound guy and worked the door, eventually teaching himself photoshop and becoming the main flyer artist for the venue. He sings in Dream Hearse and plays bass in Soul Vice. By day, he's an AV installation technician.

Indy: How did you get involved with the Flux?

Butcher: I’m from Colorado Springs, but I went to school in Florida for two years to study show production. When I came back to the Springs, one of my main goals was to start a DIY space. I knew Sean, and I approached him with the idea, saying "I have this skill set and you have connections." He told me that he and Bryan had already been planning on doing something... When they found the space for the Flux, they asked if I wanted to be a part of getting it going, and I was all for it.

Why do you think Flux is important to the community?

I think it's important for musicians to have a space that will let new bands and new musicians play their first shows, or play shows in general. A lot of places in the Springs are bars or bigger spots and it's harder to get a show in, like the Black Sheep. They have a more business-focused agenda, so they don't always take risks on new bands. I definitely ran into that when I was trying to start bands. [Flux is] a place for people to come and share what they've been making.

What's something you hope to see or make happen at the new Flux?

I hope we get more people involved, more than just the core members. That’s always something we wanted. We wanted it to be truly a community thing, so I want to see more people getting into DIY, maybe even starting their own spaces. I want to be an inspiration, to show that DIY can thrive, even in harsh times. And I want more shows, bigger and better.

click to enlarge Quintin Gamer - CASEY BRADLEY GENT
  • Casey Bradley Gent
  • Quintin Gamer
Quintin Gamer, 19, works at the door, cleans and helps bands load and unload. He plays bass and sings for Youthful Nothings, and he occasionally plays washboard for the Tejon Street Corner Thieves. By day, he works at a Jamba Juice.

Indy: How did you get involved with the Flux?

Gamer: I heard rumors about a new DIY venue, and then I saw a Facebook page, a little while before there were actual shows happening. As soon as I found it, I was messaging the page nonstop, saying "Please let me help." I was just so interested! I found out Sean was involved, so I befriended [him]. He ended up giving me flyers for the first show to post around. Ever since the beginning, I've been hanging around with them.

Why do you think Flux is important to the community?

On the outside, it looks like just some punk or metal club where you’d expect the same sort of people and ideas. But on the inside, it’s a hub of eclectic people and groups that, maybe on the outside look similar, but when you actually get to know these people, there's vastly different interests, drives, needs and experiences. The Flux was for everybody. You could go and take your band there and experience shows in a safe setting, and it wasn't a breaking-the-bank thing. It was something in the city that the youth cared about, and we need things like that.

What's something you hope to see or make happen at the new Flux?

It already feels like we’ve accomplished so much, it’s almost like, "what [else] could be added?" Maybe more interconnectivity among members of the scene. I want more people to feel like they matter and that they're involved. [I hope to see] more ideas being shared and expressed and more people making things.

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