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Monday, August 27, 2018

Wayfinder Coffee Company in northern Springs plans opening for mid-September

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Wayfinder Coffee Company's owners plan to open their doors in mid-September. - MEGAN LIBBY
  • Megan Libby
  • Wayfinder Coffee Company's owners plan to open their doors in mid-September.
When Anna Summers and her best friend, Megan Libby, decided to at long last start a business together, their first step was to make a list. They wrote down everything they loved in life, and four things that brought them both joy — coffee, pastries, wine and cheese — formed the foundations of Wayfinder Coffee Company.

“We love coffee shops," says Summers. "We love the atmosphere. And we love the coffee.”

Summers says she worked in restaurants through her twenties, but most recently, she was a manager at a travel agency. Libby, on the other hand, describes herself as a "serial entrepreneur," raised by small businesspeople — she adds that she previously owned a delivery restaurant in Denver. They chose the name Wayfinder in the hope that their coffee shop would embody both definitions of the word: a landmark for bringing community together, and a guide to the global nature of food and coffee.

Currently, they're working with a few importers to source a range of coffees — while they prefer extra-dark Italian roasts for espresso, they intend to roast a range of lighter beans with flavor profiles for all comers. As they're both avid home bakers, they'll be producing their pastries in-house, including cupcakes and more, perfect for customers to enjoy on their sizable deck space.

“One thing that we’re really excited and proud of is that we’ll be making our own croissants in house," says Libby, teasing a variety of house-made fillings. On the savory side, they'll be offering small plates — think tapas, charcuterie and cheese boards, made to pair with a selection of wines and beers. For booze, they hope to offer a few old-world wines and global beers alongside beloved local options.

They plan to soft-open the café and roastery in northeastern Springs in mid-September, with a grand opening to follow a week later.
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Sunday, August 26, 2018

The Archives promises classic drinks in a subdued atmosphere

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The Archives is accessible from Colorado Craft or a door in the nearby alleway. - GRIFFIN SWARTZELL
  • Griffin Swartzell
  • The Archives is accessible from Colorado Craft or a door in the nearby alleway.
Dylan Currier, formerly of Cowboy Star and Sakura Speakeasy, now owns his own bar. Located downstairs from Colorado Craft, The Archives soft-opened on Saturday, Aug. 25 by reservation only. And from the decor to the drinks menu, the spot’s focused on honoring the past.

Though Currier’s wanted his own place for some time, he says this opportunity fell into his lap. He was contacted by Colorado Craft co-owner Bryan Bradigan, who offered him the spot earlier this year.

Currier plans to pull archival photos from all throughout the Springs’ history to decorate the walls. And the cocktail menu’s divided among classics, modern classics like the paper plane and original cocktails — Currier says that while it’s great every bartender worth their salt has a play on a daiquiri or old fashioned, it can be hard to find a to-specifications preparation of the original in town.

“We really want to be that late-night downtown cocktail bar for people who want to get away from the noise,” says Currier — the spot will be open until 2 a.m., Tuesday through Saturday, with an alleyway door providing access after Colorado Craft closes.

He’s also sourcing various amaros from the mid-20th century, such as a vintage ‘70s fernet and hard-to-find Amaro 18 Isolabella, both higher-dollar options for fancy nights out or amaro nerds. There will also be an appetizer menu provided by Colorado Craft, as well as a range of beer and wine. By winter, Currier hopes to have a different appetizer menu than what’s offered upstairs, and he’ll be working in seasonal cocktail and punch bowl specials.
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Friday, August 17, 2018

Manitou French Pastries showins intersection of cuisine and science

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One of Manitou French Pastry's most popular offerings are their macarons. - NICHOLAS ADKINS
  • Nicholas Adkins
  • One of Manitou French Pastry's most popular offerings are their macarons.
Nicholas Adkins, owner/sole operator of Manitou Springs-based Manitou French Pastries, took a little time to figure out his true calling. The West Virginia native spent seven years as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, working in molecular medicine. When his wife moved to the Springs for a job, Adkins expected to be able to find work either as a professor or in the research industry. He stalled out in his search and decided that wasn’t where his passion lay anyway. He’s since studied cuisine — mostly French — completing a four-month intensive program at Cook Street School of Culinary Arts in Denver and spending a year studying at the Gastronomicom culinary academy in Agde, France. He’s found that his lab-refined sense of precision and adherence to protocol have made him a fine cook and especially adept with pastry.

“It’s funny the similarities, though,” he says. And there’s another chance connection: his research organism of choice was yeast. He’s intimately familiar with the life cycle of yeast and how to make it do what he wants it to do. With as finicky as pastry can be, to say nothing of how Colorado's high altitude complicates things, that’s a major asset.

And so far, it’s been paying promising dividends — after opening for business on July 20, he says he’s already having to hire an employee to help him keep up with his customer base, and he already has regulars. So far, his top sellers are either his croissants or his macarons, he says.

As much as pastry and baking bring him joy, in a few years, he hopes to open a café and bistro to allow him to share his love of savory cooking as well.
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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

In-N-Out Burger in Colorado Springs still a couple of years out

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Good, cheap burgers, coming to Colorado with a double helping of hype in a couple of years. - COURTESY SHUTTERSTOCK.COM
  • Courtesy
  • Good, cheap burgers, coming to Colorado with a double helping of hype in a couple of years.
The devotee of west coast burger chain In-N-Out Burger will have to wait a little longer to get their 3x3 animal style burgers with fries well done. According to an email we've received from Denny Warnick, the California-based company's VP of Operations, the previously announced distribution facility and office building in northern Springs, plus the state's first In-N-Out restaurants, are still a few years out.

Here's what Warnick sent us:
The planning and design work continues to move forward for our facilities and restaurant in Colorado Springs. The city of Colorado Springs has been a great partner on the project.

It is great to be able to report progress being made, although we are still likely a couple of years away from serving our first Double-Double in Colorado. We are very much looking forward to that day, and we appreciate our customers in Colorado that have shared their anticipation with us as well.
So that's where we are. The chain's devotees have more time to study the secret scripture menu, and its myriad detractors can continue to talk about how burgers that are roughly twice as expensive are better. We might also suggest patronizing a local option, at least for now.
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Friday, August 10, 2018

Basil & Barley Pizzeria Napoletana announces grand opening party

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  • Courtesy Basil & Barley
On Saturday, August 25, Roberto Calcagno's Basil & Barley Pizzeria Napoletana will open, marking the end of over six months of build-out in the Briargate-area spot. To celebrate, Calcagno and his team will be holding a party with food, drinks and live music from bands like Denver's False Report. A ticket, $20, will include unlimited pizza and dessert, plus one drink. The event starts at 5 p.m.

“I want to be very involved in our community," says Calcagno, who co-owns the restaurant with his father, Sandro. "I’m going to devote 20 percent of that profit [from the opening event] to a veteran charity based here in Colorado Springs, and it is called 'The Home Front Cares.'” He adds that the restaurant will open for normal hours the following day, Aug. 26.
Location Details Basil & Barley Pizzeria Napoletana
9278 Forest Bluffs View
Colorado Springs, CO
On opening, Basil & Barley will offer a selection of pizzas and other signature offerings. Calcagno has formulated a few crust choices that diverge somewhat from the traditional Neapolitan style he espouses — we're particularly excited about a sprouted buckwheat crust and a hempseed crust. For desserts, they'll be offering cannolis in house-baked shells, panna cotta, a tiramisu he says is nothing like a "coffee sponge cake," and baba au rhum, to name a few. Baba au rhum, he explains, is a yeasted cake soaked with a rum syrup.

“I’m especially proud of our charcuterie and cheese selection,” he says. “All our charcuterie is from italy... anybody tastes them, they’re going to be amazed at the quality of this prosciutto, for example, or the bresaola or speck.” The menu, he adds, will also feature a short history of each meat, baking education into each meal.

For beverages, he's curated a selection of Italian wines and built a traditional Italian cocktail menu. Expect also a variety of beers, Calcagno's preferred pairing with pizza, both local and imported from Italy. He's teamed up with Dueces Wild Brewery for a signature house beer, brewed with basil.
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