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Colorado Springs' 2C road measure takes some heat

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When the CO Springs Mayor account posted an item on Facebook on Monday, July 17, about the city's road paving program, it opened the floodgates for comments. And some weren't too kind.

The post has gotten 6,600 views since then and drew more than 120 comments.

First, the post:

2C was a tax increase ballot measure approved by voters in November 2015 that will generate some $50 million a year for five years. Suthers has already said it will need to be renewed at the end of the five years, because the city is so far behind on maintenance.

But the city is requiring only a two-year warranty on the work, leading City Councilor Bill Murray to call for a longer warranty period. Otherwise, he says, the city will never get ahead of the problem.

In any event, here's a sampling of comments from the public in response to the Facebook post:

"Long overdue."

"Am new to this city and can't believe the awful conditions if the streets."

"Best roads in Colorado Springs are Fort Carson, Colorado"

"You are way behind on this!"

"How does everyone feel about the size of the city contributing to our issues; roads, police and fire coverage, water, etc? There are efficiencies of scale that apply to business. Are there efficiencies of scale for cities?"

Some got specific, naming certain roads they hope are on the list, like this one:

"Cresta needs paved between Cheyenne Road and Cheyenne Mountain High School bad potholes cracks not good on any cars alignment."

Another one complained about an entire region of the city, like this one:
Well, it looks, by the scheduling, that the north east part of the city will wait yet again, another year and be force to drive on goat roads. To be serious however, it would be nice if the city would fill a pot hole in the NE section of town. Union, Rangewood...big ol' pot holes behind the Walgreen's at Rangewood and Austin Bluffs. The drainage pan is almost impassible. Research is a pathetic, rutted, pot holed mess. The city took all that time to begrudgingly remove the bike lane, placed some curb and gutter, patched the road at the gutters, but left 2' long, 6" deep potholes to drive through as punishment for crossing the city developers. The list is endless. My biggest problem is how the crews will fill a pothole then leave 5 others untouched mere feet away. Vickers at Rangewood is a prime example....west on Vickers and you will find at least 5 holes and others that have opened up again in less than a year. It is a waste, plus they do not know how to fix a pothole...does the city ever ask, what creates a pothole? Just tossing a bunch of hot patch into the hole does nothing to fix the problem of the subgrade which caused the problem in the first place.
But not all the comments were negative. One said, "Ok folks it has been bad, but let's stop the b......... and let our tax dollars and road crews get to work. I'm just grateful to see the work in progress. And slow down and keep the road crews safe."

And this one:

"Oh good. They should be done by the time we come out to visit next year. :) :) I absolutely love Colorado Springs."

The city's Jamie Fabos says that as of 4 p.m. on July 20, the post had generated the following responses:

Likes: 118
Loves: 3
Wow: 1
Angry: 1

She emailed the following response from the mayor:

The Mayor’s office considers social media to be a valuable way to get citizen input and to respond with additional information when appropriate. While we have always noted that people are more apt to post negative sentiments, this post has generated significantly more positive than negative responses, and we take that as a good sign that people are noticing the progress. Some people took to Facebook to ask for specific streets to be paved or repair crews to come out, and that’s valuable input, too.

Social media provides my office a direct avenue to engage and inform a much wider group than those who attend council meetings or visit our website. It’s apparent that the residents of Colorado Springs are very engaged and invested in our efforts around 2C.  

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