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It's been a bumpy ride, a roller-coaster kaleidoscope of highs and lows, but Springsians appear generally upbeat about 2011 and optimistic about 2012.

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Jolynn Garlow, from downtown Colorado Springs, is a former boutique owner

What was the high point of 2011 for you? Getting my life coach certification.

How about the low point? Having to close my boutique, after six years.

What was the most significant development of 2011 for you? The downturn in economic conditions for retail.

On a scale of 1 to 10, rate 2011. I'd give it a 4, but I still feel pretty good about it. It's taking me into 2012, which I know is going to be amazing.

Name the most memorable political figure of 2011. Ron Paul. He's a Republican with new and inventive ideas. He'll give the rest of the field a real run for their money.

Identify the best song, movie, or sporting event of the year. I'm all about the Broncos' six-game win streak.

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Jamie Lanosga, from central Colorado Springs, is a carpenter

Identify the high point of 2011 for you. Getting my citizenship.

Your low point? Moving six times. It was a drag, but I think I'm settled now.

Rate 2011 on a scale of 1 to 10. If my best-ever year was a 10 and my worst a 1, I'd give 2011 an 8.4.

Who is the most memorable political figure of 2011? Ron Paul, absolutely. He asks fundamental questions and has a revolutionary common sense that's not commonly seen.

Name something fun about 2011. Discovering the local neo-folk scene — downhome, bluesy, classic country music that's being made by young people.

What's something you learned about yourself in 2011? I enjoy causing trouble.

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Cameron Shorkey, from the Templeton Gap area, is a barista

What was the high point of 2011 for you? Doing ethnographic research with my professor in Ecuador.

Rate 2011 on a scale of 1 to 10. Due to my experiences in Ecuador, that I graduated from college, and that the economy seems to be picking up a bit, I'd give it an 8.5.

Who, in your view, was the key political figure of 2011? I'm more Democrat than Republican, but I like Ron Paul. He's tapping into a spirit of revolution and talking about issues most Republicans don't.

Name the most memorable development of 2011. The revolution in Egypt. It's a heartening example of how people rising up can make change happen.

What's something you learned about yourself in 2011? I saw how people in Ecuador make do with far less than us but still enjoy life, have fun, and are happy — a positive example in these economic times.

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