60 Seconds 

with Matt Traxler, Brandtson guitarist

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Indy: A funny thing happened when I was listening to Brandtson's new emo album, Hello, Control: It's not emo. What gives, and why am I wearing mascara?

MT: We had made a conscious decision to really try to change things up quite a bit with this one and maybe kind of push ourselves. Stylistically, the record has a lot '80s-style mixing with, like, dance electronic stuff and rock stuff.

Indy: Hmmm ... why change now?

MT: It was something we wanted to do for a while and didn't really, for lack of a better term, have the balls to do. We decided we were going to do it this time and make the record we wanted to make, and just be happy with it ourselves, more than anything.

Indy: Glad to hear about your balls, but ... as for the lack of emo sound, which you guys were sort of pigeonholed in before, I'm guessing the blogging nation is having a field day.

MT: There have been a handful of comments. A lot of kids really liked it, and then there were a handful of kids who were totally turned off and couldn't believe that we had changed so drastically.

Indy: Yeah, one spin of lead single "Nobody Dances Anymore" has me wanting to clean out the Chevette and ask Molly Ringwald to the prom, again. Why does this track make me want to dance?

MT: It's kind of this real catchy almost cheesy disco fun kind of song. Basically what we were going with for the whole record was to just have fun with it.

Monday, July 10, at the Marquis Theatre.


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