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29 Thursday


Writing about Spanish singer-songwriter Lorca has proved challenging, and not just because I know virtually no Spanish. It's also because a Web search reveals him to be a man of mystery. Here's Dreamy Lorca, crooning "El Ultimo Quijote" to the ladies on YouTube. And here's Angry Lorca on last.fm, pictured with a black gag and spitting through "J'Rap" from his album La Rage du Ghetto. And here's Ol' Dirty Lorca, leering from the top of his Web site (lorcaweb.net) with facial hair dyed blonde. See which Lorca has come to CC's Armstrong Theater (14 E. Cache la Poudre St.) at 7 tonight, and enjoy (for free) his music regardless. — KW

30 Friday

horrorfest part I

Halloween starts tonight. First with Zombie Fest at 6 at Venue 515 (515 Manitou Ave., Manitou Springs, blissfest333.com) and next with ACW Live Pro Wrestling's Hallow's Eve Casket Match at 7 in the Phil Long Expo Center (1515 Auto Mall Loop, asylumwrestling.com). At the former, catch scary movies and "dress up as a zombie or non-zombie (human)" to star in a zombie movie being filmed. (We have no advice on where to find human costumes.) At the $10-per-person latter, bruiser Brandon Bishop explains, "a casket match requires the winner to shove the loser into a casket and close the lid ... very morbid, yet so fun and appealing." — MS

31 Saturday

horrorfest part II

Celebrate: It's Halloween and a Saturday! Check out the Halloween show at To the Grave Luxury Tattoo (26 N. Tejon St., myspace.com/tothegraveluxurytattoo): Mishaps & Mayhem of a Misguided Youth features works by Mr. Hint, Marc Huebert, Spika and others, as well as live tattoo collaborations. The show's up through November, but today's activities run from 1 to 8 p.m. Tonight's haunted houses options are plentiful: the Haunted House at Fort Carson, the Haunted Mines at the Western Museum of Mining and Industry, the Nightmare on West Colorado Avenue at the Mountainscape Hotel, and, of course, Mind Seizure at the Flea Market. — EA



Whether you consider it tribute or theft, homage or heresy, the sampling phenomenon is ingrained in our culture, from resurrected actors in TV ads to the use of Victorian literary passages in William Gibson and Bruce Sterling's steampunk novel, The Difference Engine. But the most prolific example of sampling culture is, of course, in the record industry, which remains sharply divided over the legitimacy of recontextualized music. And that's the subject of Copyright Criminals, a documentary featuring artists like Chuck D and Clyde Stubblefield, which you can catch for free at 7 this evening in HSB Auditorium at CSU-Pueblo (2200 Bonforte Blvd, Pueblo, colostate-pueblo.edu/studentactivities). Or you could just save yourself the trouble and grab it off BitTorrent. — BF

2 Monday


According to eatwild.com, grass-fed beef — delicious, delicious grass-fed beef — is richer in antioxidants, has up to four times the omega-3 fatty acids, includes more vitamin E, beta-carotene and vitamin C, and can consist of 100 fewer calories than its industrial grain-fed counterpart. Even more, raising cows in pastures as opposed to aluminum barns results in an organic fertilizer taking the place of harmful petroleum-based fertilizers and pesticides. At 7 tonight, attend Rosamond Naylor's free "Where's the Beef? Trade-offs Between Grass-fed and Industrial Livestock" talk in CC's Gates Common Room (1025 N. Cascade Ave., coloradocollege.edu) to learn even more. — BC



If you think modern poetry is too abstract or so hard to understand that its beauty (or whatever poetry is supposed to have) flits out the window, you've never read Kay Ryan. The current U.S. Poet Laureate, Ryan is often compared to Billy Collins and Emily Dickinson. Her accessible verse has a short and sweet form punctuated by fresh humor and subtle but deep wisdom. At 7 tonight, Ryan will speak in CC's Cornerstone Arts Center (825 N. Cascade Ave., coloradocollege.edu). The free event might be the very thing you need to rekindle that poetic flame (or whatever it is). — JK



Many Indy staffers were filled with dismay upon realizing that Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Christ on Parade are both playing here on the same night. Happily — but not before much gnashing of teeth and questioning of a benign deity — we realized that there are in fact two TSO shows today (3:30 and 8 p.m.) at the World Arena (3185 Venetucci Blvd., worldarena.com, $25-$68). So now we can all get bloated on holiday rock opera goodness and catch the skate-core band that headlined the very first show at Berkeley's storied 924 Gilman Street Project, at 8 at the Rocket Room (230 Pueblo Ave., myspace.com/therocketroom, $6). Rumors that TSO members will sit in are as yet unconfirmed. — BF

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