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Comment Archives: stories: Columns: Your Turn

Re: “John Morse: We must fix the assault weapon problem

The assault weapon ban was not a failure. How many of these type weapons have been sold since the ban was lifted? How many were sold before? How many more mass shootings will involve these weapons? sandy hook, fort hood, Orlando and many others have used them with horrific results. they are easier to use at close range and have much less kick than hunting rifles and are very accurate... at least the one I shot. this makes them much more effective at multiple quick accurate shots at close range. they are fun to shoot but don't say they are the same as a hunting rifle, they are not.

13 likes, 44 dislikes
Posted by happyfew on 06/15/2016 at 1:45 PM

Re: “John Morse: We must fix the assault weapon problem

The article misinforms you. The AR15 and other Assault Rifles sold to the public shoot no faster or better than almost every semi-auto hunting/sporting rifle or pistol made since 1903. They shoot one bullet each time you pull the trigger, and only one bullet.

Some Assault Rifles and pistols sold to the public come with large capacity magazines. Large capacity magazines have been available for hundreds of semi-auto hunting/sporting rifles/pistols for decades. If a rifle is not designed to accept large capacity magazines, kits have been widely available for decades that will convert a rifle to accept large capacity magazines. All it takes is a screwdriver and 10 minutes.

Legal kits have also been on the market for decades that allow you to convert a semi-auto hunting/sporting rifle to look and feel exactly like the “Assault Rifles” sold to the public. All you need is a screwdriver and 30 minutes.
The lunatics who have used AR15s and other publicly sold “Assault Rifles” to commit their mass murders, could have accomplished the same results just as efficiently with almost any semi-auto hunting/sporting rifle or pistol.

And, the Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) was a FAILURE according the the Justice Department. A 2004 Justice Department-funded evaluation found NO CLEAR EVIDENCE THAT THE BAN SAVED ANY LIVES. The guns categorized as "assault weapons" had only been used in about 2 percent of gun crimes before the ban. "Should it be renewed," the report concluded, "the ban's effects on gun violence are likely to be small at best and perhaps too small for reliable measurement."

45 likes, 11 dislikes
Posted by tjl on 06/15/2016 at 12:22 PM

Re: “John Morse: We must fix the assault weapon problem

"We must fix the assault weapon problem" - John Morse

The "assault weapon problem" is that people like you have no clue what they are talking about.

"military-style weapons" - John Morse

You know, when I was in the military, we carried .38 caliber revolvers. So I supposed in your mind that makes them "military style".

"We will hear that this isn't about guns." - John Morse

And it isn't. Whenever these things happen, people like you make it about the guns. You are obsessed about the object used and completely ignore the behavior, the causes of the behavior, and the person's responsibility. This is the problem.

"When we fall short, as even the best of people do, the person we miss can go to the local Cabela's, purchase an AR-15 and more ammunition than will ever be needed. He/she will be required to wait three days. " - John Morse

Not in this state. No waiting period. And waiting periods are pretty useless as it is pretty uncommon for a firearm to be used in a crime within 15 days of purchase -- the average time of possession to criminal use is over a year.

"Americans have the right to a handgun in their home for their own protection. They don't have the "right" to military-style assault rifles. Scalia says so, right in the opinion." - John Morse

You misread the opinion. He doesn't say that they don't have a right to them, he says that is a separate question from the one being decided.

"Can we hold bars responsible for drunk-driving accidents? Yes." - John Morse

Only if they know the person was impaired. And the same holds true for firearm dealers -- by federal law they can be held responsible if they sell a firearm to someone they think is impaired or intends to use them in a crime. So you are barking at the moon with this argument.

"Knives serve many very useful purposes in everyday life. Military-style assault weapons don't. " - John Morse

The firearms you speak of are very popular for recreational shooting, competition, personal/home defense, and hunting.

"Military-style assault weapons don't. They belong on the battlefield, " - John Morse

Then please explain why the military does not use the semi-auto AR-15 or the semi-auto version of the AK-47.

"It is illegal to sue a gun manufacturer or gun seller for any shooting involving their gun. It shouldn't be." - John Morse

Yes, it should be.

And switching back to knives for a minute, are you aware that you are more than 5 times as likely to be killed by an attacker using a knife or other stabbing/cutting instrument than to be killed by an attacker using one of these so-called "assault weapons".

Also, multiple studies have shown that the previous AWB had no demonstrable reduction on deaths involving firearms. In fact, it had the unintended consequence of people buying more effective calibers, higher power ammo, and more effective bullets.

In short, you continue to show the same ignorance that cost you your Senate seat.

44 likes, 16 dislikes
Posted by Dave H on 06/15/2016 at 12:21 PM

Re: “John Morse: We must fix the assault weapon problem

The left just doesn't get it. For crying out loud, use some logic. Looks aside, there's little difference between a (so-called) assault rifle and a semi-automatic hunting rifle. Both fire when the trigger is pulled. Both have magazines that can be replaced quickly. True, some magazines hold 30 rounds and no hunter needs 30 rounds to kill animals, but if so-called assault rifles are banned, how long will it be before the left goes after all rifles?

Final question and I quote from this article: what does a "deranged man (in Orlando who) declared his allegiance to ISIS and (hates) gays" have to do with millions of Americans here and elsewhere, who own one or more (so-called) assault rifles? Do these millions of law-abiding citizens constitute a danger to society? Do their rifles suddenly jump out of the safes and mow down innocent people? The problem isn't guns; it's who owns or gets possession of them.

Loons like John Morse won't agree with me because they are after guns. If it were not guns they would be after something else because that's what loons do -- they look for solutions in all the wrong places. The logical answer lies in identifying crackpots and having a better system to keep guns out of their hands.

47 likes, 17 dislikes
Posted by Newshound on 06/15/2016 at 11:26 AM

Re: “ColoradoCare would heal health care

For everyone who hates "Obamacare", (and there are many on the Left, as well as on the Right)....this is our chance to have a system that truly puts our health ABOVE the interests of corporate profits! When Republicans railed against "death panels", they should have acknowledged the fact that they've existed ONLY within insurance companies that were denying needed care to their policyholders!! Government-run health insurance like Medicare is far more reliable than private insurance! Lets give ColoradoCare a try!!

9 likes, 5 dislikes
Posted by thinkagain on 05/08/2016 at 11:06 AM

Re: “Ahead of the Incline trail

The Broadmoor Land Swap (better known as the "Land Grab") stinks across the board. Open your eyes folks and see what the Broadmoor is doing. They don't care about this community anymore. All they want is to line their pockets, to the exclusion of the rest of us...

5 likes, 3 dislikes
Posted by John C. Spengler on 04/13/2016 at 6:04 PM

Re: “Ahead of the Incline trail

interesting in that this proposal does not require any of the Broadmoor land that is currently causing major heartburn for trail users,, as it gives away some one the most beautiful land on the south west side of town. This shows how another goal of the bad deal swap is unnecessary.
Manitou doesn't need more people going up Ruxton, it needs an alternative route to and from the incline that does not take from other area parks. Like it.

7 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by VazzedUp on 04/13/2016 at 9:43 AM

Re: “Pedestrian Access Act: An ill-advised and unjust law

violation of our civil rights!!!!!!!!!!! you go to the SUPREME COURT Yogi, Homerun

1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by Christine Russo on 04/04/2016 at 3:31 PM

Re: “Pedestrian Access Act: An ill-advised and unjust law

The world is becoming a sad place. I'm sorry

Posted by Jo Hull on 03/12/2016 at 10:19 PM

Re: “Pedestrian Access Act: An ill-advised and unjust law

why isn't the ADA All over this b.s.? I have a spine injury, severe, which causes my back to compress severely after standing or walking twenty minutes. I often have to sit or kneel, bending over a bit to relieve the pressure on my lower spine so that I can continue to walk a little, even then I waddle more than walk upright. I was harshly thrown off a sidewalk in downtown Denver awhile waiting for my daughter who was in H&M and was treated like I was some terrorist. My crime, I'm an old crippled woman. Needless to say, I have Never spent a dime ever again in downtown Denver, which has similar laws. I want to sue, still, to thus day. I want to know why cities think they have the right to Discriminate against the disabled? Many homeless elderly I saw downtown were crippled like me, there is no excuse for this NAZI treatment. What the hell do we pay taxes for, for ADA who does nothing. These laws are unconstitutional.

3 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Siberia Gippius on 03/03/2016 at 10:03 PM

Re: “Opinion: This land is our land

I was bemused by this article in the Colorado Springs Independent about the proposed land swap between the city and the Broadmoor. The author's argument is that it HAS to be a bad deal for the city, since the Broadmoor wants it. In fact, when a free trade is made, both of the traders come away better off. Exchange actually creates wealth, as a simple exercise conducted in many basic economics classes shows.

1 like, 6 dislikes
Posted by Russell Josephson on 02/22/2016 at 10:17 PM

Re: “Opinion: This land is our land

After reading Strawberry fields......the Broadmoor and City swap sites I suggest the following:

Let's see how badly the Broadmoor wants Strawberry fields.
1) The Broadmoor has 371 acres they don't want right? The city should offer to take it off their hands for, let's say, $11.00. If memory serve from my law class, this constitutes a legal transaction. The Broadmoor takes a tax deduction on the loss of the land and reduces their property tax bill.
2) The citizens against this want to keep the land, right, in the public domain. The Broadmoor wants 8-9 acres for a stable. Simple solution is to carve out the 8-9 acres from the 190 acres of Strawberry fields and lease the 8-9 acres to the Broadmoor for 5 years. If the stable becomes viable financially for the Broadmoor then the lease can be re-newed for another length of time as determined by council. If the stable is un-profitable for the Broadmoor, the Broadmoor site clears the structures and returns the land to its natural state.

The city leasing park land to private individuals is perfectly legal per the city charter. Everybody wins. The Broadmoor gets their stable, Strawberry fields remains in the public domain, and the Broadmoor unloads 371 acres of useless land which becomes useful to the citizens..

11 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by Gary Casimir on 02/19/2016 at 10:30 AM

Re: “Opinion: This land is our land

Environmental impacts are of concern. Thank you for sharing! Please consider signing the petition and contacting city council.

4 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Sienna on 02/18/2016 at 6:46 PM

Re: “Defending Planned Parenthood

religious freaks want sharia law in the US. the geezerette is part of this religious freak cult who has no problem deceiving their ignorant sheep. a fertilized egg is not a child!! if you want to keep a child safe push for the arrest of all the pedophile priests!!!

5 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by happyfew on 09/01/2015 at 2:13 PM

Re: “Defending Planned Parenthood

The participants in this hoax and the politicians who tried to use it to defund planned parenthood should be prosecuted. I am glad there are people in government who recognize the importance of planned parenthood. The gazette's history of allowing special opinion columns that only match their political agenda sickens many in this town.

7 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by TruB on 09/01/2015 at 9:50 AM

Re: “Let's rise above violence

Rev Carter- Searching for a sermon topic for Sunday? Check out the video on the page linked here:

I'd love to contribute a few bucks towards Harley parts for this lady.

0 likes, 4 dislikes
Posted by PacksA9 on 08/21/2015 at 9:22 PM

Re: “Let's rise above violence

Very funny Reverend Carter.

1 like, 8 dislikes
Posted by PacksA9 on 07/29/2015 at 3:26 PM

Re: “Let's rise above violence

Hey PacksA9! My penis extension is bigger than yours.

8 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by PacksARocketLauncher on 07/29/2015 at 3:11 PM

Re: “Let's rise above violence

American lives matter! Right on Ohio Rep Bill Patmon! (He's a Democrat, by the way)
Rev Carter, you could learn a thing or two from this righteous patriot.

“You hear a lot of demonstrations across the country now about ‘Black Lives Matter. Well they skipped one place. They should be in front of Planned Parenthood.”

“You say, ‘Well, you’re kind of strident, aren’t you?’ I say, ‘No, not when 5,499 abortions are in Cuyahoga County, which I happen to represent, and 63 percent of them are black women,’” Patmon continued.

“It is my business, especially when 17 million of them are black women, 17 million – more than any other population – 17 million that look and act and talk …similar to myself, but even more than that, they’re Americans, and they’re human beings,” Patmon said.

2 likes, 5 dislikes
Posted by PacksA9 on 07/28/2015 at 10:54 PM

Re: “Let's rise above violence

A black man pulled a sharp object, a knife or possibly a razor, and stabbed another man on the NYC subway over an argument about a seat.

Rev Carter - Is this what you mean by chickens roosting?

1 like, 7 dislikes
Posted by PacksA9 on 07/28/2015 at 6:19 PM

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