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Re: “Reader: Thank God Senators followed their moral compass

Hey Curious:

Where did you glean your information about Ford's positions that you attribute to her? Did she testify to all that? I don't remember hearing her saying anything about any of that. Maybe you could provide a citation? Or are you just ASSuming? Or did you hear that on Faux News? Maybe I'm wrong but I await your citation. If you provide it, I will stand corrected.

You say it's irresponsible to have public opinion decide guilt or innocence. However, you are wrong. We are not talking about an appointed court or jury here. We are talking about *publicly* elected *public* officials holding a *public* hearing *precisely* so the *public* can decide. Granted, several Republicans wanted Ford to pursue "proper" channels, behind closed doors, so the public couldn't hear her allegations. But that is not how these *public* matters work under our Constitution.

The Senate still gets to advise and consent, but WE get to see if their decision(s) are based on partisan BS or facts, and the veracity of witnesses and testimonial evidence. We get to decide for ourselves. That is exactly why we have public hearings.

As I already argued, the Senators (both sides) have their BS political reasons/agenda, and Kavanaugh has his obvious reasons. So what are Ford's reasons? Please don't speculate. Please give evidence of her subjective intent base upon evidence you heard.

Finally, it's funny how you see the Judge's performance opposite of how I see it. People who are confident in their honor, integrity and innocence don't get all defensive and passionate and angry, and then rage like one with a guilty consciousness. And we aren't talking about Democrats trying to keep him off the Supreme Court. We are talking about Ford. As I already said, a nominee should understand why partisans are subjecting him to crap. And he should rise above it. We are talking about Ford, not Senators.

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Posted by Huck Mucus on 10/16/2018 at 5:19 PM

Re: “Reader: Thank God Senators followed their moral compass

What is Ford's reason? She doesn't want him - a jurist who applies the original intent of the Founders to legal matters that come before him - to be on the Supreme Court. Ford, like 4 of the 9 current Court justices, wants the Constitution to be a "living" document, subject to the feelings and wishes of the judges who see that their duty is to make law rather than interpret the law against the standard established in the Constitution.

To suggest that in this instance the Court Of Public Opinion is the proper venue for deciding guilt or innocence appears to me to be irresponsible. Everyone has an opinion as to who is telling the "truth", but truth is elusive, and to base one's opinion on the belief that Ford has a 100% accurate recollection of the attack, or because she gave a cool, calm and collected performance before the Senate, is also irresponsible.

As to criticism of the Judge's performance in rebutting the 36-year-old charge against him, expressing passion, anger, and rage was exactly what I would expect from an innocent man whose reputation was being shredded in this attempt by Democrats to keep him off the Supreme Court.

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Posted by curious on 10/16/2018 at 2:12 PM

Re: “Reader: Dr. Ford, History heard you

I do not believe Ford's account. She lied under oath several times, she is nothing but an obstructionist commie dem. Nothing but lies. Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh, on the other hand, had actual notes about what he did back in '82, had many many women and men that actually knew him and none could corroborate lying Ford's accounts. Ford had nothing but the pussy hat wearers supporting her allegations, not one person that actually knew her stoop up for her defense. Thank God the rule of law "innocent until proven guilty" was applied. Ford needs to be prosecuted for all her lies under oath.

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Posted by Tina Albillar on 10/16/2018 at 1:26 PM

Re: “Indy's 2018 general election endorsements

Wayne Williams failed to guarantee the security of voter information when he agreed to release voter data to Kobacks Interstate Crosscheck charade. Many of us had to remove our names from the voter list after Williams agreed to release the voter records.
Jena Griswold is the only choice for Colorado who will protect our election system from nefarious interference.
Shame on the Indy for endorsing Williams and not mentioning the collusion with Kobach.

Posted by Bob Wiley on 10/16/2018 at 8:07 AM

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