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Re: “Framing the Garden of the Gods

i actually love this idea. I think we should put frames all over the city, to the highest bidder. Why not? I've always liked billboards anyways. On the highway, always I have thought- I need this in nature. you don't? Screw you- fricking socialist, teddy Roosevelt types

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Posted by KyleJS on 12/17/2017 at 5:02 AM

Re: “Framing the Garden of the Gods

For Clarity:

The words 'Between Thanksgiving and Christmas' above does not refer to that period when poor people, homeless and the more unfortunate among us cannot park on county property. They cannot park on county property anytime!


That referred to the time frame when the COUNTY COMMISSIONERS actually passed an ordinance making it against the law for poor people to park on county property.

That time between giving thanks and celebrating births.

Damned appropriate timing, would you say?

What time does Joel Osteen come on?

Posted by R Wehner on 12/17/2017 at 4:16 AM

Re: “Framing the Garden of the Gods

Mr. Pirri

Never met Mrs. Bennett. Seriously doubt if she qualifies to be included in that category described in the adjective you used above. Have seen Uncle Wilbur. He seems to be a kindly old gentlemen.

One who represents what we try to do to bring ourselves up from the level of just being cavemen and elevating our selves to the point that we place things like Uncle Wilbur in our downtown parks as a fun and entertaining place to take our children for fun and relaxation and to be around other children you know, just play and splash and go around the corner for an ice cream. And the homeless who are there and what we might do to accommodate their needs also kind of brings us up from the caveman level.

But this homeless thing bothering Mrs. Bennett - - Mrs. Bennett may just have to stay home with the grandchildren and order in some pizza if the homeless bother her until Mervs wife talks serious with Mervs wifes husband about the fact that he is just not getting the job done he was elected to do. All the chains got some good coupon deals going on.

Rather than sit up there on the dias gushing all over himself about how wonderful everything is and passing out all those delightful and glitzy award plaques, Merv could jump on this homeless situation and come up with some solutions that involve more than the city getting sued. Like leading a real effort to create a real place where the homeless can legally be - - and pitching in to see what the city can do to create a temporary tent place to act as a warming shelter.

Before more people die; not after.

Those who are truly the compassionate, conservative Christians like the social service organizations and churches have stepped up to the plate and created a large number of emergency shelter beds to assist in the hardcore homeless from freezing to death.

But they are all still overwhelmed by the shear numbers from the magnet effect of having so many homeless services downtown.

Those who continually throw that "compassionate conservative Christian" label on their election campaign material to get votes are creating roadblocks to assisting the service groups in providing enough emergency shelter beds when overflow conditions exist.

Look at the county politicians. All during the 30s and 40s and the 50s and into the early 60s the county maintained a poor farm over off 21st street. This was before political correctness when poor people were just poor. They were not referred to as homeless or accommodation challenged, hell, they were just poor!

Now, with a herd of commissioners all throwing that "compassionate conservative Christian" stuff all over their websites and bringing it up at each meeting, they actually passed an ordinance making it against the law for the homeless to park their vehicles on county property. Yes they did. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

WJHDT? (Would Jesus have done that?)

Compassion my ass!

For many, those cars are the only place they have to stay out of the cold! It is their 'affordable housing' the county and city officials spend hours talking about. And elected officials are taking away the one thing the poor people can count on as a place they can retreat to spend the night relatively warm and safe.

Pretty damn compassionate there, folks! Probably need to take Longinos over to the Famous and celebrate that ordinance. Out of sight of the poor folk.

The option would be to work to find a place where the homeless could actually be allowed to stay. If the city and county are going to tell people where they cannot be, does that not require an effort to create a place where they can be?

Was that done? Hell no.

The churches and social service agencies do a remarkable job in working to help feed, clothe and temporarily house the homeless.

So good in fact, Colorado Springs has become an an attraction magnet for homeless from all over the southwest! Excellently prepared meals 7 days a week, 365 days a week from Catholic Charities Soup Kitchen. Any number of needs fulfilled by ESM. Right down in the heart of downtown on either side of Uncle Wilbur and the building where Merv gushes and grins.

A remarkable job has been done by Springs Rescue Mission; yet great effort being overwhelmed by the shear numbers of homeless. Again, within walking distance of downtown. The magnet has been created now, controlling the flow is an issue.

This kind of work is what compassion is all about. What the city and county have done is not compassion. It is political expediency!

One does not accomplish great things by listing all the reason it cannot be done.

Great things are accomplished by doing those things that can be done.

Merv: If your wife is going to complain about not being able to visit Uncle Wilber, why dont you get off your ass and lead the campaign to solve this problem and leave your elected office having actually accomplished something other than a boatload of simpleminded and gratuitous comments?

Would take 30 days to set up a temporary shelter for the overflow of those needing to be out of the weather on below freezing nights.

Can you get it done?

My money is on no.

Posted by R Wehner on 12/17/2017 at 3:41 AM

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