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  • May 25-31, 2000
  • Vol. 8, No. 21
  • Rotten to the Core


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  • Frankenfoods in Trouble

    The agricultural biotechnology industry's situation is desperate and deteriorating. To be sure, genetically engineered food is still selling briskly on grocery shelves in the United States but probably only because GE products are not labeled, so consumers have no idea what they're buying.


  • Your Turn
  • The real costs of developing Red Rock Canyon

    The real costs and potential hazards of developing Red Rock Canyon must be identified and discussed, not by a handful of developers but by the people who live next door and who will pay down the line.
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    Readers of the CS Independent talk back to the editor.
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  • The Outsider

    It's too bad Albert Speer isn't alive today. Had he survived, his talent for the impossibly grandiose and impractical could be put to good use by the boosters of Confluence Park and the Downtown Entertainment District.
  • Public Eye

    Its pretty discomforting to find out that our own local police condones and practices the very policies that human rights activists attribute to China.

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  • Alone Again, Naturally
  • Film
  • Alone Again, Naturally

    Twenty-seven-year-old Sofia Coppola's feature film debut, The Virgin Suicides is a plaintive, whimsical meditation on adolescence and its accompanying melodrama.
  • Beyond Bond
  • Film
  • Beyond Bond

    Mission Impossible 2 makes the Mission Impossible logo a potentially worthy rival to the James Bond cinema franchise.
  • Film
  • Movie Picks

    Our reviewers' recommendations for films showing on Colorado Springs area screens.


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