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  • Sep 28 - Oct 4, 2000
  • Vol. 8, No. 39
  • Going All the Way


  • Going All the Way
  • Cover Story
  • Going All the Way

    Public dialogue over how we die raises timeless questions, newfound interest in policy issues and awareness of end-of-life options


  • Your Turn
  • A Hunter for Gun Control

    These days I wear blaze orange with less anxiety. It didn't take me long to figure out that a healthy fear of guns is a good thing.
  • Letters

    Readers of the Independent talk back to the editor.
  • Back Tracks

    This weekly feature is designed to provide follow-up to stories which originally appeared in the Independent's news pages.
  • Garden Daze

    I watch the weather closely these days. After a month of lolling about in the summer garden, the cool nights of the last two weeks signaled the onset of fall.
  • Make mine a jazz funeral
  • IQ
  • Make mine a jazz funeral

    In early 20th century New Orleans when someone died, members of the community would parade their coffin through the streets to the accompaniment of a small ensemble of supremely talented, improvational musicians in a jazz funeral.
  • Outsider

    Is it possible that city government, under Mayor Bob, was actually more progressive?
  • Public Eye

    The Colorado Springsbased United States Olympic Committee is back in the new again; a few media outlets have decided to tackle some issues with their own research; and Independent Media Center organizes and publicizes protests against the National Association of Broadcasters.

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  • Chicks First
  • Film
  • Chicks First

    The term chick flick, historically, refers to that genre of film that draws tears by focusing on the difficulties usually emotional, sometimes physical, often societal of being a woman. But in the past 25 years or so, the chick flick has expanded beyond weepies.
  • Movie Picks
  • Film
  • Movie Picks

    Our reviewers' recommendations for films showing on Colorado Springs area screens.


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  • Sports

    The Future Is Now
    Rockies can't wait til next season

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