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  • Nov 21-28, 2001
  • Vol. 9, No. 47
  • Colorado's Drug Problem



  • Letters

    Readers of the Independenttalk back to the editor.
  • Domestic Bliss

    Is it global warming or is it just an extended drought? Will rain ever be a part of our Mountain West lives again?
  • IQ: Drug Usage
  • IQ
  • IQ: Drug Usage

    Colorado is helping to lead the pack in terms of drug usage and, with our governor and most Republican legislators continuing to embrace the so-called "war on drugs," the number of people sent to prison for drug offenses in this state has risen 350 percent over the past 10 years.
  • Outsider

    Let me tell you about my trip to Denver last Thursday.
  • Public Eye
  • Public Eye

    An enterprising group of activists has embraced the old wit and wisdom of not getting mad, but even, and applied it to Gazette advertising pundit Ed Bircham.

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  • Playlist

    Reviews of Silver Jews Bright Flight, Handel: Complete Violin Sonatas and Telemann: Chamber Cantatas & Trio Sonatas.
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  • Movie Picks

    Our reviewers' recommendations for films showing on Colorado Springs area screens.
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  • Eye Candy

    Jolly Rancher fortune to thank for stellar collection of Western art


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