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  • Jan 31 - Feb 6, 2002
  • Vol. 10, No. 5
  • Hot Spring Fever



  • Your Turn
  • Like Father Like Son

    President George Bush and former President George Bush have something in common. They can't protect a lead.
  • Letters

    Readers of the Independent talk back to the editor.
  • Domestic Bliss

    From her kitchen window, the gnarled elm tree in the next-door back yard looked as if it might topple over at any time.
  • IQ: We are alive!
  • IQ
  • IQ: We are alive!

    What with Enron, 9-11, shrinking pie and creeping midwinter malaise, we need ways to let our hair down, relax the ol' shoulders, take a few deep breaths, and remember we're alive.
  • Livelong Days
  • Livelong Days

    What's happen this week in the big city highlights from our listings.
  • Outsider

    Well, what'd you expect? Colorado has gotten an eminently competitive new district.
  • Public Eye

    Brace yourself, folks, for the Bill and Bill and Bill show.

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  • Empty Vengeance
  • Film
  • Empty Vengeance

    Rent Larry Clark's Bully (recently released on video), and then go see The Count of Monte Cristo or vice versa. In a time when both our country and our "terrorist" adversaries are seeking their respective vengeances, these two films together will leave you with plenty to think about.
  • Film
  • I Am Saccharine

    Tearjerker. The Random House Dictionary's definition is "a pathetic story, play, movie, or the like; an excessively sentimental tale." That describes I Am Samperfectly.
  • Movie Picks
  • Film
  • Movie Picks

    Our reviewers' recommendations for films showing on Colorado Springs area screens.


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