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  • Apr 17-23, 2003
  • Vol. 11, No. 16
  • Saving the Earth



  • Your Turn
  • A history erased

    How telling that U.S. forces so carefully protected Iraq's oil fields while ignoring the looting of Baghdad's internationally renowned museum.
  • Letters

    Readers of the Independent talk back to the editor
  • IQ: Be nice to your mother
  • IQ
  • IQ: Be nice to your mother

    The world is coming alive again and another Earth Day is upon us. Still, Mother Nature is a little worse for wear these days.
  • Livelong Days
  • Livelong Days

    What's happening this week in the big city-- highlights from our listings.
  • Outsider
  • Going, going, gone

    There's nothing like the fog and chaos of a postwar environment for score settling, for taking care of business absent the restraints of law and order.
  • Public Eye
  • This year's Buzzard Watch

    Just as they always do, El Paso County Republicans are making long, lazy circles around our Congressman-for-life, Colorado's original signer of self-imposed term limits, Joel Hefley.

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  • Movie Picks

    Our reviewers' recommendations for films showing on Colorado Springs area screens.


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