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  • Jan 15-21, 2009
  • Vol. 17, No. 3
  • Tick tock
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  • Long Story Short

    He had the look of a guy cursed with the Cassandra syndrome to tell the truth and never be believed.


  • Letters

    Gun debate needed, beer issue, massage controversy and others.
  • Advice Goddess

    If your dream involves roping off air in art galleries, you'd better have a backup plan, and not one you met at a bar.
  • What ails us
  • IQ
  • What ails us

    People increasingly look outside the mainstream for ways to treat their aches, pains and illnesses.

Food & Drink


  • Reverb
  • Reverb

    it's not every day that I get to contemplate the booming Peyton scene.


  • Film
  • Movie Picks

    Our reviewers' recommendations for films playing around the area.
  • Place of mind
  • Visual Arts
  • Place of mind

    While 'the worm' is not encouraged, Eric Saline's paper installation aims to make you move


  • The Run Down

    Ron White, Midsummer in Midwinter, The L Word

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