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  1. CannaBiz

    Local competition hatched, MMJ settles in Manitou.

  2. County lost in the dark

    At some point on Monday or Tuesday, you had to wonder, who's really in charge?

  3. Sean O'Meallie/New Work @ Manitou Art Center

    Dec. 3-Jan. 23 2011

  4. Note of depreciation from the assessor

    Having seen home appraisals plummet, El Paso County official gives a dismal overview of our economic climate.

  5. Drink Responsibly with the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders

    Sun., Dec. 19, 1-3 p.m. 2010

  6. Letters

    Readers looking between the lines, a call to give Haggard a break, arguing history and more.

  7. SafeTALK Training @ The Dwelling Place

    Wed., Dec. 8, 9 a.m. 2010

  8. Big gigs

    Upcoming concerts here and around the region.

  9. (based on user reviews)
  10. Thus spoke Shagrath

    Norwegian death cult survivors Dimmu Borgir bring the joys of black metal to the masses

  11. Yes, Linda, there is a Santa Claus

  12. What Would Jesus Buy? @ Manitou Springs Public Library

    Mon., Dec. 20, 6:30 p.m. 2010

  13. Electric Safari @ Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

    Through Jan. 2.

  14. Swing Dance Lessons

    Mondays, 8:30 p.m. Continues through April 25 2011

  15. 2010 in the Springs: A year to remember

    You can't make this stuff up. Well, most of it, anyway.

  16. Letters

    A call for mental-health help, strange bedfellows taking on Tosches, and a burning climate change debate.

  17. Mixed Brew Open Mic Night @ Brewer's Republic

    Thu., Dec. 30, 7 p.m. 2010

  18. Ten from ’10

    The industry's hurting, but the music keeps getting better

  19. From soup to Nosh

    Counting down our Indy reviewers' 10 favorite dishes of 2010.

  20. Broken Bells chime on brightly

    Shins leader James Mercer teams up with Danger Mouse to record what may be the year's best collaboration.

  21. Mini-Catapult Workshop @ Manitou Art Center

    Wed., Dec. 29, 1-4 p.m. 2010

  22. Slow progress at Palmer High School

  23. Air Force stops Georgia Tech in Independence Bowl

    Late interception saves 14-7 victory for Falcons, their second consecutive bowl win to wrap up a 9-4 season.

  24. Foie gras: Not so evil?

  25. UPDATE: Colorado counties discuss ways to backdoor ban MMJ

  26. King vs. Queen

    New lawsuit claims family ties guaranteed a west side liquor-license denial.

  27. CannaBiz

    Surprising news from the state health board and MMJ applications and notes on this month's KushCon.

  28. UPDATE: Honor World AIDS Day

  29. MMJ sales tax brings in $2.2 million to Colorado

  30. Special interests meet medical marijuana

  31. A tour of the new Smokebrush

  32. Mommy, is Santa real(ly an environmentalist)?

  33. Phillips bows out of community centers

  34. (based on user reviews)
  35. Bonus CineFiles: Back-to-back Baz, Predator lookalikes and bargain-basement barbarians!

  36. Talking turkey: Thanksgiving recipes

  37. Flickering flame

    Around the city, MMJ centers are disappearing.

  38. Message from Memorial citizens group

  39. Pikes Peak Weekly and the Planning Commission

  40. The war against weed

    All around us we have morality police trying to protect us from what they see as the sins of marijuana.

  41. Tech N9ne @ Black Sheep

    Dec. 2-3

  42. You are not alone: homeschool resources

    Any parent homeschooling a child will tell you it involves far more than just handing him a book and sending him off to read alone.

  43. Sneak peek at December's art shows

  44. Gee back in the sports spotlight

  45. The BiblioFile

  46. Oh Willie! When will you learn?

    Willie Nelson arrested for marijuana... again!

  47. Michael Hague book signing

  48. New trouble for Mountain West: TCU leaving for Big East

  49. Bonus CineFiles: Wynorski rules, demons don't twinkle and the Christian crash!

    Legendary B-movie director Jim Wynorskiis actually mega-talented and super-driven and, if given the chance, could be one of the biggest directors working today.

  50. Catch him if you can

    Talented but transitory chef takes Chinese cuisine to new heights off Powers Boulevard.

  51. Lesson from '30s Germany

    The current conditions of economic recession, job loss, gridlock and polarization are reminiscent of Germany prior to the Nazi takeover.

  52. Black heels, a howler monkey and string theory

  53. Right idea — wrong film

  54. Dead Kenny G's @ Fox Theatre Boulder

    Tue., Feb. 8 2011

  55. Review: Salute to Escoffier weekend at the Broadmoor

  56. Study results find 'injustice at every turn'

  57. Gazette up for auction?

  58. Skorman to talk about the arts

  59. Make money, eat food, support veterans

  60. Bonus CineFiles: Troma, Troma and trauma!

  61. Rocket (Room) from the Crypt, again!

  62. Campaign finance reports trickling in

  63. UPDATE: Geeks battle it out this weekend

  64. Distinguished Speakers Series: Ray Nagin @ CSU-Pueblo's Occhiato University Center

    Wed., Feb. 9, 7 p.m. 2011

  65. Ride the Divide @ Stargazers

    Thu., Feb. 10, 7 p.m. 2011

  66. Side dish

    Moonflower/Sunflower closes, a "cake studio" in the works, Wild Ginger's new location, Bristol's awards and more.

  67. Kitchen consequential

    Bobby Couch has been prepping and cooking for almost 16 consecutive hours when his bubbling garlic and olive oil consommé sloshes up his left sleeve and pools inside his left shoe. His scream and curses echo across the mostly empty royal ballroom.

  68. UPDATE: Chef Sugar shows us her goods

  69. Don't wait for RISE tickets

  70. Having trouble with a demonic possession?

    UPDATE: The discussion on exorcism, mentioned in the initial post as scheduled for next Wednesday, Feb. 16, has been postponed. It will be rescheduled at a later date.

  71. Sweet sales

  72. Blink Generation: Introducing the Malcolm Gladwell Book Generator

  73. Letters

    A grab-bag of opinions, from Palin's pretty face to our sexy cover to the definition of rape vs. forced rape and more.

  74. Academy prevails in prayer luncheon case

  75. Deep thoughts

    Lamborn and friends dig in their heels on hydrofracking.

  76. School reverses course: Student told to stay home after using MMJ

  77. (based on user reviews)
  78. Academy (South) 3970 Clearview Frontage Road phone 392-8921
    5.000005.000005.000005.000005.00000 (based on 3 user reviews)
  79. Downtown 704 N. Tejon St. phone 291-0590
    5.000005.000005.000005.000005.00000 (based on 3 user reviews)
  80. Race to Nowhere @ University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

    Wed., Jan. 12 2011

  81. CannaBiz

    Aimless attack by the CSPD on a local MMJ center, follow up on Schriever's marijuana policy and more.

  82. Very First Friday Art Show @ Línea de Vida Gallery

    Jan. 7-31 2011

  83. Hittin' the big time

    Cannabis Caviar does (and costs) a lot. So what is it?

  84. Noted: Glenn looking for public input for the county

    Also: McNally wins Divine Award, Johnny's to revive the Hogan and more.

  85. Reverb

    Before I ring in the new year with the good people of Manitou, I plan on making a few stops along Colorado Avenue.

  86. State seeking your thoughts on released MMJ rules

  87. Boulder Dem to push for pot decriminalization

  88. Council likely to finalize MMJ zoning regulations Tuesday

    Said Councilor Tom Gallagher to Planning Department staffers and other councilors: "I recommend you guys come prepared."

  89. Not-so-Easy Park

    Downtown meter won't take your card? There's a reason, and it has to do with the city saving money.

  90. Supreme Court declines to hear MMJ case

  91. Briargate 1885 Briargate Pkwy., #615
    5.000005.000005.000005.000005.00000 (based on 1 user review)
  92. Monument 17250 Jackson Creek Pkwy. phone 481-8728
    3.000003.000003.00000 (based on 1 user review)
  93. Chick-fil-A and Focus on the Family: Not fans of gays

  94. Secrecy reigns in the Springs

    After nearly five years at the Business Journal, John Hazlehurst returns to the Indy with a new column, City Sage, debuting with a sharp-edged view of the closed-door antics by the City Committee.

  95. Bircham: 'I'm pretty cool now'

    Here's why I'm voting for Ed Bircham for City Council.

  96. Rupture @ GOCA 1420 at UCCS

    Jan. 27-March 18 2011

  97. MMJ supporter announces City Council candidacy

  98. Gazette lays off at least five

  99. Public Forum on Arts Censorship @ Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College

    Wed., Jan. 26, 5:30 p.m. 2011

  100. UPDATE: Amen, and pass the ammunition

  101. Mysticon @ Hotel Eleganté Conference and Event Center

    Jan. 21-23 2011

  102. Nightlife

    Top choices for bars and drinks, bands and beers.

  103. Play Nice: A Solo Show by Troy DeRose @ The Modbo

    Nov. 12-Dec. 3 2010

  104. Side dish

    Breast milk cheese, new herb CSA and specialty liquors.

  105. How I learned to love the mystery missile

  106. UPDATE: BPA-tainted receipts and breast milk sharing

    As if we don't have enough harmful things floating around in our environment for which to watch out, a colleague forwarded me information this morning about a new health risk: your store receipts.

  107. UPDATE: 'We will never fully know' why term limits passed, says county commissioner

  108. It's alive: J-Pop cybernaut releases concert performance

  109. Diabetes, get educated

    November is National Diabetes Awareness Month, and I know, it's no big secret America is plagued by obesity and diabetes, so I won't get into that.

  110. Diversity officer joins the AFA

  111. Utilities makes it into NYT

  112. Second annual Eco-Art Market @ Smokebrush Gallery

    Nov. 5-Dec. 23 2010

  113. Sweet relief

    Slathered on toast or a wound, medical-grade honey can be magic.

  114. Deep Down @ CC's Cornerstone Arts Center

    Thu., Nov. 11, 6 & 8 p.m. 2010

  115. City MMJ sales tax drops

  116. (based on user reviews)
  117. Breaking the cycle

    By giving away wheels with no strings attached, Bike Clinic Too helps the less fortunate move forward.

  118. A taxing task with nonprofits

    County treasurer chafes at chasing down nonprofits to renew tax-exempt status.

  119. Girl, interrupting

    The woman behind Ephesium Events promises novelty, nudity and socially conscious artistic disturbance.

  120. Code red

    In an underfunded city, a dwindling Code Enforcement department must handle thousands of complaints and potentially dangerous situations.

  121. Happy hours

    We've endeavored to compile the happiest hours, most tempting temptations, and the answer to one of three questions we attempted to ask all of our city's sauce joints.

  122. CannaBiz

    News on a possible MMJ detective and code enforcement team, the Cannabis Council's election endorsements and more.

  123. i know why the @cagedbird tweets

    Twitter has been the target of much ridicule, as well as the dismissals and doomsday predictions that typically arise in the aftermath of hype and popularity. But the numbers speak for themselves.

  124. Almighty Cthulhu strikes again ...

  125. Last chance to party at the zoo

  126. Color Bandit captures first winter storm of 2010

  127. Bonus CineFiles: Party up, road warriors and a philosophizing mummy!

  128. They're asking for it

  129. Glenn will stay with city until February

  130. Political platforms

    CC's new art exhibit asks you to walk a mile in her high-heeled, rhinestone, GPS-trackable shoes.

  131. Springs MMJ growers facing felony charges

  132. How Utilities helps police with marijuana investigations

  133. Been caught stealing

  134. UPDATE II: Deal in the works to keep the Space Foundation here

  135. School foods not getting any healthier

  136. A handbag worthy of your inner DIY goddess

  137. Taking on the coal industry

  138. Checking in with Joe Garcia

  139. And so on

    Even though its offerings are generally satisfying, I figure the whole "Etc." name actually fits this outfit perfectly.

  140. A paper-thin win

    MMJ centers avoid a county ban by the smallest margin.

  141. Cure for the common

    Truckstop Honeymoon's Katie Euliss and Mike West find comfort in the midst of chaos

  142. A behind-the-scenes tour of the Pioneers Museum, part I

  143. Metropolitan hits local screens this weekend (L.A. Philharmonic to follow suit)

  144. Baseball cards were never like this! (Actually, they were.)

  145. A behind-the-scenes tour of the Pioneers Museum, part II

  146. West side 410 S. 26th St. phone 471-2799
    4.500004.500004.500004.500004.50000 (based on 2 user reviews)
  147. City downgrades request for MMJ-related personnel

  148. Allen True's West: Installation

  149. Is the state breaking its own MMJ rules?

  150. Now they own us

  151. Asian eats, fair trade and whiskey espresso

  152. Poor Dick Waaaaadhams

  153. UPDATE: Personhood doppelganger

  154. Food for Fines in November @ Manitou Springs Public Library

    Nov. 8-30 2010

  155. Long story short

    Hooch and weed — I love it. Two happy subjects rolled into one issue this week.

  156. Affordable pet spay/neuter surgery for needy Springs residents

  157. Films that have been shot in Colorado

  158. Planning Commission recommends stricter MMJ regulations

  159. Hoodwinked: Fever Ray plays uncertain role in Twilight director's next film

  160. Building America, without creating jobs?

  161. If you think you're so smart ...

  162. 'Completely trashed'

    A city-owned downtown building goes from art school to eyesore in a matter of months.

  163. UPDATE: Read all about it, Gazette for sale

  164. Is nothing sacred?

    Tim Eriksen moves from alt-rock leader to shape-note svengali

  165. Spoiling for a pint

    Brewers let aggressive ingredients run roughshod and create more barrel-aged beers.

  166. HP7

  167. This is unreasonably cool.

  168. Joining the mayoral race

    After eight years of Mayor Lionel Rivera, the man or woman who becomes our next mayor will, by comparison, seem like a combination of Aristotle and Winston Churchill.

  169. Spice, wine and beer

  170. Noted: AMR proposes rates increase

    Also: HOT Team to train other police forces, Vegas shooting justified, Rubbish losing two of its three leaders and more.

  171. Big changes at Smokebrush

  172. And now, changes at COPPeR

    We've already reported there are huge changes to the local arts scene. And now there's even more.

  173. Touching moments with a stranger

  174. The Seven Faces of Wikipedia

  175. Potter Party post mortem

  176. $1 parking downtown on Black Friday

  177. Spring lineup for CSU Pueblo's Distinguished Speaker Series announced

  178. One-half of one percent, defined

  179. OK Gone

  180. No doubt now: Victory for Morse, MMJ industry

  181. Trying to whack NPR, PBS

  182. Accio quidditch!

    The Harry Potter series is an escape from reality. Giants ... check. Wizards ... check. Flying broomsticks ... definitely check. It's such a world that it even has its own escape.

  183. Preview: One Hundred Paintings and Drawings

  184. Utilities' budget-billing customers get surprise charge

    If you're one of the thousands of Utilities customers who take part in budget billing, be aware you've been paying an 8 percent charge just for being in the program.

  185. Clear view from far away

    We think the United States has suffered during our latest recession, but that pales when you grasp how bad things were eight decades ago.

  186. Central 4587 Austin Bluffs Pkwy. phone 685-9554
    4.670004.670004.670004.670004.67000 (based on 4 user reviews)
  187. Anti-growther making the rounds

  188. Hot-button issues at AFA

    The Air Force Academy releases its climate survey and acknowledges plenty of work to do.

  189. Free(ish) Friday fun

  190. No marijuana welcome on Schriever AFB

  191. Summer's over

  192. Arizona approves medical marijuana

  193. Bonus CineFiles: Psycho sculptors, loony looking-glasses and free love all around!

  194. News from Cottonwood

    Things are changing at Cottonwood Center for the Arts. Not only is it in the midst of a leadership change, but it's expanding.

  195. Penrose Room re-earns Five Stars

  196. Ex-sheriff candidate files complaint with ACLU over inmates' death

  197. Play ball!

  198. Closer to God

  199. One road project done, another ... not so much

  200. Planning Commission may zone 69 MMJ centers out of business

  201. Gallery talks Wednesday

  202. If you see smoke, don't panic

  203. UPDATE: ACLU vs. Falcon High School

  204. CannaBiz

    1A still up in the air, news on the Patient and Caregiver Rights Litigation Project and more.

  205. Dog poisoned, Academy investigates

  206. UPDATE: Vote count stopped for the night; Skorman, Bach way ahead of mayoral pack

    City Clerk Kathryn Young has decided that her staff will return Wednesday to finish counting votes from the municipal election, but the mayoral runoff is set.

  207. Downtown 230 Pueblo Ave. phone 632-5059
    4.500004.500004.500004.500004.50000 (based on 6 user reviews)
  208. Secretary of State: Young's doing a good job

  209. Federal org acknowledges marijuana's medical benefits

  210. Will Lamborn sign the pledge?

  211. LCD Soundsystem's farewell show will stream live

  212. Art Into Words @ Cottonwood Center for the Arts

    Through April 16.

  213. Let's drink to the pipeline, Chamber says

  214. "Investigators" arrive at Air Force Academy

  215. Paige vs. McEvoy

  216. Get a peek at Great Streets project

  217. Springs' best marijuana contest kicks off

  218. UPDATE: How many votes uncounted? Good question ...

  219. (based on user reviews)
  220. Yeah! Greet the hummingbirds.

  221. "Food for Thought: Breaking Bread, Building Bridges" @ Penrose Library

    Wed., April 27, 5:30 p.m. 2011

  222. Naturalist Docent Volunteer Orientation @ Bear Creek Nature Center

    Sat., April 30, 9-11:30 a.m. 2011

  223. Weed and sexual assault

  224. If you don't have plans for Saturday...

  225. The Lofty's Comic draws closer to completion

  226. Election update! (We're still waiting)

  227. Guard against fire

  228. There is no team in team

  229. SXSW Fest: Best of the Rest

  230. Your move, House

  231. Be careful what you wish for

    Why would we want to put the majority of control over Colorado's beer sales in the hands of a few large, out-of-state corporations?

  232. City Sage: Bahr gets the nod in (hopefully) final mayoral forum

  233. Two mayoral campaigns share common outlook

  234. Martha Graham via Andy Warhol

  235. Bonus CineFiles: Three award-winning Blu-Ray debuts from MGM!

  236. Message of fear from Littleton

    Despite videotape, County Commissioner Peggy Littleton denies saying she believes the Obama administration backs funding schools that teach kids to "hate Americans."

  237. The Springs are alive!

  238. Crafting the Colorado cocktail — recipes included

  239. City changes policy on leaks

  240. Graduated income tax proposal withdrawn

  241. Lamborn's NPR bill unconstitutional?

  242. Tour the secret parts of the City Aud

  243. Japanese fallout hits the Rockies, health officials say

  244. Listings recap time

  245. Beer, beer everywhere — and plenty of food

  246. County agrees to pay ACLU $60,000

  247. Feeling underfunded?

  248. Listings leftovers

  249. UPDATE: Creeping along the fundraising path

  250. MMJ news: Viagra, sales tax and THC driving limits

  251. Election, election!

    Rivera staying until June in purgatory role; Bruce case back to city; lots of info for voters.

  252. Springs misses a chance

    This week began with Colorado Springs suddenly facing a difficult, yet potentially rewarding, unexpected challenge.

  253. CannaBiz: DOR releases MMJ rules

    Also: Notes from the candidate forum and more.

  254. Moscow lands World Figure Skating Championships

  255. Review: The Smoking Gun Affair

  256. Judge: Denver must pay up for DNC arrests

  257. Metro Rides' Bike to Work Day

    Wed., June 15

  258. Worship the bhut jolokia (aka ghost chili)

    The holy ghost

  259. Data centers: 'Open for business'

    New Council puts its stamp of approval on incentives for two new data-center projects.

  260. No force behind parking for disabled

    For the second night in a row this month, Shawn Collier returned home to his apartment off North Carefree Circle and found a car that didn’t have a permit was parked in the handicapped spot in front of his apartment.

  261. Spotlight on Stigma: Stories of Hope @ CC's Cornerstone Arts Center

    Thu., May 26, 5:30 p.m. 2011

  262. Beer's back, baby!

  263. Great sand dunes

    Sahara Café deserves a place among the Mideast elite.

  264. Focus is a rock

  265. Sisters in arms at AFA graduation

  266. CSPD blues

  267. UPDATE: Addressing female dropout rates

  268. Finding a new role model

    Maybe smaller, overachieving cities should be our target, because several creative possibilities came out of a personal visit to Rapid City, S.D.

  269. Meet federal MMJ patient Irv Rosenfeld

  270. Water king in the making

  271. Getting pushy on term limits

  272. Bach takes office, quickly puts more money into parks

    New mayor promises to have more young adults, women and people of color in his administration, starting as soon as possible.

  273. Farmers markets

    No fewer than 10 local farmers markets start in June. Here's the skinny on where you can meet the producers.

  274. Colorado Springs farmers' markets

  275. Downtown Farmers Market May Move

    Resident of Acacia Park on Monday mornings for almost 30 years, the downtown farmers market is an undisputed hit. But along with a slew of other special events, most centered in the Acacia Park area, the market has recently been targeted by nearby business owners for removal to another location.

  276. Acacia Park Farmers Market @ Acacia Park

    Mondays, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Continues through Oct. 11 2010

  277. Side dish: Notes on The Rabbit Hole

    Also: The lowdown on whoopie pies from a local baker, Crystal Park Cantina now open and more.

  278. Snubbed in D.C.

    Local pastor says he was blown off by Lamborn's staff, then discovered a 'right' way to be heard.

  279. Timber!

    The city Forestry Division says it will remove 100 trees from the downtown area. The dead or almost-dead trees are of all varieties, including elm, ash, silver maple, white fir, spruce and Ponderosa pine.

  280. Side dish

    Changes at India Palace, possibilities for SouthSide Johnny's and the Navajo Hogan and more.

  281. Denver gets high marks for arts, environment

  282. A taste of beer history

  283. A bad rapture

    Marie Exley-Sheahan, one not-really-local believer, preps for a big weekend.

  284. (based on user reviews)
  285. Video from C4CPR's protest of coach Jay Sanner's firing

  286. The "unofficial" results from last night

  287. Inside Bach's party at Mr. Biggs

  288. UPDATE: Skorman concedes

  289. Campaigns picking up ballots? All good

    Despite some concern, it is completely legal for campaign workers to pick up ballots for voters and deliver them to the polls.

  290. SouthSide Johnny's Running Club

    Wednesdays, 6 p.m. Continues through July 1 2014

  291. Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments

    May 3-14 2011

  292. More beer, more talk

  293. Spice can lead to psychosis

  294. Clown and country

  295. Conglomerate files eight marijuana legalization initiatives, angers local supporters

  296. Feds to pump nearly $25M into National Guard center here

  297. CannaBiz: Denver's major MMJ lawsuit

    Also: Centers finding strength in a new co-op.

  298. Advocates sue over delayed marijuana reclassification petition

  299. Share the road

  300. Bach in the high life

    Mayor-elect pulls 57 percent of strong turnout, looks toward city's future.

  301. 5 months to party?

  302. One day left

  303. Blossoms and medals

  304. Feds paying same attention to MMJ they always have

  305. Art vs. Louis Vuitton

  306. Black beer and colorful women: reviews of a Trinity saison and Boeing Boeing

  307. Lap dance club in hot water

  308. Purvis and his web log

  309. "Between Barack and a Hard Place: Racism, Privilege and Denial in the Age of Obama" @ CC's Armstrong Hall

    Wed., Feb. 23, 7:30 p.m. 2011

  310. Builders' bonus

    Pikes Peak Regional Building pumps $325,000 into local construction to "get a few houses started."

  311. Kasahara makes it to New Mexorado

  312. Bill would end solitary for mentally ill

  313. Pic of the day

  314. Medal of Honor recipient visits AFA

  315. LGBT Lobby Day report

  316. Meet Vivian Caudle

  317. Civil unions on the way in Colorado?

  318. Breaking News: Feds stop fighting gay marriage

  319. Bruce and Co. up the ante

    The campaign for City Council just got serious.

  320. Former CSBJ editor staying put

  321. Blue Star impresses with chocolate dinner

  322. Toque Talk: Meet the Blue Star's Daniel Gerson

  323. Awesome: Five seconds of every No. 1 hit ever

  324. Bonus CineFiles: Clone rights, Stone bites and Swank fights!

  325. Big Five, big money

  326. Cottonwood chooses interim as permanent ED

  327. The mayor postcard project

  328. Lamborn predictably slams Obama

  329. Wisconsin solidarity rallies set for Saturday

  330. Today's reminder: Things are tough all over

  331. Review: Winter Bier Fest in Woodland Park

  332. Does America have the energy for another revolution?

  333. Monae declares cold war on the Grammys

  334. Skorman is public safety's man

  335. Major changes at Il Postino

  336. Facing the epidemic of bullying

  337. The Lady and the Lion @ The Modbo

    Feb. 11-March 4 2011

  338. Sound advice

    Wanda Jackson, ... And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead,

  339. Dreadlock diaspora

    Colorado's reggae-inspired DubSkin give dancehall rhythms a Front Range makeover

  340. Memo to mayoral candidates

    It's time for another Gen. Palmer.

  341. Sound advice

    Cage the Elephant, David Banner & 9th Wonder, Cake

  342. Wadhams wisdom

  343. Lamborn's on fire

  344. Glass Slipper Ball: Party up in here

  345. Future leaders: act now

    Amid term limits and other circumstances, six newcomers — possibly seven — could be joining City Council next April ... just six months from now.

  346. Jackets Required @ Stargazers

    Sat., Feb. 19, 9 p.m. 2011

  347. UPDATE: Frozen yogurt shop to open Saturday

  348. Here: A distinctive destination?

    According to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Colorado Springs made the top 12 "distinctive destinations" in the country.

  349. 5 Browns' father convicted of felony sexual abuse

  350. Food news and event warnings

  351. Republicans pass pointless legislation

    Four minutes after I get the e-mail from Alternet alerting me to the Republican-controlled House's passage of a bill to defund Planned Parenthood of federal money, I get an e-mail from a conservative tea partier friend of mine ...

  352. Breaking down the mayoral forum

    Yesterday evening’s mayor-a-thon at The Broadmoor’s Colorado Hall carefully followed the unvarying script for such events. Start with a large, windowless, and deeply depressing room ...

  353. SB 126 gives undocumented college kids a chance

  354. Clerks + attorneys + candidates = FIGHTS!

  355. Last-minute VD gift from Yeasayer!

  356. Dreaming of a future Academy

    Let's make it one of the greatest universities in the world.

  357. Gov. Hick drops in at Carson

  358. 'The times, they are a-changin'

  359. Not taking "yes" for an answer

  360. Win $20 to Ruffrano's Hell's Kitchen Pizza

  361. Snaps for Bently Spang and the Denver Art Museum

  362. Campaigns: Follow the money

  363. Down and dirty with the Indy's toilets

  364. Hobbits and food happenings

  365. Lamborn pounces on NPR controversy

  366. The Duggars are coming! The Duggars are coming!

  367. Springs lassoes renewable energy firm

  368. Noted: DEA outlaws Spice

    Also: Water officer appointed, city fire chief retires, concealed-carry passes and more.

  369. Yes, it is a screaming man ...

  370. Powers 3479 Research Pkwy. phone 282-8238
    5.000005.000005.000005.000005.00000 (based on 1 user review)
  371. Update: Tokyo out, Colorado Springs among possible sites for skating Worlds

  372. Part II: 'The times, they are a-changin'

  373. Spring break warning

  374. Cram course

    District 11 likely will increase class sizes and ax teaching positions in 2011-12.

  375. Social studies at Focus on the Family

    Focus' questionnaire draws mixed responses from candidates.

  376. A new outlook for City Council

    Will our city democracy become a gerontocracy?

  377. Update: Artist Louis Cicotello dies in climbing accident

    Local artist and UCCS art professor Louis Cicotello died in a climbing accident in Utah over the past weekend.

  378. Alcohol sales: another round

  379. Strong mayor: Skorman's the one

    Indy endorses Richard Skorman in the city election, and in the likely event of a runoff, we'd like to see Dave Munger as his opponent.

  380. More best burgers in Colorado Springs

  381. SXSW: Keeping Austin weird

  382. The Incident @ Stargazers

    Mon., March 7, 6:30 p.m. 2011

  383. Different times

  384. A ballot for every registered voter

    Joint editorial by the Independent and Gazette: Up to 95,000 registered but so-called inactive (by a narrow definition) voters will not be mailed ballots unless the City Council takes action quickly.

  385. Citizens' Academy

    Thu., March 10 2011

  386. Coming soon: The Tomato Battle

  387. Listen how PPLD B listin'

  388. Holly Hinkle goes steampunk

  389. Breast milk, buttermilk and more

  390. Life after the death of the Rocky Mountain News

  391. The scene at Denver's pro-union rally

  392. Reaction to graffiti spells 'troble'

  393. Theo Jansen's walking art

  394. Academy (North) 7844 N. Academy Blvd. phone 321-8531
    5.000005.000005.000005.000005.00000 (based on 3 user reviews)
  395. Slice of life

  396. Briargate 7607 N. Union Blvd. phone 520-9299
    4.800004.800004.800004.800004.80000 (based on 5 user reviews)
  397. The Smell of the Kill @ Springs Ensemble Theatre

    Through March 20.

  398. Itzhak Perlman highlights newly announced Colorado Springs Philharmonic season

    The Philharmonic has already presented the renowned violinist with a short list of suggested repertoire, including concerti by Bruch, Mendelssohn, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky.

  399. Good times at the FAC

    Yesterday, the Colorado Springs Business Journal published an article on the "vibrant economic picture" of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. Rebecca Tonn's piece outlined the FAC's current fiscal status, which is extraordinarily healthy, thanks in large part to the FAC's new director of development, Thomas Jackson, who has landed the FAC numerous grants.

  400. TV talk: Jan Martin has no shot at City Council

  401. Bonus CineFiles: Three from MGM's Limited Edition Collection!

    The cover to 1964's The 7th Dawn paints a picture of a classic, rollicking jungle adventure. Hell, it stars William Holden and is directed by future Bond director Lewis Gilbert ...

  402. Taste is all that matters, says local wine guy

  403. The Lofty's Comic: alternate cover tests

  404. Movie movement: Local theaters bet big on Rango

    Tinseltown is betting the most, offering Rango in its XD theater — an IMAX knock-off with a $3 surcharge — plus normal screenings to the tune of 13 per day.

  405. CSEA digs in its heels

  406. God, the gunman and Jeanne Assam

    A look at why, even in her new life miles away from Colorado Springs, the security guard-turned-reluctant-celebrity still has to address New Life.

  407. New lease on sight

    Those who were once blind show off their skills — and gratitude — in Circle of Light at Marmalade.

  408. The Freakout Majority

  409. Lionel makes national TV with homeless comment

  410. UCCS filmmaker makes final cut for Student Academy Award

  411. Review: Weekend art show roundup

    One of the best things about the spring and summer, I think, is enjoying the galleries in warmer temperatures. Judging from the turnout for last week's First Friday openings at the Depot Arts District, many people feel the same way. Saturday afternoon also saw some strong crowds in Manitou Springs galleries. The shows themselves, however, were as up-and-down as spring weather.

  412. Two great art openings tomorrow

    Be sure to block out some time tomorrow to visit both Mountain Living Studio (741 Manitou Ave.) in Manitou Springs and Kathleen McFadden's Range Gallery (2428 W. Colorado Ave.) in Old Colorado City for an opening reception and a grand opening, respectively.

  413. Local MMJ community grapples with HB 1284

    Snake in the grass: "I think there's going to be a lot of people making funny bed partners. From that, there's going to be a lot of problems."

  414. Dreamcoats and lightning

  415. Grilling Season Kick Off Class date change

    From the listings desk: This course on how to grill meats, veggies and fruits was originally scheduled for May 19, but is now postponed until May 26

  416. A Newer-Than-New Life for Pastor Ted?

  417. Naked mole rats return to the zoo

  418. Donate your baby stuff!

  419. Regulated, and it feels so ...

  420. Music Monday: Bettye does Britrock

  421. New season of Mixed Taste

    A bit of absurdity really opens doors in life (doesn't genius look alarmingly like insanity sometimes?). That was always the root of my love of morphology...

  422. Pool needs money

    The only pool the city chose to fund through the end of 2010 was at the Cottonwood Creek Recreation Center. But even that support had a catch. The Friends of Aquatics needed to help support that pool and its programs. The Friends, a nonprofit organization, is still trying to raise the money.

  423. City Council wrestles with MMJ

  424. The Loft is born again

  425. Law students sue over prisoner's meds

  426. Burger good, bartender hot

    An insider's tip on mouth-watering food and delicious wait staff. From Andrew.

  427. Virtual medieval France

    Everyone has heard of the terracotta army from China, but now it's time to meet the Mourners, 80 tomb sculptures from the Court of Burgundy.

  428. Penrose squirts again!

  429. Rep. Polis questions Holder on MMJ

  430. Death rattles Monument

  431. Two entrepreneurs bet on a downtown rebirth

    It's easy to be skeptical about the Mining Exchange Hotel project. In fact, it's only sensible in this economy to question how viable a $24 million hotel and entertainment complex is for Colorado Springs' downtown.

  432. Rubbish on the border

  433. OMG! Pre-sale Adam Lambert tickets available at 10 a.m.

  434. Go with the Flow

    If this eatery doesn't take here, no Mexican will.

  435. Life after Freedom: 36D in 3-D

    Scott Flanders' latest ploy to build circulation at Playboy, according to Reuters, is an eye-popper. The magazine announced this week that its June issue will come with 3-D glasses, to view the 3-D image of that month's centerfold.

  436. Join the choir

  437. Music Monday: Flobots, EWF, Earl Scruggs set for Fort Collins fest

  438. Acacia Park to get Monday farmers market

    As we predicted in our Insider Guide earlier this month, another new farmer's market has already sprung up.

  439. Kitsch, Kitchi and The Gazette

    We here at the Indy respect The Gazette in so many ways, and for so many reasons, but especially its citizen journalism-based newspaperette FreshInk. Once a week, we know that, faithfully, we can turn to this Little Publication That Could for our fix of re-printed press releases, citizen photos and, as it turns out, stirring poetry.

  440. Post-green news

  441. Shop at Whole Foods to benefit soup kitchen

    Shop at the 7635 N. Academy Blvd. Whole Foods Market between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. tomorrow (Tuesday, May 5), and five percent of your purchase will go to the Colorado College Community Kitchen.

  442. County: Purge your spurge

    El Paso County is encouraging residents to get rid of myrtle spurge and cypress spurge by exchanging these plants for free Colorado native plants at the "Purge Your Spurge" event from noon to 3 p.m. on Saturday, May 15, at Cottonwood Creek Park.

  443. Indy staffer shows in Rome

  444. Cosmic Encounter @ Boulder Street Gallery Artists

    Through mid-May.

  445. Seeds of change in Victor

    Council's 'yes' vote for medical marijuana doubles as a testament to trust in the tiny mountain town.

  446. Remembering Kent State

  447. Ponds near wells were used as disposal sites for heavy metals from solar manufacturing

    South of Ellicott, amid prairie grass and abandoned mobile homes, up to 100,000 gallons of liquid laced with toxic heavy metals were dumped into two ponds for more than a year.

  448. Grumbling begins over Picasso auction haul

    According to an article that appeared in the New York Times yesterday, Pablo Picasso's "Nude, Green Leaves and Bust" broke a world record as the most expensive work of art ever sold at an auction.

  449. Fix it yourself!

  450. Wait Wait ... What happened?

  451. Weather forecast or WTF?

  452. A taste of Bristol's mystery pilsner (updated)

  453. Help other women make a new start

  454. Homeless bike service gets a hand

  455. Pentagon agrees to tougher igloo requirements

    Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Department of Defense, Pueblo Chemical Depot, mustard gas

  456. Summer fun on the Western Slope

    So it's looking like another road-trippin' summer for many of us and I'd like to recommend Colorado's wine country near Grand Junction.

  457. Doc Holiday gunning for sheriff

    Wearing a black cowboy hat and carrying a California private investigator license, John "Doc" Holiday strolled into our office this afternoon to say he's taking on El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa.

  458. Sugar blues (but in a good way)

  459. ReLeaf: Spring 2010

    The Independent's guide for all things MMJ.

  460. Johnny needs a weapon

    My youngest child is off to college in August. And I'm not saying there's any panic, but this leaves me with barely 12 weeks to get little Johnny a handgun.

  461. Council paves the way for continued local MMJ dispensaries

    Still in business: MMJ centers will continue to operate in Colorado Springs, under a pre-application ordinance City Council passed Tuesday.

  462. Downtown 334 E. Colorado Ave. phone 477-9555
    4.000004.000004.000004.00000 (based on 4 user reviews)
  463. (based on user reviews)
  464. (based on user reviews)
  465. Slice of life

  466. Infected, Stab Crew @ Triple Nickel Tavern

    Thu., May 27, 8 p.m. 2010

  467. (based on user reviews)
  468. U2's Denver date canceled

  469. Shopping update in OCC

  470. Academy graduates pilots today, but why?

  471. Room at the inn, not the hotel

    The hospitality industry in the area is hoping for a great summer, but so far it looks much better for the big guys.

  472. Farewell, 'Flaunt'

    The popular arts hoedown under the Colorado Avenue bridge from FutureSelf, the Gallery of Contemporary Art at UCCS and Theatreworks has displayed its last, says interim GOCA director Caitlin Green, at least for this year.

  473. Free food from Craftwood

  474. How to train your bear

    Today we're talking about the bears that are out of hibernation and wandering around our village like homeless people — some of whom, according to our highly esteemed mayor, "like the homeless lifestyle, they really do."

  475. Use your delusion: Raul, Rand and Nikita

  476. Celebrate the sacred herb (UPDATED)

  477. No MMJ in Morgan County

    Morgan County Commissioners voted to extend a moratorium on medical marijuana centers through July 2011, reports The Fort Morgan Times.

  478. Local artist Herman Raymond dies

    The renowned painter passed away Monday. He was best known for his abstract works, some of which were included in the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center's 2009 Colorado Abstract show.

  479. Indy Minute

  480. José's expands, multi-cuisine shop opens in OCC

    José Muldoon's will open a second location in the former Palapa's Surfside restaurant at S. Carefree Circle later this year. A new spot called Uchenna will open soon in Old Colorado City.

  481. Pools not out for summer

  482. Colorado rep requests banks cooperate with MMJ

    Lately, Rep. Jared Polis has been spending some time in the public eye, frequently in the defense of medical marijuana in Colorado.

  483. D-11 serving meals to students this summer

  484. City approves licensing dispensaries

  485. Picnic-N-Planes @ Western Museum of Mining and Industry

    Wed., May 26 2010

  486. Local company looking to help in the Gulf (Updated)

    James Wieker, vice president of business development for the STW Water Recycling System says the company, in response to the gulf oil spill is relentlessly trying to get the attention of BP, FEMA and anyone who might help them get STW systems deployed for cleanup efforts.

  487. Jack Nicholson’s NOT coming to town after all

  488. Inboxed out

  489. Eerie photographs lend darkness to a four-artist, black-and-white GOCA 121 show

    Stuffed crows, bent spoons, a doll house and old photographs are a few of the slightly bizarre ephemera that anchor Carol Golemboski's photographs.

  490. Things are changing at the FAC, and not everyone's happy about it

    The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center is facing litigation with one of its museum curators, while other employees have claimed wrongful termination. And some of them have even claimed the FAC's permanent collection is at risk.

  491. A complete breakdown of HB 1284

  492. AFA graduation: 'Zooming to meet our thunder'

  493. Gentlemen, start your water pumps

  494. UCCS filmmaker falls just short in Student Oscars

  495. Shroud of Michael Bolton spotted at Gazette party

  496. Happy Hemp Week!

  497. Final MMJ votes from your local legislators

    Final votes for passage of House Bill 1284 from El Paso County legislators are in and not surprisingly results are mixed. What is surprising is how the vote divides; for once, party lines were completely ignored in favor of personal ideology.

  498. Medimar Ministry minimalized

  499. Ronald, other clowns, hot gimmick?

  500. Wiens drops out

  501. MMJ panel in Denver

  502. Adam Arcuragi & the Lupine Chorale Society invent their own mythology

    Not all artists can call their music death gospel, and not many would want to.

  503. Hot time for girls

  504. Taster's Guild kind to Holy Cross again

  505. Being old and cheap just got easier

  506. Cannabis conflict

  507. I'll take the aubergine room, please

  508. Saison dinner tickets going fast (UPDATE)

  509. Let there be beer week

  510. Rep. Waller speaks about medical marijuana

  511. Colorado Reptile Humane Society

    Oct. 31-May 31 2010

  512. Music Monday: Impressively dull Mile High lineup unveiled

  513. Scattershot

    Odd decor isn't the only head-scratcher you'll encounter at Oakley's, a work-in-progress where exciting highs are numbed by disenchanting lows.

  514. Expansion of Kimball's Theater to rival area megaplex

    The theater has already transformed itself from Kimball's Twin Peak to Kimball's Peak Three. And then it announced that construction had begun on a fourth auditorium. So why stop there?

  515. Kimball's: Fools' duel

    About 10 hours after we went to press yesterday, Kimball Bayles issued a release regarding future plans for his Peak Three theater complex downtown. This morning, it's clear that the two reports conflict. Naturally, we stand behind our story.

  516. Recreation

    Been trying since fifth grade to top that one time you scored the winning goal at recess? Here are some ways to do it.

  517. D-49 principal may have been OK with N-word on playground

  518. Indy, city harrassed by suckers

  519. Monument 1865 Woodmoor Drive phone 481-6000
    2.000002.00000 (based on 3 user reviews)
  520. Find your birth song here

  521. Grading, the Gazette way

  522. Café 36 to change hands soon (Updated)

    William Sherman of Amuzé Bistro will replace Garden of the Gods Gourmet at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. The restaurant name will change from Café 36 to Amuzé at the FAC and begin lunch service on Thursday, June 3.

  523. Direct marketing

    Let's face it: Whether it's a bum buggy wheel, long checkout lines or finding a parking spot, there's always something about your weekly grocery store run that just plain sucks.

  524. Just what I was looking for!

  525. Manitou Springs Public Library

    Sept. 9-Nov. 8 2011

  526. Memorial Health System

    Oct. 31-Jan. 2 2012

  527. Safe Passage

    Aug. 18-May 7 2012

  528. Colorado Springs Medical Cannabis Expo @ Antlers Hotel

    Sun., April 18, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. 2010

  529. Swing in the Springs @ VFW Hall

    Sundays, 7:30-10 p.m. Continues through Feb. 26 2014

  530. A model for green brewing

  531. Good news on the baseball front

  532. Mile High excitement just keeps building!

  533. Letters

    Questioning Suthers, anger about April Fools', removal of park trashcans a "disgrace" and more.

  534. Pioneers Museum going to Pueblo; water park coming

    City Councilors are set to approve a deal to sell the treasured Pioneers Museum to Pueblo. The deal will net Colorado Springs a cool $5 million, for a water park.

  535. Nightlife

    Sure, weekends around here bring church services on nearly every corner. There's still time to worship local beer, bands, theater troupes and other after-dark pleasures.

  536. Pikes tweak: Medical meth dispensaries to inject new life into Colorado Springs

    Under the new plan, local community centers will debut medical methamphetamine dispensaries in early 2011 with on-site meth labs.

  537. First & Main Concert Series Beer Garden @ Rock Bottom

    Fridays, 5 p.m. Continues through Aug. 7 2009

  538. Colorado Springs Big Jazz Band @ Thirsty Parrot

    Wednesdays, 6-8 p.m. Continues through Nov. 28 2012

  539. (based on user reviews)
  540. Protected sex: In or out?

  541. Stand Up or Shut Up open Mic Comedy Night @ Thunder & Buttons

    Last Monday of every month, 8 p.m. Continues through Feb. 2 2011

  542. BYOB Poetry @ The Modbo

    Last Friday of every month, 8 p.m. Continues through Feb. 27 2012

  543. Side dish

    New sushi joint, Brent Beavers to Blue Star, Teller County brewery and more.

  544. Brew numerology

    There is one question: How will the new trio be different?

  545. Liquid divinity

    If you love good beer and live here, you may already know Jason Yester and Todd Walton.

  546. Best of 2007 Image Makers

  547. City haul

    At first, it was thought that all of the town's residents would get the service. But that may not be practical — turns out, as many as a third of Manitoids don't get trash service now.

  548. No walk in the park

    The Trails and Open Space Coalition is surveying the public to get a preliminary take on three possible setups. (It'll do professional polling later.) Here's what's being eyed.

  549. Long story short

    Last year at this time, Rich Tosches wrote about plans to shave 340 feet off the top of Pikes Peak in order to build a Holiday Inn and golf course. Afterward, the Indy received numerous letters of protest.

  550. Personhood measure makes ballot

  551. Letters

    Points on a Woodland Park pool, ideas on dealing with used tires, anger with Native American mascot column, thoughts on the Supreme Court and more.

  552. Manitou Springs/Ute Pass 103 Pawnee Ave. phone 685-5979
    5.000005.000005.000005.000005.00000 (based on 1 user review)
  553. Trainwreck @ Larimer Lounge

    Thu., March 18 2010

  554. G-whiz, what a rip-off

  555. Unconventional garden space

  556. Barrelling along (sort of)

  557. A City Dionysia Poetry Evening @ GOCA 1420 at UCCS

    Wed., March 17, 7 p.m. 2010

  558. Beer and Boards @ Trinity Brewing

    March 12-15 2010

  559. Student Survival 2009: Genius in a bottle

    I have come to learn that there is a lot more to beer than the bland-yet-metallic taste that flowed from that beautiful can and dribbled down my chin during those wonder-filled years.

    NasyaCV says:


    Read article »

  560. Indie Spirit Film Festival: For the win

  561. Sullivan says sayonara

  562. CO marijuana apps add up

  563. Start your summer planning now

  564. City to fund homeless program through CDBG

    City Council has agreed to fund a homeless program that puts individuals in local hotels and requires them to look for a job.

  565. Tyler Tuesday: William Shatner and Lin Yu Chun share "Total Eclipse of the Heart"

  566. Cracked up

  567. [Update] Streetlight favoritism

  568. Supersize him: Bobby Brown comes to a men’s room near you

  569. Bicyclists' killer could get out after 13 months

  570. Where's the best taco cart?

  571. Davis departs Crêpes Française

    James Davis confirms that he did indeed depart Crêpe Française last week.

  572. Met announces 2010-2011 Live in HD Season

    In a previous blog post, I raptured on about the Metropolitan Opera’s Carmen, which was pretty much universally acclaimed as the highlight — at least so far — of this season’s HD simulcast series. This week, the Met unveiled its 2010-2011 Live in HD season.

  573. IQ: Over the hill?

    What if you turned 40 and nobody cared? We wondered if that was the current scenario facing Earth Day, which debuted in 1970 and will be celebrated again April 22.

  574. Stranger than fiction

    All the weird news that's fit to print.

  575. Indy Minute

  576. Utilities offers lessons in learning the ropes

  577. Good Charlotte + OK coffee = happy children

  578. Slice of life

  579. Gardeners throw a little dirt

  580. Where we help The Denver Post with medical marijuana

  581. Everything's coming up roses

  582. Cinco de Mayo safety

  583. Marigold's molehill

    The trouble apparently began when the restaurant decided it was time to replace cabinetry and perform other aesthetic upgrades to their restaurant's bar.

  584. Thunder and lightning

    The city has sent out an urgent alert to everyone in Colorado Springs: Watch out people, because this summer, there might be a thunderstorm. The city wants you to know that if lightning and thunder and rain start spewing from the sky, you should (and I'm seriously not making this up) go inside.

  585. Nosh solicits local growers [Updated]

  586. Holly Golightly leaves Jack White behind for Lawyer Dave

    You may know her from her duet on "It's True That We Love One Another," or maybe from her recordings with Thee Headcoats, or its spinoff, Thee Headcoatees. Or you may not know her at all, in which case it's clearly time to get acquainted.

  587. Indie Spirit Film Festival: You've been warned

  588. CC earns highest rank in green guide

  589. School lunches threaten national security

  590. The Quiz Who Must Not Be Named: a Harry Potter Quiz @ McCabe's Tavern

    Sat., April 17, 2 p.m. 2010

  591. Not the final Banzai (Updated)

    Café Banzai , the ultra-cheap and wholly tasty Korean/Japanese outfit located next to the Rocket Room, closed recently.

  592. Leopold Bros. slay other spirits

    Last night, I attended a tasting of the full line of Leopold Bros. products at the Melting Pot. "You don't have to be an expert to understand these," I heard Todd Leopold tell another taster. "My job's just not to screw up what mother nature's done."

  593. Meet Bo, the gator

  594. More from our favorite out-of-town attraction

  595. Free lube? We LOVE tax day!

  596. Court-Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) @ CASA of the Pikes Peak Region

    Dec. 8-May 31 2010

  597. Sheriff Maketa gets a stinging wakeup call on friendly ground

    Unable to dominate political newcomer Jake Shirk at the El Paso County Republican County Assembly last Saturday, Maketa now faces a primary opponent for the first time in his political career.

  598. New marijuana law clears House

  599. Dierks Bentley steps away from country treadmill with bluegrass intervention

    As successful as he's been in contemporary country music, Bentley has roots in bluegrass that have twice saved him from the more soul-sucking aspects of the music world.

  600. Pit stop for an icon

    Karl Rove, the grand master of modern American politics who single-handedly made the eight-year presidency of George W. Bush possible, came to our village the other day.

  601. Penny wants more money, Council peeved

  602. Dat's The Flow

  603. Correction: Earth Day recycling

  604. A guy called Alligator Joe demonstrates how tilapia and basil could heal the planet

    A look at one local aquaponics operation by a man who wrestles alligators.

  605. Upcoming organic clothing sale

  606. La Petite returns as Le Bistro

  607. SteamTech Alert: Record company releasing new song on wax cylinder

  608. Longtime city employees find greener grass elsewhere

    Reminiscing about the 13 years he's spent building Colorado Springs' network of trails, open space and parks, TOPS manager Chris Lieber speaks the language of a city government lifer.

  609. Letters

    Thoughts on sex ed and Tea Party patriots, pros and cons with a strong mayor, global natural disasters and more.

  610. American Cancer Society

    Oct. 31-May 7 2012

  611. Military accepting openly gay recruits

  612. FAC awarded 17 grants this year

  613. Bad reporting, worse lawyering

  614. America's best buds

    When it comes to universal likability, Cheech and Chong stay with the times.

  615. 8-bit armageddon

  616. Food news at warp speed

  617. More from Chagoya

    The artist Enrique Chagoya, who has stirred up a frenzy of controversy with his depictions of religious figures including one of Jesus Christ, is now offering to paint a religious work of art for a Loveland church.

  618. Tom Waits goes 78

  619. Feminism & the Arts Symposium @ CC's Cornerstone Arts Center

    Oct. 14-15 2010

  620. Go back to school! Learn how!

  621. National Coming Out Day is today

  622. New anime store opening

  623. UPDATE: TAPAteria unveils sushi-style menu

  624. Pikes Peak Brewery announces location

  625. From the bargain-hunter's bag

  626. It's mixer time ...

  627. The coolest museum on your computer

  628. UPDATE: Mayor sets things straight

  629. March of Dimes chefs auction raises $94,000

  630. UPDATE: Il Postino ready to deliver

  631. Bemis gets yarn bombed

  632. Gay is a choice, says Ken Buck

  633. Bonus CineFiles: Lifetime revenge, Philly imbeciles and hellish torture-porn!

  634. Onions and Chocolate — a challenge

  635. Il Postino almost ready to open (Update)

  636. Distinguished Speakers Series @ CSU-Pueblo's Occhiato University Center

    Wed., Oct. 13, 7 p.m. 2010

  637. Monster dreams

    Area filmmaker documents the secrets, scandals and shocking incompetence behind one of Hollywood's most delightfully disastrous films.

  638. Noble Gas: The Periodic Table of Rockin'

  639. Peter Mulvey at the Loft

  640. Springs' favorite old gal to get facelift

  641. Mayoral candidate supports MMJ

  642. Move over, Groupon

  643. Councilor Paige to Commissioner Lathen: 'Apologize' (Updated)

  644. Dropout rates from MMJ: We'll see

  645. Sensory overload

    Micki Tschur's cluttered signs of the times fuse darkness and light.

  646. Let Us Vote COS wants to socialize with you

  647. Gorgeous garbage

    A California couple turns beach trash into art at new Smokebrush show.

  648. Ice cream wishes

  649. Downtown 104 W. Cucharras St. phone 475-8091
    5.000005.000005.000005.000005.00000 (based on 4 user reviews)
  650. 'Marfa-meets-ganja'

    We've been waiting for this. Well at least I have. The day when MMJ and its abundant resources will meet the arts community, a traditionally cash-strapped bunch. Lo and behold, it's happening in California, as reported Monday by the New York Times.

  651. And the Lord sayeth: 'Hit that'

  652. "Don't ask, don't tell" struck down

  653. Video game lecture!

    From the listings desk: Tomorrow, Colorado College will host Jonathan Knight, a CC alum and executive producer of Electronic Arts' game series Dante's Inferno.

  654. Take a trip down 'Reefer Row'

  655. Deconstructing Qigong

  656. Hickenlooper blasted over marijuana

  657. Heroes of Mental Health Luncheon @ Cheyenne Mountain Resort

    Tue., Oct. 12, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. 2010

  658. No love for Jesus in Loveland

  659. American geet!

    Hot Club of Cowtown turns Western swing into a homegrown take on world music

  660. Review: Gib Singleton and Earl Biss at the FAC

  661. 'Over the River' pushed back

  662. Please, Hammer, don't hate 'em

  663. Extra events for the coming week

  664. Meat + art = everyone's happy

  665. Democratic Underground

    Local LGBT community catches the attention of Sen. Bennet's wife, but hopes for more.

  666. Here comes the sun

  667. Early voting closing, but most vote by mail anyway

  668. Gotta Love It!

  669. Your daily twist of irony

  670. Give! 2010

  671. UPDATE: Classy! Rand Paul supporter stomps activist

  672. Vinyl fetish

  673. County's pre-dawn surprise: 1A fails

  674. UPDATE: California marijuana legalization in trouble

  675. Three arrested over 87 marijuana plants

  676. Behold: NaNoWriMi

  677. Eight Colorado municipalities embrace MMJ

  678. Slice of Life

  679. Nightclub Zumba @ The Mansion

    Thursdays, 6:45-8 p.m. Continues through Dec. 6 2010

  680. UPDATE: Hick tops Tancredo

  681. Money, mandates and medical marijuana

  682. Strong-mayor earns a strong win

  683. UPDATE: County MMJ ban

  684. Local youth on 'Nick News' to highlight GLBT bullying

  685. From the bargain-hunter's bag

  686. Bjaland breakdown

  687. Somebody say somethin' 'bout a vote?

  688. Local company wins Accolade for disability documentary

  689. Two Nights of Horror @ Lon Chaney Theatre

    Oct. 21-22 2010

  690. Eamon Grennan @ CC's Gates Common Room

    Thu., Oct. 21, 7 p.m. 2010

  691. Get your Halloween sugar here

  692. King Tut: all that glitters

    A review of the Denver Art Museum's celebrated blockbuster, Tutankhamun

  693. Zahi Hawass coming to Denver

  694. Remembering the victims of suicide

  695. Battleground Internet

  696. Smile, it's Wednesday

  697. Court keeps 'Don't Ask' — for now

  698. Bonus CineFiles: Naked revenge, sleepy Mohicans and animated abortions!

  699. High style from Pot Couture

  700. 10 reasons to be your own caregiver

  701. 'Green' report card: Local colleges excel

  702. Balls Out Bowling with DJ Chris Diablo @ Classic Bowl

    Wednesdays, 8:30 p.m.-1 a.m. Continues through Nov. 5 2010

  703. UPDATE: How to knock down your water usage

  704. Will 1A put thousands out of work?

  705. From the bargain-hunter's bag

  706. Best of 2010

    Welcome to volume one of the Independent's 17th annual Best Of Colorado Springs honors, with the results of readers' favorite food and nightlife destinations, as decided by more than 8,200 voters.

  707. Austria interested in our budget cuts

  708. WikiLeaks stole my weekend

  709. Denver's Stranahan's Whiskey purchased

  710. Voters confused by county ballot language

  711. Slice of life

  712. Gazette: City budget problems over! Oops, not really

  713. CannaBiz

    Fountain shorts citizens on MMJ discussion, Springs Chamber doesn't support dispensaries and more.

  714. Perfect day for a 25-mile march?

  715. National battle for marijuana legalization

  716. Legal breakdown of HB 1284

  717. Littleton Chamber adds MMJ member

  718. Groupon at the FAC

  719. Old Colorado City 2514 W. Colorado Ave. phone 232-5586
    4.750004.750004.750004.750004.75000 (based on 8 user reviews)
  720. Central 4525 Northpark Drive phone 201-2592
    3.330003.330003.33000 (based on 3 user reviews)
  721. Strong mayor? Sign here

  722. Austin Bluffs: Driving conversation

  723. Please don't steal the dinos

  724. Stay cool — here's how

  725. Enuf is enuf for English protesters

  726. Squee! The new Twilight is here! For free!

  727. Bad news for Dobson

  728. Bike if you want to talk

    Nokia, bicycle-powered cell phone charger

  729. Movie night change

    From the listings desk: a screening of the controversial documentary The Root of All Evil? has been changed from Wed., June 9 to Fri., June 11.

  730. With Great Danes comes great responsibilty

  731. Letters

    Thoughts on "Big Oil's Waterloo," suicide rates in the LGBT community, rescuing dogs and more.

  732. Deconstructing the Rudy's dynasty

    Rudy's Country Store and Bar-B-Q is now open at 315 S. 31st St. We're told that the chain, with nearly 30 locations, quickly becomes an institution wherever it lands.

  733. Let the lawsuits begin — HB 1284 signed (UPDATED)

  734. CM Zoo: Gone to the gators

  735. City laying some pipe

  736. Mayor of Fountain walks out on Council

  737. Flip flops and superfruit

    The Yumberry’s very yummy / The fruit’s a superfruit / I really love to taste it / Every time I eat

  738. Downtown 520 S. Tejon St. phone 633-3300
    3.000003.000003.00000 (based on 7 user reviews)
  739. Free wine samples for the savvy

  740. Marijuana fails to affect driving performance

  741. No MMJ allowed? Blame Canada

  742. Coming soon: the World Science Festival

  743. Rabies spreading in horses - update

  744. The other alternative healing

  745. Cone it up

  746. Rage Against Arizona

  747. Mild MMJ mall march

  748. Heimlicher shares his anguish

    "I must admit that driving around Colorado Springs for the past few days was not a pleasant experience. The litter, overgrown medians and general look of the city were depressing."

  749. Bad will at Goodwill?

    Bryan Simms says for being open about his homosexuality, he lost his job in January.

  750. 100 days, 100 jobs

  751. Long story short

    About eight years ago, I was diagnosed with chronic depression, extreme anxiety and severe obsessive compulsive disorder.

  752. Calling the troops off the Incline

    Fort Carson says you shouldn't see any more groups of soldiers training on the Manitou Incline.

  753. Maptastic

  754. Rainbow Falls clean up this Saturday

  755. Indy Minute

  756. CannaBiz

    Interviews with Dan May, Jorge Cervantes and more.

  757. Tough times for CO medical marijuana

    As House Bill 1284 languishes on the governor's desk, its section granting local governments the option to ban medical marijuana centers is seeing heavy play across the state.

  758. 'Violence is how you settle the dispute' Wiley says

  759. Ritter to sign HB 1284 ... someday

  760. One doctor believes more omega-3 fatty acids could tip the scales on depression

    He believes that mental illness could very well come from us eating too little fish.

  761. B4 itz 2 L8

    According to 2009 statistics, the number of local suicides has doubled in El Paso County, accounting for almost 20 percent of all deaths autopsied last year. And seven percent of those suicides were by those 19 or younger.

  762. Bring the noise

    Nine area acts to keep your eye on

  763. Thievery corporation

  764. Increasing passport fees

    If you're planning a trip across the pond anytime soon and you don’t have a U.S. passport yet, you may want to submit your application before next Tuesday.

  765. Proposal for Powers freeway

  766. Freedom from Poverty Community Celebration @ America the Beautiful Park

    Thu., July 8, 2-7 p.m. 2010

  767. Marijuana jobs: They're just like yours

  768. Sensible Colorado to rally for PTSD

  769. Manitou Incline Public Workshop @ Manitou Springs Town Hall

    Wed., July 14, 6-9 p.m. 2010

  770. Rocket Room introduces Tuesday vinyl night

  771. UPDATE: Sun NOT setting on British radio empire

  772. Summer 2010: MMJ Centers

    A list of medical marijuana centers, broken down by neighborhood.

  773. ReLeaf: Summer 2010

    Welcome to the Indy's second guide to all things medical marijuana in Colorado Springs.

  774. Remember Henry Darger?

  775. Strict rules for journalists covering Guantanamo Bay

  776. Mommy, look at the mullet!

  777. D.A.H.F. Industrial Goth Night @ Peak 31 @ Union Station

    Mon., April 26, 8 p.m., Mon., May 3, 8 p.m., Mon., May 10, 8 p.m. and Mondays, 8 p.m. Continues through Sept. 13 2010

  778. A night under, and with, the stars

  779. Roots of Glambert?

  780. Kush is calling

  781. Faded feathers

    For years, it was one of the classiest places in town.

  782. (based on user reviews)
  783. Sanchez — Visions of an Artist @ Downtown Studio Gallery at Pikes Peak Community College

    July 9-Aug. 7 2010

  784. Christo coming to the FAC

  785. 'It's all going to be OK'

    Area seniors share age-earned wisdom via locally produced play.

  786. One man's trash

    Seifert, who grew up in Colorado Springs before moving to California, and his colleagues will soon introduce a school-based campaign to encourage zero waste called Eat Trash.

  787. Sixth annual Pikes Peak Arts Fest @ Pikes Peak Center

    July 3-5 2010

  788. So, how would you react?

    "You can't afford to think you're totally safe, because maybe you're not."

  789. Ocote Soul Sounds @ CC's Armstrong Hall

    Fri., July 2, 7 p.m. 2010

  790. Jack Kerouac's typewriter up for auction

  791. Easy access to "study steroids"

  792. Pikes Peak's photo op

  793. Animus, Reflect, Hiraether

    Thu., July 1, 9 p.m.-1 a.m. 2010

  794. Unsolicited listing of the week

  795. Cheyenne Mountain 182 E. Cheyenne Mountain Blvd. phone 896-1254
    3.620003.620003.620003.62000 (based on 8 user reviews)
  796. Crime-fighting's new hero

  797. Sheriff debates afoot?

  798. MMJ lawsuits to happen 'soon' Vicente says

  799. Update: Section 16 apparently will be purchased

  800. Colorado approves MMJ school

  801. Mixin' and learnin' (UPDATED)

  802. Art on the Streets 2010 @ Downtown

    Through June 2011

  803. Bristol brewery and partners seek to turn vacant school into Ivywild hub

    Construction could begin next May that would enable Bristol to move from South Tejon Street into Ivywild Elementary School, with a few friends in tow.

  804. The Dry Land: Actors and director in Springs for screenings

  805. Windrider Film Forum: Conversations at the Intersection of Faith and Film @ Stargazers

    June 17-19 and Thu., July 1 2010

  806. Flash ... crowd hits downtown Denver

  807. More from the Biennial of the Americas

  808. Red Rocks hosts Wailers this weekend, but which one?

  809. Green Mtn. Falls 6980 Lake St. phone 684-9018
    4.250004.250004.250004.25000 (based on 4 user reviews)
  810. Young Veins go for it

    Panic! At the Disco guitarists take a permanent vacation.

  811. Manitou implements parking plan for busy summer

    Residents worried about paying to park on several major streets in their city don't need to start collecting change just yet.

  812. Zippety Do Da

  813. Quinn's to ditch runners' pasta buffet

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