Video: Manitou Springs Flash Flood 8.9.13 

George Davis discusses the destruction of his yard and garden wall at the base of Williams Canyon. He was glad to have escaped with his home, his dogs, and his life.

Michael Roberts, a Canon Avenue resident, tells us about watching the flood come in. He had a great view of the home of Kristen Johnson and George Davis, a couple whose home is so precariously situated in Williams Canyon that we featured them in the story "Prey for rain." Kris and George's home survived, though the rock wall surrounding their garden washed away. Just feet from their doorway, a powerful stream of water was still running more than an hour after the storm.

This mini tour of the flood starts on the eastern side of Manitou Springs at the Green Willow Motel Cottages, where Teri Major is in crisis mode as the third-generation business disappears under dark waters. Next it cuts to the area near the Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau, the Briarhurst Inn and the Blue Skies Inn. The next snippet is the backside of Manitou Springs City Hall, where the ground is vibrating from the force of the water. Then you see the worst-hit section of Lover's Lane, where mud has piled up and a car sits hood first in the moving creek. I had to move from this area quickly, as there was a major gas leak. Next, you see the devastation on Canon and Park Avenues, near the Cliff House and the Spa Building. Residents and visitors wander around in shock, but one little bird seems to be enjoying himself.

Guess who was wandering the streets during the flood? We ran into Manitou Springs Mayor Pro Tem Matt Carpenter.

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