March Heir/ Tommy Gunn 
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Tommy Gunn, the genesis and front man for March Heir, is a song writer and is known for his etherial lyrical style. Gunn is a guitarist who has shared the stage with such bands as Tom Petty, Piper, Blondie, the Talking Heads, Just Water, the Go Go Girls, and the Beach Boys. "Beeing an openning act for bands of that status can be intimidating when one is nineteen, but I learned early to channal that energy into my stage personna.... Jimmy Lee Robbins a native of California, "is a guitar players, player. He is a recognised artist in his own right. His melodious guitar licks add to the unique sound of March Heir. Robbins has played all over the Mid-West, the Texas clubs and Holywood, California. Tommy adds, "Jimmy Lee is one of the most unique guitarists I have had the privilege with whom to play."When Jimmy picks up his Martin or Strat, one immediately knows who is behind the 'wood!'" Our Percussionist, Phillip Franco, is a native of Texas. Franco is a "Road Warior" touring around the huge state, he has become a well seasoned drummer, and earned him the nick name, "The Hammer." Steve Skoog rounds out the sound with his six string bass playing, he and Franco lay down a thunderous bottom to March Heir.

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