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UCCS geo and environmental sci major. Major foody. Looking for a great meal, drink and atmosphere. Husband is a chef so I guess I got… More »


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Favorite Places


    Bites 2012

    Our only Moroccan eatery, featuring weekend bellydancing and multi-course meals that include cous-cous, clay pot-cooked meats, seafood and vegetables, warming soups and phyllo pastries. Take off your shoes and let orange and rose blossom water prepare your hands for feasting.

    The great thing about this, the city’s only Moroccan restaurant, is sitting in comfy cushions on the floor and eating with your fingers. Under glamorous drapes and tapestries, the four- and six-course meals begin with soup and homemade honey wheat bread and move to lovely Mediterranean-spiced meat and veggie entrees. Catch belly dancers on Fridays and Saturdays.


    Bites 2012

    There are three local sushi eateries (off Academy, Centennial and Powers boulevards) that incorporate "Ai" into their name, all owned separately. From our readers' feedback, you won't be disappointed at any of them.


    Branch out with an avocado flavored bubble tea or one of the other dozen flavors, then —duh — get Pho’s Pho, thin-sliced steak, brisket or chicken over rice noodles in clove-enhanced beef broth.


    Best Of 2012: Wait Staff

    At Mona Lisa, the servers are extremely experienced — one has been there for 15 of the restaurant's 16 years, and the average is about six years. In short, they've been around long enough to know they're not the main event at this fine-dining attraction. "They're attentive, but not overbearing," Mona Lisa owner Jeff Kiepke says simply. Most customers come to Mona Lisa to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or other life event, which means a 2½-hour, four-course fondue meal. And in an environment like that there's a lot to be said for servers who can blend into the background but never be missed. But perhaps the clearest thing you can say: They're the best around. — Pam Zubeck

    Bites 2013: Fondue For Two

    Customize your own four courses, but here's how we'd roll: the Caesar salad first, then the Old World cheese option for the bread-veggie-and-fruit round. The Wild Game Entrée Platter for the main affair, featuring buffalo, trout, boar and more. And then a dark chocolate dessert fondue at meal's end, with a liqueur shot of your choice — Amaretto perhaps? — for a buck more per head. ($49 per person)


    Best Of 2014: Power Lunch

    It's not that you have to order multiple martinis and cancel your afternoon appointments if you're descending into the warm dimness of MacKenzie's. Assistant general manager Linda Tolfa explains that part of what makes the place so popular for a business lunch is that people can get "in and out": "The service is fast," she says. "Food comes out in less than 10 minutes." But you certainly can stay a while, and since Tolfa says the food is "way better" than it used to be when she started 16 years ago (thanks to executive chef Pete Moreno), you may want to take your time and savor. Asked about the biggest business deal she knows to have gone down there in her time, she chuckles. "We have a lot of them," she says, adding, "Those lawyers who come in here, they don't tell us what they're doing. They really don't." If those walls could talk ... — Kirk Woundy


    Best Of 2015: Indian/Curry

    A friend once told me that the food at Little Nepal was so good, she would cheerfully drown in a bathtub full of their curry. I thought it was rather weird at the time ... and then I had the shrimp korma. That day, I decided that the phenomenal blend of spices, cream and coconut milk is how I, too, would like to meet my ultimate end ... wrapped in a warm blanket of naan, sipping a hot Indian chai as I went. Did I mention Little Nepal delivers and is open seven days a week? — Bridgett Harris


    Best Of 2014: Neighborhood Restaurant (tie)

    Even with all the good eats on the west side, Front Range has won or shared gold for Best Neighborhood Restaurant every year since this category started four years ago. Clearly, the guys and gals there are doing lots of things right, not least of which are the live music and beer-tasting events. (It's also worth noting that non-carnivores actually can eat there, thanks to good veggie burgers and salads.) As for Jake & Telly's, look no further than the classic "Opa!" toast screamed on all manner of occasions, including just for fun on any old night of the week when Ouzo is flowing liberally and friends are gathered around a bountiful mixed mezze plate. Next comes a rack of lamb or moussaka ... and it's always over too soon. — Kendall Kullman

    Bites 2013: Mixed Mezze

    Another ode to the indecisive: the all-encompassing platter that lets one sample widely. A meat version features Keftethes (zesty Greek meatballs) and gyro meat while a vegetarian rendition subs in grilled veggies and gigantes (big-ass seasoned white beans). Both get the feta, olives, hummus, spanakopita, dolmadakia, pita and tzatziki that collectively whisper the finest essence of the Mediterranean in tones of salt, garlic, yogurt tang, grape-leaf bitterness and phyllo dough crunch. ($16 each)


    Best Of 2015: Irish Pub

    With weekly pub sing-alongs, half-priced Whiskey Wednesdays, and the most epically Irish Sunday brunch imaginable, it's easy to see why Jack Quinn's is Colorado Springs' favorite Irish pub. The place is Irish through and through. You'll find traditional music on Sunday evenings, your favorite brews on tap, and an authentic menu filled with rich and filling home-style cuisine. Sláinte! — Bridgett Harris


    Best Of 2015: Japanese

    Best Of 2015: Power Lunch

    Best Of 2015: Take-Out

    Fujiyama produces some serious bites, that's no secret. But with this downtown staple's lunch special, all sushi rolls are half off, making it the perfect option for an affordable, indulgent lunch that will satisfy everyone on that big account you're trying to land. For raw-fish-phobes, server Mae Weber notes the various baked, deep-fried or tempura-stuffed rolls. Make reservations — the dining area fills up fast. Or if you have a boardroom crew to feed, you can get six rolls and 30 pieces of sushi for a frugal $80. — Griffin Swartzell


    Best Of 2015: Local Pizza Joint

    With its seven locations in town, Borriello's has one big advantage over every other local pizza joint: coverage. Minus Rockrimmon and the sliver of town west of 31st Street and north of Highway 24, you can get Borriello Brothers pizza anywhere in Colorado Springs — and I do mean anywhere. When asked, an employee at the Eighth Street and Highway 24 store confirms that, yes, drivers have delivered to trailheads, country clubs and city parks. So when you're hungry at next year's MeadowGrass Music Festival, just remember: You're one phone call away from a hot, New York-style pizza. — Griffin Swartzell


    Drink 2010

    Get the: Mocha

    InSider 2010

    Located in the Safeway shopping center off State Highway 115, Black Bear offers big chairs near a fireplace, and a bunch of tables, where you can enjoy its homemade soups, salads, breakfast burritos, pastries and a Frappuccino-like house specialty called the Polar Java.

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