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August 15, 2013 City Council Colorado Springs, Colorado I am writing to notify you that on Sept 25, 2011, Criminal case # 10-CR 3809 People… More »

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  • Cops Thrash Men After Hot Tub Party Gets Noisy

      What started as a night of hot-tubbing with a few friends ended in a humiliating arrest for a Colorado Springs man who sustained abrasions and bruises over much of his body after police dragged him naked down an icy sidewalk and driveway.


  • Excessive Force

    Springs cop accused of beating 15-year-old psychiatric patient


  • Policing the police

    Citizen board sought to review officer actions


  • NewsBriefs

    City settles another suit against cop


  • Police State

    Judges' findings of cops' reckless and untrue statements raise questions of credibility
      Recent court rulings have implicated Colorado Springs police in cases where they violated citizens civil rights while conducting arrests. In some instances, reports indicate that Springs police have recklessly or deliberately lied about their cases under oath. But perhaps more chilling is the Colorado Springs police departments response that, despite the judges rulings, officers are not being held publicly accountable for their actions.


  • Brutal questions

    ACLU challenges police policy of keeping internal investigations from the public

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