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    ReLeaf Spring 2016

    Strains: 65

    Top strain: Jack's Cleaner Two

    Top edible: Peanut Butter Pie Bar

    Unique feature: "Bliss and happiness of everyone that works here, and overall cleanliness."

    Best Of 2015: Medical Marijuana Dispensary: Central

    Best Of 2015: Medical Marijuana Dispensary: South

    Best Of 2015: Place to Buy Recreational Marijuana

    Just for the moment, let's ignore the top-shelf quality and enormous variety of products that Maggie's Farm stocks. Let's appreciate this, instead: The posted prices include all taxes. Yes, that $50 price for a gram of wax on the menu board means $50, all told — or $45, actually, with the 10 percent discount for Colorado residents. If marijuana weren't a cash-only business, maybe this wouldn't be such a big deal, but as things are, that little convenience makes the obligatory pre-purchase ATM visit less of a headache. Now, then, back to that quality and variety ... — Griffin Swartzell

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