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Re: “Trickle-down

"Who's to Blame?" Pull up AlterNet, search for "The Real Reason This Week's Massive Ice Storm is So Unusual", then take a look at the documentary attached to the first-oldest comment. It explains how weather control is now in place via geoengineering. Chem. trailing is often seen here in the Colorado Springs area, and additional chemicals added to the atmosphere are said to come from HAARP sites. This info. is and has been leaking out, in spite of its being 'classified'.

Next question: Who's to blame for all this weather control attempt via massive chems. being added to the atmosphere? Reasonable guess - the fossil 'foolers', in order to get a grip on global warming and insure the continuation of their profits from their so global warming and atmosphere ruining fossil fuels. Also profitable for them is coming shortage of drinkable water (in place now in California, Michigan, etc., as the fossil 'foolers' buy up water rights whenever and wherever they can.

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Posted by Rita Walpole Ague on 08/29/2014 at 5:56 PM

Re: “Mayor and Council advised to adopt rules for documenting the freebies they get

Far heftier enforcement of carefully crafted regulations - our only hope to end buyout and buyoff of politicians at local, state and federal levels. Does not take a genius to recognize that something is dreadfully wrong, when in flows a close to million dollar contribution from the Koch Bros. Prosperity for America, to now Mayor Bach's mayoral campaign, approx. a week before the mayoral election.

And then there were the unaccounted hefty 'contributions' made by the same 'fossil foolers' to a number of our newest city council members, followed by a rep. from local Prosperity for Amer., standing up at an open council meeting and giving direct orders re. how council members were to vote re. quashing of solar gardens. Follow his orders said council members did.

So thankful we should be, for the 'not for sale', true people and Mother Earth serving pols., like city council member Jan Martin at the local level, and Sen. Bernie Sanders at the national level.

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Posted by Rita Walpole Ague on 11/28/2013 at 2:19 AM

Re: “Karl Rove to visit El Paso County

How exciting! The perpetrator of our national MSD (manipulation, spin, distraction) is coming to town. Could the coming to full bloom during the Bushwhacked years of the military/industrial/corporate complexes' coup d'etat happened without karlroving (i.e. political dirty tricks)? Most likely not.

Here's a greeting for Karl the King: BUSHWHACKED and KOCHSUCKED - VILLAINAIRES, GO TO HELL (and be sure to take Karl Rove with you)!

Posted by Rita Walpole Ague on 04/25/2011 at 3:43 PM

Re: “Bach to business

Colorado Springs, along with the rest of the nation, is caught in a plague of MSD (manipulation, spin, distraction). It is sooooooo refreshing to read an article based on good investigative reporting, that tells it like it is (including important history), and allows we the sheeple to consider facts, then apply critical thinking.

Yes indeed, clear and critical thinking is vital in this year's mayoral race. Our 'first strong mayor' will set precendent for years to come. Do we want a Bach (rhymes with Koch) mayor who, in the pockets of the developers, spends like a drunken sailor? Or are we and our community far better served by a frugal spending, 'serve the people' and preserve our open space and environment conservationist, like the honest and experienced, registered independent (not in anyone's pocket) candidate Skorman?


Posted by Rita Walpole Ague on 04/22/2011 at 5:50 AM

Re: “Noted: Voter registration available until Monday

Douglas Bruce Indicted...Is Anyone Suprised?

Assume nothing. Years of working as a journalist, then in administrative law, taught me well to follow that two word admonition heard throughout my training years for both profession. So.....

When rumblings kept coming our way re. how corrupt Doug Bruce is, a friend and I decided to 'assume nothing', and actually give the guy a test. Seeing one of his 'slum lord' units was for rent, first I called and spoke with him, and asked appropriate questions, including what he wanted for rent.

Twenty minutes later my friend called from her phone, and early in the conversation told Bruce that she was receiving aid from the local Housing Authority. And, guess what - the price on the same unit I'd just received a quote from Bruce on, jumped up considerably in rent cost when he heard housing assistance was coming to my friend.

Greed and power addiction is certainly not a new staph infection. And what's the only cure, either nationally or locally? Investigation and prosecution, also know as following the rule of law. Go, grand jury, go! Wish that the current administration's Dept. of Justice would follow your example, and go after Cheney, et.al..

Posted by Rita Walpole Ague on 04/15/2011 at 9:57 AM

Re: “'Would you please look at this?'

Please pull up: Colorado Springs Independent, Jan. 21, 2010, "No Peace or Justice". Nothing whatsoever should be a suprise here in Colorado Springs, the home of the super fusion center of the nation's over seventy fusion centers, where, under the guise of "national secuiity", local authorities are told what to do and how to do it. Rights are in the toilet, along with the rule of law.

Along with the egregious arrest and incarceration of this young man with no tatoo on his leg, Joseph Martinez, we have so many other egregious violations of rights going on, i.e. deletion from the official court transcript of the 'good cop' warning the 'bad cop' that he was moving too fast, and the fully disabled, 65 year old former nun, Elizabeth Fineron, was going to fall. And what did the 'bad cop' do? Kept moving at the same speed, until Elizabeth tripped and fell, then he dragged her, in front of numerous parade onlookers, including children, until she was bloody and raw on large sections of her lower belly and upper thigh. And then, no investigation from the Obama Administration's DOJ. Some CHANGE!

Perhaps we should seek legislation to undo age old, common law based governmental (sovereign) immunity, and put into place mandatory charges, sentencing and fines for such egregious activities on the part of those ordering and commiting such atrocities and violations of civil and humane rights.

Posted by Rita Walpole Ague on 03/31/2011 at 12:00 PM

Re: “Altitude adjustment for CAB at Fort Carson

Thank you, Pam Zubeck for your great, as always, article, and CSaction, for all the additional info..

It sickened me, about two months ago when on a visit to the D.C. area, I met the lead attorney in the current suit against military/industial/corporate complex giant, Lockheed Martin. The attorney filled me in on the details: over $1.3 billion defrauding of the U.S. govt., over a ten year period, with a number of the actual initial contracts signed here in Colorado Springs.

Come on, folks, let's wake up. WAR, WAR, WAR (and all the accouterments of war) - what's it for? $$$$$$$$$$$ in the pockest of our villainaire rulers.

And, how truly tragic, that we now have two Dem. senators, Bennet and Udall, along with Rep. 'Lamebrain' (no big suprise), who support and rejoice at the further increase in size of troops, helicopters, etc. at Ft. Carson. Guess the Colorado Koch suckers are only satisfied with WAR, WAR, WAR for $$$$$$$$$.

Time to cut out all the disenfranchising and messing with votes. Colorado remains on Common Cause's ten worst states list re. voting irregularities. Vote we must, and make sure each and every vote gets counted and counted correctly. Let's put knee jerk party alignment aside, and support only true, ethical, out of the pockets of the villainaires candidates.

Economic Development Committee: EDC should not stand for 'Every Damned Cent' going to the military/industrial/corporate complex, the same crowd a Pres. named Eisenhower warned us of years ago as he left office.

Chamber of Commerce (a.k.a. 'Chamber of Bombers'): Koch suckers suck.


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Posted by Rita Walpole Ague on 03/31/2011 at 10:12 AM

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