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Re: “Stir Coffee and Cocktails

Cool, hip coffee shop that's a wonderful alternative to you know who.

Coffee is great. My pecan pie was right out of the oven, warm, sweet and gooey.

Order at counter, take your selection to a table. Outside seating too. Not pricey.

Yard sale coffee cups and flatware, funky old metal lawn chairs from the 1940s, in a renovated gas station ... recycling and re-purposing at its best.

Girl at the counter was friendly and a pleasure to deal with. Free Wi-Fi and parking.

In the Old North End Neighborhood (ONEN), in the BON Shopping Center, at corner of Jackson and Wahsatch, a few blocks from Penrose Hospital just off N. Nevada Ave.

Closes at 3PM most days. I'll be going back.

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Posted by OldCrank on 04/08/2014 at 2:02 PM

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Re: “In a strange turn-about, two Colorado Springs parkland measures appear doomed

Who the hell votes for awful people like Andy Pico and Don Knight? These two, and others, keep selling out the city and its people -- yet stay in office. Why?

Despite a lot of sentiment that developers get whatever they want, voters don't elect people who take care of the whole city and all of its citizens. The same old gripes keep popping up, the same old crowd keeps getting away with cronyism, the same old developers keep laughing all the way to the bank , and voters keep electing people who screw them over.

Some mysteries in life just defy solutions....

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Posted by OldCrank on 08/26/2019 at 5:12 PM

Re: “Polis pitches Impossible Burger, and people are mad

"Some Colorado ranchers took the comments as a slap in the face."

They deserve it.

There's E-coli (cattle excrement) in the ground beef. And there's pink slime in the ground beef too. And it takes massive amounts of water to raise the corn that feeds the cows that feed us burgers with excrement that's hopefully been neutralized by washing their products in ammonia.

When I want protein (and fiber) I eat black beans, and then there's Pinto beans, Great Northerns beans, White beans, Kidney beans,, Navy beans and other varieties that are far healthier for us and far healthier for the environment.

Cattlemen are the biggest cry-baby snowflakes in the country. When Oprah pointed out twenty years ago the unhealthy nature of ground beef some Texas cattlemen sued her. Oprah won the case.

Now Polis has pointed the healthy aspects of new products and the sissy cattlemen act like whiny little bitches.

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Posted by OldCrank on 08/26/2019 at 1:46 PM

Re: “City chooses Danish firm for ambulance contract

"City chooses Danish firm for ambulance contract"

Why? What is Falck's magic?

Idiocy abounds in local government.

Especially stupid is ruling out the city's own CSFD because of TABOR. Are you kidding me? TABOR is the ruination of the city, once again. And again. And again.

CSFD are the very people, dedicated professionals, who KNOW the city and streets better than any foreign firm ever could. Morons. Fools. Vote them all out. All of them.

City Council and its pals in the developer community have given us the unfolding disaster of housing sliding around over on Gold Hill Mesa. Vote them all out.

Is this another deal where someone on city council works for the chosen firm? Remember that Andy Pico worked for the British firm who won the city contract for vehicle maintenance.

Anything goes. Nothing matters. No one cares. Dammit, stop screwing yourselves. Vote them all out.

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Posted by OldCrank on 08/26/2019 at 1:34 PM

Re: “A neighborhood says it’s barely tolerating the constant buzzing from a Bitcoin mining operation

But...but....aren't these the new high tech jobs the Mayor wants....somebody help me...I'm confused here...

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Posted by OldCrank on 05/29/2019 at 2:17 PM

Re: “Springs City Council eyes incentives for engineering and defense contractor

Please, no more incentives -- for anyone. The company sells to the DoD, so they'll move here whether or not the city bribes them. They aren't going to move people to Denver and commute from there to Colorado Springs. These corporate types like to tell us how they're 'big boys'..... fine, act like a big boy and pay your own way. No more corporate welfare.

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Posted by OldCrank on 05/27/2019 at 9:33 PM

Re: “El Paso County launches two-year master planning effort

A Master Plan would be nice, but like all the other plans it will go nowhere since developers get whatever they want and taxpayers take it in the ear every time.

Without the ability to ENFORCE the plan it's just another in a long line of paperweights. Fat chance of making land owners (i.e., Classic / Norwood / Venizia, et al) toe the line -- unless the developers are the ones who write the plan.

How about merging ALL of the school districts and school boards into just ONE and stop having at least a dozen duplicative sets of overhead to pay for? Not going to happen. Gotta have "local control" or some other nonsense.

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Posted by OldCrank on 05/01/2019 at 10:15 PM

Re: “Air Force Academy commandant ousted

Call it the "evangelical effect." I smell the ugly fingers of evangelical homophobe Michael Pence, but what else is new.

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Posted by OldCrank on 05/01/2019 at 10:00 PM

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