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Re: “Confederate-flag burning scheduled for Fourth of July

Sorry Mr K but slavery was not alive when I grew up in the South. "Yes mam" and "no mam" were (and still are) appropriate terms to use, regardless of race. When I grew up I had three channels of TV, and the Grand Old Opry was on Saturday nights. Sure - I could have spoken to the Memphis music scene, but that would have been dishonest, as I was not exposed to that. And cherry picking the foods I spoke of? Really? really??

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Posted by buddygilmore on 07/01/2015 at 9:25 PM

Re: “Confederate-flag burning scheduled for Fourth of July

I grew up in Chattanooga Tennessee. If you’ve never been there let me just say it’s a beautiful city, on the banks of the Tennessee River. Many battles between the Union and the Confederacy were fought in the area. Growing up, I learned of the battles of Lookout Mountain, Missionary Ridge, and Chickamauga. Generals Sherman, Bragg, Grant, and Hooker were all part of our local history lessons. We learned about the causes of the Civil War. To be sure, slavery was an issue, but the sucessionist states all felt it was their right and duty to secede when the federal government overstepped its Constitutional boundaries.

During my early years in Chattanooga there were the same kinds of racial boundaries prevalent throughout America at that time, such as whites-only water fountains and laundromats. There was a section of town known as 9th Street that whites avoided. However, there were many of us “young, dumb, and happy” types who didn’t understand those barriers were meant for us. We developed our friendships and associations through our schools, our clubs, and our athletics. If you were on our football team, it didn’t matter if you were black or white; it meant “I have your back, and you’ve got mine” – on the field and off the field. We also shared the universal language of music, which broke down the barriers others had set up for us. Heck, we may have been the first all white band to play in one of the all black clubs on the aforementioned 9th Street. It was for a local Miss Black America pageant.

Now this all brings me to the issue of the Confederate battle flag, which was designed to muster Confederate troops on the battlefield. That flag was displayed prominently throughout my hometown, and throughout the South. I never associated that flag with slavery or bigotry or hatred, and I still don’t. I see that flag as a symbol of Southern culture. To me it’s a symbol of grits and country ham; of Bill Monroe and Bluegrass music; of “yes, ‘mam” and no, ‘mam”; of Southern Belles and Southern gentlemen. It’s riverboats and trotlines. It’s part of who I am. We have a saying down there: “American by birth – Southern by the grace of God”

Over the years, some have adopted the battle flag as a symbol of hate, and I reject their attempts to take that part of my heritage away from me. Haters are gonna hate regardless of their symbolism. Just look around. Look at Westboro Baptist Church, which uses the Bible in a feeble attempt to justify their hatred of the GLBT community. Take a look at ISIS, a murderous, evil group that attempts to justify their hatred through their prophet. There are tens of millions of peace-loving Muslims that take issue with that position.

And while you are at it, take a look at our own American flag, which proudly flew over our country during its 85 years of slavery. Which proudly flew during each time the U.S. cavalry charged into an undefended Native American camp. Which flew over the 1942 forced internment of over 100,000 people of Japanese ancestry living peacefully in the U.S. Should we ban Old Glory as well?

I feel freedom is slipping away from us. Each time we collectively decide to ban something the haters have adopted, the haters win. You want to ban drawings of a prophet? The haters win. Ban a flag? The haters win. Don’t let them win.

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Posted by buddygilmore on 07/01/2015 at 6:31 PM

Re: “Former candidates side with Bach in mayoral runoff


My endorsement has nothing to do with any future plans I have for myself. I am not interested in serving on any boards, commissions, etc. and in fact will have no role in our city's government, regardless of who wins or who asks. In fact, I had no intentions of endorsing anyone until that ad came out. That ad could have been about any industry in our community and my reaction would be the same. I simply find it disingenuous to call yourself a pro-jobs candidate while attacking an industry that provides thousands of jobs in our city.

Anytime you want to write what you think I'm thinking, just drop me a note. I'm easy to reach.

Buddy Gilmore

Posted by buddygilmore on 04/28/2011 at 7:28 AM

Re: “Mayoral candidates can talk, except when they're in the dark

John, Let me be the first to address your questions:
A Profit? Yes - averaging around 8%.
Created Jobs? Yes. I started my company based on an idea for software. We continue to grow, based partially on that original software line.
Invested back into the company? Absolutely. That's why we don't have debt.
Exorbant salaries. No. My salary is within single figures of the new mayor salary. And even though I'm the owner and CEO, I am not the highest paid member of my company.
Debt/equity - we have no debt, other than liabilities for things like accrued vacation. We do maintain a line of credit wiith our bank, but have not used it since 2003.
Employees - we have only lost 3 employees voluntarily in 10 years. We have lost 2 to contract cuts.
Lawsuits - None. Ever
Taxes - As an LLC I, along with my partner, pay all of our business taxes as additions to our personal taxes.
Drug testing? No problem. My business maintains a drug-free environment, and as someone holding a Top Secret clearance for over 20 years, I am subject to random drug testing at any time.

Posted by buddygilmore on 03/05/2011 at 5:34 PM

Re: “Where's Buddy?

John, glad to clear this up! Think back to 1984 - technology wasnt near what it was today. I was brought into the Superbowl XIX taping of the show at Lackland AFB. The taping occurred in Aug 1984. Back then wireless mikes were pretty much a thing of the future, so the full show was recorded at Lackland AFB TX and the show you saw was lipsynched. I was not an original member of the 1984 Tops in Blue tour, but joined them at Lackland in August. I spent a couple of weeks not only learning the music for the tour, but also learning and singing the music for Superbowl XIX. I toured with Tops in Blue until December 1984, when I was called back to my AF unit at Eglin AFB FL. My voice was at Superbowl XIX, but I was back at my unit at Eglin. I will be happy to provide the written citation regarding my participation, to clear up any confusion.

Posted by buddygilmore on 02/17/2011 at 10:57 PM

Re: “Secrecy reigns in the Springs

John, first off I'm glad to see you found a place to land. CSBJ just seems to be missing something lately!

With regards to the City Committee presentation: I attended, as did many other candidates. I didn't find it incomprehensible - in fact, I applaud the City Committee for their work. I understand why the organizers didn't want the press there. That does not imply agreement with their decision, but merely an understanding as to their rationale. Many of us commented that this presentation needs to go public, and I hope they will do that. You can see the slides at http://www.thecitycommittee.org/

With respect to attending a private event: all candidates are currently collecting as much information as possible in order to be smarter regarding our city's issues. That includes one-on-one meetings with current council members, city employees, civic leaders, etc, etc. Many of us have been invited to forums or interviews sponsored by private organizations, such as the HBA, PPAR, etc. Not all of those events or meetings are open to the press. I understand the desire of the press to have access to as much as possible; however, I challenge your assertion that a meeting between private citizens and a non-profit organization somehow identifies us as unprincipled.

Buddy Gilmore
Candidate for Mayor

Posted by buddygilmore on 01/27/2011 at 10:12 AM

Re: “Dangerous intersection

I agree with Angela Dugan - continuation of the RTA at its current level does not constitute a tax increase, and I will support the renewal. With regards to Rep Vaad's proposal: I believe it flies in the face of the Governor's Executive order prohibiting unfunded mandates the state would try to pass on to municipalities.

Buddy Gilmore
Candidate for Mayor, Colorado Springs

Posted by buddygilmore on 01/20/2011 at 3:25 PM

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