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Re: “Zodiac Venue and Bar

Working hard on the bar food scenario. I have been booking the shows there for the last couple months and I agree that food is a huge plus for any place. I kind of look at it like this... my favorite places in Denver (to see shows) all have some sort of food attached or next door. So, that would be a win-win for Zodiac. Hopefully, we can make it happen in the near future.

Posted by chewbacaface on 06/28/2011 at 2:22 PM

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Re: “City Council supports tougher short-term rental rules

Oh, and I totally agree that they need to be regulated. This was not that. This is a ban of sorts and is a stricter regulation than Denver or Manitou. Shouldn't they at least have a reason?

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Posted by Ryan1 on 12/13/2019 at 9:06 AM

Re: “City Council supports tougher short-term rental rules

It's absolutely Orwellian to write regulations and broad restrictions to deny someone of something based on the complete unsubstantiated assumption that something bad might happen. There are all sorts of businesses allowed to operate in all zones in Colorado Springs. For example, a long term rental, is a business by definition. This is exactly why we asked the city to use their own data. That data didn't support any of these changes. So, they decided to toss it. That's an issue. Again, you don't have to like STRs to take issue with the concept of making things illegal on the unproven assumption they might happen. That sort of legislating is no different than many we have seen in the past. You could look back as far as our own prohibition or the legal attempts to ban rap and rock music as some of the most basic examples of why this type of regulating is inappropriate. There should be some burden of proof on legislators to show an actual need for regulation. In this case, they chose to forego that step and rely on anecdotal stories from other cities. We heard headlines over and over throughout this process of housing crisis in NYC and shootings in California. Well, that housing crisis existed long before AirBnB in NYC, and shootings in California are nothing new. But, when you lack for evidence in your own argument, it's easy to just step around the discussion and go find alternatives. It would be like me arguing against the proposed outdoor beer garden planned for the new stadium and citing data from the Las Vegas strip as my evidence as to why it's a bad idea while ignoring every other instance of a similar situation from the history of Colorado Springs. It's ridiculous. It's illogical. And it should concern everyone regardless of how you feel about STRs.

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Posted by Ryan1 on 12/13/2019 at 9:02 AM

Re: “City Council supports tougher short-term rental rules

It's fine that you don't like STRs. No one is asking you to. The issue at hand is if it is appropriate to create new regulations and restrictions without proper cause. If it is, then why are so many other potentially problematic things legal. Why isn't the city shutting down bars? They create the potential for DUIs. Is it "utterly appropriate" to solve every problem before it exists? Is that city council's job now? Are they supposed to wipe out anything they assume could become a problem? Sounds fairly Orwellian to me.

2 likes, 13 dislikes
Posted by chewbacaface on 12/12/2019 at 10:40 AM

Re: “Council votes on entertainment district

Interesting, an entertainment industry to attract public intoxicants...no biggie. However, AirBnBs are just too much for council to handle and so they are preparing to make them illegal at the meeting on the 26th.

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Posted by chewbacaface on 11/13/2019 at 7:12 PM

Re: “Short-term rental owners in El Paso County may face huge (and expensive) changes

@NPA You clearly know more than every accountant in the nation who have filed taxes on behalf of the STR owners and have been filing them the same as investment properties.

This is but another of the many attempts to find anything possible to attack everyday people in your community who have sought to provide a service to the visitors of Colorado Springs which is clearly in high demand.

If you went to the grocery store tomorrow and asked 100 people if they had stayed in an AirBnB on vacation, I'd bet 75 of them would answer yes. It's that popular and makes family vacationing much more affordable and possible. For every negative, anecdotal story you want to parade around as the norm, I can find hundreds of positive examples to compare it against. I just don't understand the outright negativity and propensity to exaggerate reality. It's mind blowing to me. You'd be hard pressed to find a host in Colorado Springs who was just an awful person that wanted to disrupt their neighbors lives. But, you'd have to engage with them to know and that seems to be something you aren't willing to do. It's easier to sit in a tower and lob grenades. Such a shame.

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Posted by chewbacaface on 07/31/2019 at 11:14 AM

Re: “Short-term rental owners in El Paso County may face huge (and expensive) changes

Hello all, I am quoted in this article so I felt it reasonable to weigh in.

First, the NPA's stats on growth are largely based on guessing and the city is currently working towards purchasing a software package to get real numbers. I can assure you there were never 69 total in COS but maybe only 69 on AirBnB since VRBO was the popular site at that time. Let's just be honest in how these data points are represented. It's not that hard. People will choose to support STRs or not support STRs without trying to mislead them with exaggerations.

Second, I own STRs and I'm not opposed to paying this higher tax rate at all. I think this article paraphrased when it quoted me as saying it was "unfair". The context of that conversation was that if this change was moved forward, the argument would inevitably be made that long term rentals should also be treated the same. STRs and LTRs are both treated and taxed the same by the IRS and the county currently. Both are considered investments meaning an investor owns a property which is leveraged to generate an income. The rate of return and length of the lease are irrelevant. People can claim we are lodging establishments but we aren't treated that way by the IRS, the city, or the county and we don't receive any of the benefits of those entities (parking allotment, tax incentives, etc...). If this tax is applied to us, it would be fine. We would update rates and continue renting as usual. If it were applied to long term rentals it would be a disaster as every landlord would have to increase their monthly rates $200-500 per month to cover the change. These types of changes always have unintended consequences.

Myself and other STR owner should all be in favor of a tax rate that it fair. We just urge caution and I believe Mr. Schleiker is exercising that.

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Posted by chewbacaface on 07/23/2019 at 8:02 AM

Re: “Murray: Outlaw open carry

The only people who have the real desire to open carry are the exact people I'd be worried about having guns.

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Posted by chewbacaface on 11/11/2015 at 4:08 PM

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