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Re: “Let's have a look at that...

Just vote "yes", and let MHS go on to become an even more awesome health-care presence in the Springs. The employees are exhausted from the 4+ years of the "Sell or Not Sell" roller coaster ride. Its time for the city to step down and let someone handle health-care that SHOULD be handling it.

Let us go....

MHS Employee

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Posted by Jchance98 on 08/09/2012 at 9:27 PM

Re: “Long story short

Please...just let the employees of MHS have some long awaited relief and get on with what could potentially be the best thing that has happened to CO Springs in a long while. This debate has taken a course of 4 years and the employees are EXHAUSTED with the roller coaster. The city should not be involved in the health-care business, and its time to let MHS join with the world-renowned LOCAL hospitals that WANT to build something fantastic for CO Springs. How can you lose? Its a huge compliment to the hard work and quality of care the employees provide, as the CEO and CNO of UCH & Poudre Valley have been visiting our hospital and have found a number of quality programs they want to implement in their OWN hospital. We have great quality happening at MHS!! Bringing a teaching hospital here to the Springs also brings dollars to boost the local economy. Its an exciting opportunity to be a part of. Yes, losing PERA is a huge drawback for some. This has been very difficult for those individuals, made worse by the indecision we are faced with waiting for your vote. We need to be able to move in a forward direction so those individuals can do what they need to do instead of sitting in limbo as well.

We aren't about big money and corporations, we are about keeping operations local and increasing our capacity to bring even greater quality healthcare to the Springs.

Please just vote "yes". Let us go....

MHS employee

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Posted by Jchance98 on 08/09/2012 at 9:02 PM

Re: “'Health care powerhouse'

Now the city just needs to support Memorial's, and in turn, the cities future healthcare growth by voting to sever the city's death grip it has had on Memorial for so many years. Just let it go. Let the employees have some peace after years of the "sell or not sell" turmoil. We are excited about where we can take healthcare here in the Springs....so they employees are asking...turn us loose, let us show you our potential. The return on the investment of setting us free to be leased by UCH will come back to the city in the growth of our healthcare system and the services we can provide to the public, and build on. The employees are exhausted from this roller coaster ride. Just vote to allow us to join UCH...please.

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Posted by Jchance98 on 06/13/2012 at 10:10 PM

Re: “Paper losses

I was happy to be a subscriber to the Gazette, until I saw how bad they were always trashing Memorial. Even if there was a good notice to be had it would be one line, buried in a long negative article. The kicker came when they requested the Memorial employees pay information, to include the individuals names (initials and names), their role and their pay. I know personally that the Gazette was asked repeatedly NOT to do this, I know that there were victims of domestic violence that were trying to be protected. Many "humanitarian" requests were made to not publish this information, the Gazette proceeded simply because they could, and that it was their right to know. No one was disputing the laws of Public information but the request to not publish was made out of human decency. Many employees were told (yes many kept their emails) "If you didn't want your information made public then you shouldn't work for a public institution". So many were stunned.

Like anyone really has a choice if you have mouths to feed, and keep a roof over your head. If you have a job offer, public institution or not, you take it.

Many of the individuals that work there weren't concerned about the reporting, they have earned their pay, and it is what it is, but the human decency component sure was lost that day.

I can tell you I was disgusted with the actions enough (no I wouldn't wish that process on Penrose either - if they were subject to the rules) I cancelled my subscription. When the individual inquired why I was dropping my subscription, I indicated my displeasure with how they report and treated Memorial Hospital, the woman kind of snickered/laughed, and said "uh...ok....well have a nice day" That was not representative a paper I felt was concerned with its subscribers, it felt like a joke. I never went back.

I can tell you, because Memorial employees share, although the Gazette reported they didn't lose many subscriptions over the issue, or the loss wasn't significant....I can tell you they did lose, not only in subscriptions (I lost count at over 65 individuals that dropped subscriptions - sorry but subscriptions ARE money) but they lost in integrity.

I don't think the Memorial employees want much, just fair and balanced reporting and media support, but sadly, that doesn't sell the papers as much as drama and intrigue do.

Thank you for the Indy reporters that are at least trying to report fairly. I am sure the Memorial employees appreciate having their side heard.

Posted by Jchance98 on 09/13/2011 at 6:30 PM

Re: “Mayor Bach: Just admit rookie mistake

Here are my other 2 cents:

Memorial Hospital (MH) has been working very hard on transparency within and without the organization, so it was a shock to hear our elected city officials want to side step transparency involving one of Colorado Springs greatest assets. The Mayor was visibly absent from todays important meeting, as he was attending to another "important" meeting, he did send someone to be there on his behalf. He appears to be incommunicato with the citizens who are supporting MH. He blatently indicated at the last meeting that he was going to do and talk with who he wants. Whenperson in his role , has not held this kind of office before, he should have advisors helping him to understand appropriate tact, rules & regulations of his office.

In-action often appears as opposition. When he does not refute accusations, or answer public inquiries, he leaves the public open to assumptions. If he wants them to think differently then he needs to speak to ALL parties involved, not just those that will support his mission of financial gain for the city at the expense of MH.

Many individuals have asked him if he really understands how for-profits work with regard to Pediatrics. Pediatrics care is not a huge profit source, and are not often supported in a for-profit institutions. Google and research this information yourselves. Get educated on this subject, it is so important.

I'm not sure the public truly understands its ONLY Childrens Hospital access in Southern Colorado has the potential to go away, with a transtion to a for-profit. That means your children/babies wont be able to be cared for here. Individuals will have to drive to Denver be taken care of. When your child/infant is in a crisis or trauma, time will be lost in life-flighting them to Denver (this is NOT a slight to Memorial Star or Life Flight, who are absolutely vital to MH), not to mention that time wasted (over an hour)for the families to travel there to be with their children, also leaving their support systems behind. Its just NOT an option to be without a Childens Hospital.

I know personally of individuals that have emailed and called the Mayor to discuss the possibilities either way, profit or non-profit, with no return call or email. Mayor Bach, if you dont know something, just admit it, but please don't leave people hanging. Give them feedback so they can seek to be better informed.

Memorial has not and will not stand for being a cash cow for immediate gratification in solving a city debt issue. Memorial has a strong purpose here and a vision that stretches far into the future working to protect the healthcare of our families and children, locally. As a non-profit, Memorial will be able to grow and expand to fill the needs of Southerm Colorado, with decisions that can be made HERE, not in a "corporate" headquarters in some other state that knows nothing about Colorado or the uniqueness of Colorado Springs. Poudre Valley is hugely successful in their bid to remain a non-profit, and are waiting, with the University of Colorado Hospital, to partner with Memorial and help it grow.(Again, Google and do your own research regarding Poudre Valley, become informed about the fantastic programs and care being done there).

These are the kinds of conversations (about the future and unlimited potential for growth) that the Mayor should be having with his citizens, who elected him. Right now the preception is HCA/Health One (for profit) has him in their pockets, and speaking money solutions with him. When chosing two individuals with much real estate experience, and a former corporation administrator as your "collaborators", and indicating he wants to speak when and how he wants with them, but wont answer the publics questons and concerns, what other conclusions is the public left to draw???? He appears to be only in support of leading MH to the bidder than can bring him the most cash. Not the case? Then he needs to voice it.

At the next Task Force meeting the Task Force will review a document submitted today from Memorial employees and citizens signed with over 1800 plus (still growing I understand) signatures calling for itegrity and transparency from the Mayor, City Council and Task Force members in this process. This is about an assest that belongs to the citizens of Colorado Springs and Memorial stands behind their right to know and understand what is happening in each step of the process.

I am an employee of MH, have been and will be a patient of MH, and am a citizen of Colorado Springs.

Posted by Jchance98 on 09/09/2011 at 6:05 PM

Re: “Mayor Bach: Just admit rookie mistake

Anyone who doubts Memorials HUGE potential if Memorial was free of city rule to partner with Poudre Valley (PV) and the University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) read and research this article Poudre Valley, and UCH


Posted by Jchance98 on 09/09/2011 at 6:04 PM

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