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I'm a libertarian minded constitutionalist, and patriot, a dedicated Ron Paul supporter,and I am aware. I also choose to wake up whomever I can to the sad state of affairs which is our society right now. I believe in non-violence. I am also an advocate of personal liberties. I support the abolition of the federal reserve and of the income tax, serious immigration reform which does NOT include blanket amnesty for people who have broken the law. I support the bringing home of our troops from around the world. Non-interventionist foreign policy is what the founders advised. We don't need to police other nations or provide foreign aid. Stop the P.N.A.C. agenda now. I also happen to believe the collapse of our economy and the death of the dollar as the worlds reserve currency are VERY REAL ISSUES EVERYONE NEEDS TO CONTEMPLATE, and I choose to take whatever steps i can to mitigate the impact this will have on my family.

Recent Comments

Re: “Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street

I will always make time for things which are important, such as spreading the message of LIBERTY every chance i get. don't get me wrong, I wasn't attending either event to stand around and join in with some of the nonsense.... at BOTH events i took stacks of 50 or 60 of the grassroots DVD documentary 'FOR LIBERTY', in support of Ron Paul, and i handed out every copy.

I spoke at length about the Federal Reserve being the cause of the problems we all face, and how RP was the only one who will not give us more of the same, and i live in the REDDEST part of the REDDEST state.... It isn't easy, but I don't care. I'm beginning to believe that this may be our last chance left to turn this thing around. Look how late it is, and how far down the line we already are. If not RP, then seriously, who else is left?

Throughout history, we have lesson after lesson, that illustrate how quickly fascist governments devolve into military dictatorships.... and fascism is the merger of the government with the corporations... it may look a little different on the outside.. but if it quacks like a duck, you get the picture?

Where is the Constitutional authority for a 'Supercongress', of 13? Sounds like a Poliburo to me. Now the TSA (brownshirts) are setting up randow checkpoints on the highways of Tennessee, and posting up at NFL games, shopping malls, and who knows what's next.... ready to stick their hands in your pants and molest your children, to protect you from brown men in caves.... wtfe.

Until i broke my foot Monday @ work, i put in 50 and 60 hour weeks, and yet I still find the time to spread the message... what choice do I have? Have you read the MIAC report?

Its time for America to wake up to what's really going on around here, and vote to Restore Our Republic, before its too late.

Posted by Jimmy Gipson on 11/07/2011 at 9:40 AM

Re: “Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street

quit believing everything you hear from the major news networks, as they are no longer true journalists. call it infotainment, or just plain 'ol propaganda, but it isn't truthful by a long shot. these are the same networks which helped sell the american people the WMD in Iraq fiction. fox plays the 'right', and msnbc plays the 'left'. this leads straight into the second issue...
the left/right paradigm is so false. there is no longer a left and a right. they are 2 heads of the same party, the BIG government party. look at the continuity of agenda... the figurehead may change, but we are to keep marching to the same tune. it just gives us the illusion that we have a choice, and a chance to change the way things are headed. do we really? the new boss looks alot like the old boss(in policy), doesn't he?
they have carried this same false paradigm through in an effort to keep the people divided. early on, the tea party was co-opted by sarah palin, and glen beck. both of them from fox, yet bill o'reilly consistently mocked them as tea-baggers. msnbc labeled them racist, to keep minorities from becoming involved. they were sidelined, and marginalized.
now look what has happened to the occupy movements. right off the bat, they have been branded leftists and socialists. the news puts soros' name in the mix, and stirs up union organizers, when that isn't what got it started. the only clips they play are of people calling for higher taxes and hand outs.
have any of you ever heard of the tactic divide and conquer?
i have attended tea party rallies, as well as occupy meetings, and the one common denominator from them both has been your average middle class people who are upset over the way things are going, but they don't quite know what to do about it.
at both events it has been my experience that there are people from all walks attending, younger, older, politically astute (so they think), politically indifferent, unemployed, small business owners, left, right, and who knows what.
it has always been a bunch of people who know things are getting way out of hand, and they want to express the frustration they feel. BOTH GROUPS, this has held true.
what nobody seems to put together, is that they want to keep us divided, so we can continue to be given more of the same. so they can keep on printing money out of thin air, and kicking the can farther down the road.
The power brokers in washington and wall street don't want everyone getting together and figuring out what's really going on (they we are being played).
The only person standing up and speaking the truth, has been doing so for 30 years, and nobody was listening. this is the reason the main stream media marginalizes him, and calls him a nut.
Ron Paul is the first candidate to make monetary policy an issue in how long? he is the one who correctly identified the federal reserve printing money out of thin air as the root of the problems. without the fed the neocons couldn't finance the warfare, and the dems couldn't finance the welfare, all of the too big to fails would have failed, and we wouldn't have had huge bubbles in housing, and the stock market. they are destroying the dollar right in front of us, and we insult and mock EACH OTHER....... from opposite ends of a FALSE PARADIGM.

Posted by Jimmy Gipson on 11/05/2011 at 7:01 AM

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