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Re: “UPDATE: Colorado Springs will pull out of regional ambulance program

Reminder, our city has seen this underhanded dealing before, July 1992. There are CSFD firefighters on the line today that were Paramedics and EMT's on the ambulance back then and I am hoping they remember what that felt like that day! Hoping they will have empathy and compassion for their EMS brothers and sisters they have worked along side of for 30 years! Chief Rich Browns response when asked will CSFD repeat this with the AMR crews today, Chief Brown responded he would not treat a dog that way and that he loves dogs! Yes AMR is a company but this company is not just Paramedics and EMT's these are Colorado Springs tax paying citizens that voted in general for Mayor Bach.They are mom's, dad's, they are neighbors in our community. They volunteer at their kids schools and are involved in a variety of activities in our community...they ARE part of this community. In general they voted for Mayor Bach because he told them he did not believe in governments involvement in private business. Between Chief Rich Brown that would not treat a dog this way and Mayor Bach that did not believe in governments involvement with private business, I suppose if they lie to themselves long enough I suppose Chief Brown and Mayor Bach will begin to believe their own lies or will not be able to keep track of them.I will say to the Mayor and Chief Rich Brown if you have lost your integrity at least have heart!!!!

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Posted by SILENT DOGOOD on 03/08/2013 at 9:12 AM

Re: “UPDATE: Colorado Springs will pull out of regional ambulance program

Tragically self serving and tragically sad what CSFD and the Mayor Bach are doing regarding the jobs of many hard working Paramedics and EMT's and the Support Personal that work for AMR. If the system is not broken then why fix it. Now there will be people out jobs and a split between the county and city. Who knew when Mayor Bach campaigned at AMR's BASE and asked the employees to vote for him and passed out yard signs to all AMR employees to support him.... little did AMR employees know then they would be voting in someone who would handing them a pink slip down the road. Close to 200 local jobs lost.Sad day for our community today!!!!

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Posted by SILENT DOGOOD on 03/06/2013 at 5:51 PM

Re: “City apparently plans to boot ambulance contractor

How long do the good men and women that work for AMR Ambulance have to wait to hear from Mayor Bach regarding their fate regarding their employment? A very long time to keep so many worrying about their job. Months now! These very dedicated Paramedics and EMT's that pour their whole heart and soul into their job deserve to know. The city and AMR has kept this so close to the vest still wondering if this will be a repeat of July 1992, when A-1 ambulance took over STF Hospital Ambulance. The best kept secret of the time! The employees found out the day the papers were signed!! The only is hope is CSFD Chief Rich Brown was confident this could not be further from the truth and would not happen so there is some hope?. Also many CSFD working on the line do remember when they worked for STF Ambulance and the rug was pulled out from under them...I would think they all would exercise compassion and would not repeat something so terrible. As time goes on it does make any sense why the Mayor can't or won't unveil their plan for ambulance transport...have heart towards the Paramedics and EMT's you work with daily...have heart....

Posted by SILENT DOGOOD on 02/28/2013 at 2:50 PM

Re: “Game on, Anschutz

I really do not believe Mayor Bach does NOT want any help from the citizens to make our city better! Seems it is his way or no way..also it does not seem like we have much of a democracy in our city today.. under Mayor Bach's rule! What is worse I voted for him!!! But of recent found out he was very deceptive with many people and that is sad! The Mayor has the gazette in his back pocket. I doubt the gazette will print anything that does not shed a good light on the mayor! For instance the Colorado Springs Fire Fighter Awards Ceremony was covered in the gazette for The Waldo Canyon Fire and many CSFD were mention of the other fire agency's that helped hugely in conjunction with CSFD like our EL Paso county Fire agency's that played a big role as well as Denver Fire Department, Falcon FD, others, Ft Carson FD, AMR Ambulance..the list is LONG to thank. I did not see any of those and many more agency's that volunteered resources to The Colorado Springs Fire Department many agency's helped that fateful day and night..the gazette was mention..did Colorado Springs Fire Department thanks these departments including Denver Fire that really helped them hugely? So many agencies helped..without the help our city would have burned down. Yes Colorado springs fire department did a great j ob standing joband this was their awrds dinner ..but why did the gazette not mentione all the others in conjuction with this dinner?The issue is that the gazette did not mention any other agency including AMR Ambulance which along with others was running the city calls other emergency's as well as evacuating countless people in nursing homes ...private homes. Aside from the fire ..the gazette has printed if at all one word of the city wanting to take over ambulance transport that could cost jobs and has not printed one word. Before the gazette was just a rag without it is our Mayor Bach's paper. The gazette is burying stories out there to protect the Mayor. It it their own private party. The Independent is the only paper we have that informs us of what is going on. Our city is in for some big trouble with this mayor and now that the gazette prints the mayors agenda. The ONLY balance we have right now is The Independent! Of course the gazette did not mention the other agencies..Mayor Bach wants the colorado springs fire department to do transports so the gazette is the mayors puppet. I really thought Anschutz was better than this! Maybe the Mayor and Anschutz are social friends. I am disappointed about the gazette. I do know several age 70 plus in our city that long ago stopped getting the gazette and subscribe to Denver Post and the Wallstreet Journal. In recent conversations this group is beginning to turn to the Independent to try and find out what is going on. What the gazette provides now is so much worse that it has even been.

Concerned Friend,


Posted by SILENT DOGOOD on 02/03/2013 at 7:06 AM

Re: “Bach tries to rewrite Utilities history

A perfect example "The city is struggling just pay new firefighters to staff all of their stations. It took a two year $2 million grant from the Obama administration to fully staff the new Fire Station 21 without pulling crews from other fire houses.

"I think there's a concern that things have kind of been done behind closed doors, the ESA really feels that this needs to be a transparent process," said El Paso County Commissioner Sallie Clark. "

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Posted by SILENT DOGOOD on 01/30/2013 at 7:00 AM

Re: “Bach tries to rewrite Utilities history

Kim, You mentioned mayor bach's "questionable decisions and actions will affect Colorado Springs negatively for years to come." You are so very correct!!!! On many issues he is trying to push through ..seemingly quickly before public awareness...will affect this city for years to come!!! In one case using federal grant's to pay for projects he wants to push through now...which has already been used in one case to staff fire station 21..he may be looking at loopholes to pass his agenda with ambulance transport..and all other projects he wants done ...what happens when grant money and other federal money he is looking into dries up in a few years ..this leaves our city wide open to join other cities in our country that are now broke! I am fearful for our city!

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Posted by SILENT DOGOOD on 01/30/2013 at 6:56 AM

Re: “Bach tries to rewrite Utilities history

Rose, so sad but Mayor Bach is having private meetings on ALL issues in our community!!!! The El Paso County Commisioners ESA board is in the dark regarding city ambulance transport. Mayor Bach will not speak to anyone!!! He has delegated all to other city talk to the public ..such as the CSFD Chief or CSPD Chief...his "team" and no one else is privey to the information. No news outlets are covering any of these issues..he has the gazette in his back pocket..I know beleive he will do what it takes for his cronies...and himself..they all stand to make alot of money! It is all sham and disgrace!!! I am terrified ...we have NO voice in our city! Yes I beleive and recall is in order!!!!! Try to call his office regarding an issue and he will farm it out! If you do keep us posted!

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Posted by SILENT DOGOOD on 01/29/2013 at 8:11 PM

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