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Alien invasion, runaway population growth, nuclear annihilation — many a theory has been proffered for how it'll all end for us humans.

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James Stuart of downtown is a marketing coordinator

How will the world end? Something cosmic, beyond our control — an asteroid, a solar flare.

If you could choose, how would it end? A black hole. I read somewhere that if you were sucked into a black hole, you'd see all of time stretched out. That would be pretty cool.

Can you envision Earth without humans? Easily. It's existed without humans for a lot more than it's had them.

On balance, are humans good or bad for the planet? They're great in theory, but terrible in reality.

What's the last thing you'd do if the world were ending? A good meal and several bottles of good scotch.

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Nona James of southeast is a federal employee

How will the world end? I'm a Christian. Scripture says there will be an end time — the rapture, the apocalypse — when Christ returns with his army. Those who are saved will ascend to heaven.

Will it end in your lifetime? Scientific and biblical predictions indicate that's possible.

Can you envision Earth without humans? Wow, you're getting into our dialogues at the office. Based on biblical teachings, I could see an Earth with no people.

On balance, are people good or bad for the planet? On balance, we're bad for it. We're called to be good stewards of the earth, but we're not.

What's the last thing you'd do if the world's end was imminent? Grab my Bible, pictures of my family, and any pets I might have. I'd surround myself with everything closest to me and just hang on for the ride.

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Joseph Uphoff of the Memorial Park area is a writer

How will our world end? In bits and pieces, things like the parrots dying off. The earth's population doubled in my lifetime. If it doubles again, all of humanity will have to compete for life's necessities. The physical end will come when the sun uses up its hydrogen and becomes a gas giant. Its mass will exceed Earth's orbit.

On balance, are people good or bad for this planet? Those who believe in ecology are good for the planet. Those who are greedy and unconcerned about the future are the worst thing that's ever happened to it.

Relate what you'd do if the world was about to end. Get in a comfortable place with a bottle of whiskey and just watch it end. What else is there to do?

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