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Thanksgiving and the first day of Hanukkah converge on Thursday — something that won't happen again for about 77,000 years. Gobble tov!

click to enlarge Tiffany Conner

Tiffany Conner of the west side is a writer

What are you most thankful for this Thanksgiving? Completing my book and getting my degree in business management.

Is there anything unique for you about this year's Thanksgiving? I'm volunteering at the Marian House [Soup Kitchen]. I've never spent my holiday giving to someone else.

What's your favorite moment of the Thanksgiving ritual? It's when we're done eating and we all watch a movie together, or play a game.

Sitting down to the Thanksgiving meal, your plate full of goodies, what's the first thing you taste? Gravy. Always the gravy.

What are your thoughts on Black Friday shopping? It spotlights what a nation of consumers we are. With the economy so shaky and all, though, this year I'm looking forward to it.

click to enlarge Matt Gaden

Matt Gaden of downtown works for UCCS

What are you especially thankful for this Thanksgiving? My wife and I are having a baby in a couple weeks.

What's your favorite moment in the whole Thanksgiving shebang? We have family in Texas, and I have brothers and sisters all over the country, so for us it's more about the gathering of family than a big food ritual.

When the big Thanksgiving moment comes to finally get down to eating, what do you go for first? The green bean casserole. We've become vegetarians the last few years, so we do more an assortment of sides than a big turkey thing, and my mom makes a killer green bean casserole.

click to enlarge Kim Garcia

Kim Garcia of Greeley is a stay-at-home mom

What are you most thankful for this Thanksgiving? My children. Our youngest started school this year. I've been given an opportunity to help at school, so I'll get to watch my kids grow and learn.

Are you doing anything Hanukkah-ish to commemorate the convergence of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah? We usually go to the lighting of the menorah in downtown Greeley. We'll do it this year, too.

What's your favorite moment in the whole Thanksgiving ritual? When we all sit down, talk about what we're most thankful for, and pray together.

What do you do to keep things in perspective? Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and remember your blessings instead of stress about what's happening.

What's your view on Black Friday shopping? I'm not a crowd person. I avoid it like the plague.

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